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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 581


Chapter 581: Chapter 581 - Martial Spirit Resonance, Here Comes

Chapter 581 -Martial Spirit Resonance, Here Comes the White Tiger

“No fighting is allowed on the Heartbroken Cliff!” The Dragon Abyss Tree snapped, “If anyone dares to break this rule, I will show no mercy!”

It was as if the words possessed some sort of magical power, causing the surrounding space to vibrate vigorously. The towering tree unleashed the suppression of the half-Martial Sacred Realm. It felt like each branch possessed a tremendous force!

Both the Third Prince’s crew and the Second Prince’s group could feel their brains buzzing.


That being said, Qin Nan appeared to be unaffected. He took a step forward and said.

The map currently in the Second Prince’s possession was extremely important, as it was related to the safety of Tang Qingshan and his companions, thus he had to retrieve it.

“Duan Qing, right?”

The Dragon Abyss Tree glanced at Qin Nan in a friendly manner as opposed to its previous imperious aura, “It has been ages since I’ve encountered such a talented youngster like you—not only are you perfectly unaffected under my suppression, you managed to annihilate the Celestial-Devouring Insects in a brief period. Let’s skip all this nonsense;I’m currently on the verge of ranking up to the Martial Sacred Realm, is it possible for you to give me some of the Qi that you have inside your body?”

The Dragon Abyss Tree added, “Of course, the Primary Force is extremely precious, so I’ll not take it for free. Once I’ve ranked up, I’ll give you great benefits in return.”

Qin Nan was stunned.

He did not expect the Dragon Abyss Tree to be keen for the Chaos Qi inside his body.

As for the Third Prince and the others, they were utterly astonished. The Dragon Abyss Tree had suddenly interrupted when a battle was about to break out, but why had the atmosphere changed completely now?

“Senior, I’m more than willing to help you, but I do hope that you wouldn’t interfere in the battle. I must retrieve something important from the Second Prince!”

Qin Nan instantly made up his mind.

The Dragon Abyss Tree was highly respected in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, who was currently a half-Martial Sacred Realm presence. Qin Nan was more than happy to befriend it by helping it to rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm with some Chaos Qi.


The Dragon Abyss Tree was joyful after learning that Qin Nan was willing to help it, but it was troubled after hearing Qin Nan’s request. It had set the rules that any fighting on the Heartbroken Cliff was prohibited. Did that mean it had to go against its own rules?

However, great laughter could be heard all of a sudden.


The sound of the laughter was piercing and filled with disdain.

The attention of the crowd, including the Dragon Abyss Tree, was attracted to it.

The one laughing was none other than the Second Prince.

He took a step forward with a scornful look, “Fantastic! How fascinating! Very well! Dragon Abyss Tree, you mentioned that no battling is allowed on the Heartbroken Cliff, right? Tell you you what, I don’t care! I would like to see how you’re going to stop me!”

Qin Nan and the rest were stunned hearing the words.

The Second Prince was challenging the Dragon Abyss Tree?

Was he out of his mind?

“You arrogant imbecile!”

The eyes of the Dragon Abyss Tree were engulfed in flames of anger. Its enormous figure expanded rapidly, shrouding the sky as a great storm took place, resulting in a magnificent sight!

“I shall teach you a lesson on behalf of your father!”


A branch was flung toward the Second Prince at lightning speed.

Even though it was only a branch, the force that it contained entirely surpassed the defensive limit of a Martial Dominator Realm cultivator!

There was no way the Second Prince could resist the attack!

“Yao Ji, do it. Summon Master White Tiger!”

The Second Prince wore a stern look and uttered a roar at the last moment.

“Martial Spirit resonance, I present myself as the sacrifice!”

At that instant, Yao Jiwhose presence was almost forgotten by the crowdsuddenly uttered a blasting roar. Seven golden rays were emitted from his back together with the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger.


Following this, countless black rays were emitted from the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger into its surroundings, which drew a black altar in the blink of an eye, with the Martial Spirit itself as the eye of the formation!

“The ultimate of all, descension of the White Tiger!”

Yao Ji spat out a mouthful of blood onto the figure of the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger, causing the black altar to glow brilliantly glow brilliantly as a mystical force was fired into the space closeby, opening a mysterious rift connecting to the external world.

“This is…”

The Dragon Abyss Tree’s actions came to a halt as its eyes stared at the blue sky.

“Sacrificing the Martial Spirit, Martial Spirit resonance…”

Jiang Bilan stared at the scene, before her expression changed tremendously as she recalled something.

“Crap! Yao Ji’s Martial Spirit is the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger! It’s able to trigger the Martial Spirit resonance, using itself as the altar to summon the expert of the White Tiger tribe!”

Jiang Bilan blurted out.

Qin Nan and the others were left in awe.

Using his Martial Spirit as the altar to summon a formidable expert from the White Tiger tribe?

Which expert was Yao Ji trying to summon?

Following this, the sky was filled with loud thumps as if a giant was approaching the place on foot.


The space above the crowd was shattered as a gap filled with darkness appeared out of nowhere. An enormous figure slowly appeared from amidst the darkness.


A loud roar echoed in the sky.

The lake surrounding the Heartbroken Cliff vibrated vigorously, causing huge waves to erupt. Meanwhile, a series of explosions took place in the surroundings of the cliff.

A single roar had caused the Heavens and Earth to experience a tremendous change!

At that instant, everyone was completely dumbfounded!

...Meanwhile, in the Emperor’s Audience Hall of the royal palace...

The crowd shook their heads after seeing the Second Prince trying to make his move, which was interrupted by the Dragon Abyss Tree who was interested who was interested in making a deal with Duan Qing.

The Dragon Abyss Tree was a half-Martial Sacred Realm presence, thus there was no way the Second Prince could go against it. Even if the Second Prince had prepared some tricks to fight Duan Qing and his crew, he could not start a battle with the Dragon Abyss Tree around.

The Second Prince had no doubt lost the trial!

However, no one had expected the Second Prince to challenge the Dragon Abyss Tree while the insignificant Yao Ji unleashed an extremely powerful technique!

Following this, the ministers were stupefied when they saw the figure leaping out from the rift in the sky!

The figure was...the Skyhowl White TIger!

The one that Yao Ji was trying to summon with his Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger was the Skyhowl White Tiger!

Who was Skyhowl White Tiger?

One of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Prior to the establishment of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, it had already existed, who helped the first emperor of the kingdom to eliminate countless enemies alongside the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, allowing the emperor to build the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

In other words, it was one of the founding experts of the kingdom!

Not only did it possess a formidable strength and power, its status in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was irreplaceable. Even the Sky-Scorching Emperor had to fully respect it!

However, on this particular day, the Skyhowl White Tiger had entered the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground!

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