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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 582


Chapter 582: Chapter 582 - Battling the Tiger at the Dragon Aby
Chapter 582 - Battling the Tiger at the Dragon Abyss, A Great Crisis

The whole Emperor’s Audience Hall was immersed in a dead silence.

It was as if Di Fengyun was unaware of the significance of the fact that the Skyhowl White Tiger had made a personal appearance at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, as he burst out laughing instead, “Everyone, you are not mistaken, that is Master Skyhowl White Tiger! Well, not exactly, it’s only his clone! Yao Ji happened to have a Tiger Martial Spirit, thus he could establish an altar using the Martial Spirit resonance, allowing him to summon the Skyhowl White Tiger’s clone there!”

The words allowed the crowd of ministers to collect their thoughts, but the astonishment in their eyes showed no sign of dissipating.

Even if it was only a clone, it was more than enough!

Most importantly, this was only a duel between the royal kin. Was it even necessary to use such a tremendous method to summon the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger?

Just to help the Second Prince acquire the title of the crown prince?

That was insane!

Di Fengyun’s eyes flickered coldly.

Helping the Second Prince to become the crown prince was not the only reason he had come up with such a conspiracy. Most importantly, he was planning to murder Duan Qing, to get rid of Zhou Bihua’s successor!

...Meanwhile, in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, Heartbroken Cliff...

A giant white tiger stepped out from a rift in mid-air. Its bloody eyes were the size of water tanks, accompanied by a ferocious aura. Its fur was white as snow, and golden runes could be seen intertwining on his forehead, forming the character “王[1]”.

Its appearance alone was incredibly imperious.

“That’s the Skyhowl White Tiger! Hang on, that’s its clone!”

Jiang Bilan wore a surprised look, a sign that she had not expected this to happen.

Qin Nan and the others were startled.

The Skyhowl White Tiger!

A presence that existed in the legends. Why was Yao Ji able to summon its clone here?

The cultivation of its clone was on par with the half-Martial Sacred Realm. As a matter of fact, its strength was even stronger than the half-Martial Sacred Realm!

Was it purposely sending its clone here to help the Second Prince acquire the title of crown prince?

“Master Skyhowl White Tiger, why did you send your clone here?”

The Dragon Abyss Tree soon recovered from the shock. As the protector of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, it too had a formidable status, thus it was familiar with the presence of the Skyhowl White Tiger.

That being said, the location of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground was well hidden. Even an expert like the Skyhowl White Tiger would not be able to discover it, thus the Dragon Abyss Tree had never had any interactions with the Skyhowl White Tiger, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, etc. It only obeyed the orders of the Sky-Scorching Emperor!

Soon after asking the question, the Dragon Abyss Tree realized something and yelled out, “Master Skyhowl White Tiger, your status is highly respected and your cultivation is outstanding, but it doesn’t mean that you can break the rules! The trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground is a competition between the royal kin, you are not allowed to to interfere!”

“Is that so?”

The Skyhowl White Tiger in opened its mouth in the air, revealing its icy fangs.

The beasts residing in the lake surrounding the cliff uttered cries of terror after sensing the suppression.

Suddenly, the Skyhowl White Tiger made its move.

It raised its claw and slashed downward ferociously, which emitted a terrifying beam aiming at the peak of the Heartbroken Cliff.

Its sudden move took everyone by surprise!

“Master White Tiger, you’re crossing the line!”

The Dragon Abyss Tree let out a roar as its branches interlaced, forming a giant purple barrier that emitted a mystical glow. It managed to nullify the attack, but the barrier was shattered into pieces by the attack as well.


The Skyhowl White Tiger landed a few hundred meters away from the Heartbroken Cliff.

Its eyes were glaring in Qin Nan’s direction.

“White Tiger Blow!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger opened its bloody mouth and fired a white glow. Although it was only the size of a fist, the glow contained a tremendous murderous intent that felt like a meteorite crashing into the ground as it landed from above.

“White Tiger, you’ve gone too far!”

The Dragon Abyss Tree was infuriated. It had not expected the Skyhowl White Tiger to show itself here just to murder a young cultivator. It immediately exerted its force of the Martial Sacred Realm and fired it leaves, which transformed into a powerful gust that devoured the white glow.

The shockwave from the battle between the two half-Martial Sacred Realm presences was extremely unbelievable!

At that instant, as soon as the Dragon Abyss Tree got rid of the white glow, the Skyhowl White Tiger let out a hideous grin as its eyes fired eyes fired bloody beams.

The Dragon Abyss Tree was startled. It instantly reached out with its branches, but they all shattered after coming into contact with one of the beams.

The other beam was fired straight at Qin Nan at a terrifying pace.


The Dragon Abyss Tree was dumbfounded. It had underestimated the power of the beams!

However, it was too late for it to do anything! The bloody beam was too fast! It could only stare at it with wide open eyes.

“Duan Qing!”

The Third Prince, Longhu, and Jiang Bilan were astounded.

This Skyhowl White Tiger was specifically here for Duan Qing!

It was trying to kill him!

However, their strength was too weak. Facing the beam, it felt like they were a small raft in the midst of a raging ocean. They could be destroyed any second themselves, let alone save Qin Nan!

It was too quick! The beam was too fast!

In less than a breath’s time, the beam had arrived above Qin Nan like a horrible calamity!


At that instant, Qin Nan could feel his soul trembling. It felt like the world before him was about to crumble, as he himself had transformed into a tiny little ant, which would be shattered into pieces by the attack!

...Meanwhile, at the Emperor’s Audience Hall of the royal palace...

The crowd was stunned witnessing the move from the Skyhowl White Tiger.

The Skyhowl White Tiger was planning to kill Duan Qing!

They all collected their thoughts after seeing the Skyhowl White Tiger firing the bloody beams, which overwhelmed the Dragon Abyss Tree’s defenses and arrived above Duan Qing’s head.

It had been a conspiracy all along, one in which Di Fengyun which Di Fengyun had planned to eliminate Duan Qing!

Di Fengyun was extremely cruel in his plan, willing to summon the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger, leaving no chance behind.

The crowd immediately shook their heads upon having this thought.

It did not matter now, as the outcome had been determined!

“Duan Qing is going to die!”

“What a pity, this kid was extraordinary. Who would have thought he would die so soon.”

“There’s no way he could survive this!”

The ministers took turns to speak, some wore gloating expressions while the others appeared to be sorry or unpleased.

As for Elder Wang, it felt like he had just been struck by lightning after witnessing the scene, causing his face to turn extremely pale.

It had all happened too quick, that Duan Qing was about to die before he could even react!

Duan Qing was dying...

The hope of their Vermilion Bird Platoon was gone!

Only Di Fengyun’s grin grew even thicker as time passed by!

The reason he had gathered the crowd here was for them to witness how their White Tiger Platoon was going to kill Duan Qing, the successor of Zhou Bihua!

Once Duan Qing was dead, there was no longer any hope for the Vermilion Bird Platoon!

Once the Vermilion Bird Platoon lost their hope, it was only a matter of time until Di Fengyun wiped out the entire Vermilion Bird Platoon and acquired the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird from Zhou Bihua!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: The word ‘王’ means king or emperor. I’ve put the Chinese character in just so it’s easier to picture.


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