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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 58


Chapter 58 - Battling Wang Meng Solo

Wang Meng's group of three took a deep breath, with stern-looking faces.

If Xiao Leng were by himself, they would not be worried. However, if Xiao Leng managed to find a genius disciple as a helper, the outcome of the battle would be unpredictable;thus they were forced to treat it carefully.

However, when the three saw Qin Nan's face, they were all shocked at the same time.

Isn't this Qin Nan?

Qin Nan is the helper who Xiao Leng found?

Wang Meng was indeed one of the top ten geniuses;he collected his thoughts quickly before he burst out laughing, ’’HAHAHA, Xiao Leng, I never expected you to find such a piece of trash to be your helper. Actually, I should be grateful that you have brought this trash to me!’’

Wang Meng's expression became excited after he said this.

Previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect, Wang Meng had already promised Ling Zixiao that, if he were to stumble upon Qin Nan during the Trials of Versatility, he would slay him without hesitation. However, as everyone's location was randomized at the start, even if Wang Meng planned to kill QIn Nan, it would be hard for him to find his target.

Why would he not be excited now that Qin Nan was right before him?

Not only was Wang Meng excited, the other two disciples were excited too.

If they were able to slay Qin Nan here, not only they would receive lots of benefits, Ling Zixiao would also be favorable toward them;there was no reason for them not to be excited.

Xiao Leng was not surprised by their reaction, and said in a cold voice, ’’Wang Meng, there's no point of wasting my time on your bullshit. Hand over the map now, or prepare for a battle!’’

’’A battle?’’ Wang Meng laughed mockingly and said with a disdainful face, ’’Xiao Leng, you dare to fight me after teaming up with this trashy Qin Nan? Let me give you a piece of advice;since you have brought Qin Nan here as a gift for me, I'm willing to spare your life one last time, so piss off from my sight.’’

The other two disciples wore smug expressions on their faces;they did not consider Xiao Leng and Qin Nan to be worthy opponents.

Xiao Leng was furious upon hearing this;he did not expect Wang Meng to be so cocksure even at this stage.

However, before Xiao Leng could do anything, Qin Nan who had remained silent the whole time burst out laughing, ’’Wang Meng is it? I've heard that you are one of the top ten geniuses, am I right?’’

The words stunned Wang Meng briefly;he then raised his head and said with a prideful tone, ’’That's right. I'm one of the top ten geniuses, ninth in the ranking. Qin Nan, if you were to kneel on your knees and give me three kowtows now, I will only make you a cripple instead of killing you.’’

’’Hehe.’’ Qin Nan laughed and said calmly, ’’The kowtows won't be necessary. I have only one request;since you were calling me trash, do you have the guts to fight me alone? Of course, if you don't, maybe you should shut the f**k up.’’

At that instant, Qin Nan's face turned icy cold, as he emitted a murderous aura around him.

If Qin Nan had a slightly murderous intent before, his current appearance indicated that he had completely committed to murdering the person before him.

Initially, there was no personal conflict between himself and Wang Meng, but apart from verbally insulting him, Wang Meng had even planned on killing him too. Hence, instead of wasting his time talking nonsense, Qin Nan had decided to challenge him to a battle and kill him.

Being merciful to your enemies is unacceptable.

However, Xiao Leng, Wang Meng, and the two disciples were stunned on the stop after hearing the words.

Qin Nan dares to challenge Wang Meng to a solo battle?

Everyone knew Wang Meng possessed an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and his cultivation had reached the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm;he even mastered the Minor Success Stage of One with the Saber. He was also ranked ninth among the top ten geniuses a rank higher than Xiao Leng.

Even though Qin Nan possesses an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he dares to challenge Wang Meng to a duel with his cultivation base of the sixth-layer Body Tempering Realm?

This is suicide!

’’HAHAHA!’’ Wang Meng burst out laughing, as if he just heard the best joke of his life;his eyes were filled with disdain, ’’Interesting, very interesting. Trash dares to challenge me. If you're looking for a quick death, then I'll grant you your wish!’’

Following this, he took a big step forward, emitting an imperious aura filled with murderous intent, which caused the heart-rate of the people around to increase.

After seeing this, Xiao Leng's expression changed and yelled, ’’Qin Nan, don't do anything stupid. You're no match against Wang Meng.’’

’’Xiao Leng, save your breath, it's not like I'll listen to your advice anyway.’’ Qin Nan said calmly, ’’Besides, who says that I'll be the loser of this battle?’’

Xiao Leng was immediately stunned after listening to the words.

Qin Nan is still so conceited at this stage?

As he collected his thoughts, he was entirely unsatisfied with Qin Nan's behavior.

He was trying to be kind and save his life, but not only did Qin Nan not listen to his words, he even replied with such an attitude. How could Xiao Leng feel pleasant about that?

Xiao Leng straightened his face and said in a cold tone, ’’If death is what you seek, then I'll stay out of the way.’’

After finishing the sentence, Xiao Leng leapt into the air and landed on top of a big tree;he stared down coldly at the others.

Meanwhile, a furious expression could be seen on Wang Meng's face as he snapped, ’’Qin Nan, I'm surprised that you're still able to be so arrogant. I'll have to witness myself how powerful you are that you got the courage to roar at the disciples from the White Jade Dojo, and now disrespect me like this!’’

Instantly, an aura from the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm was unleashed from Wang Meng's body.

Along with this, eight golden rays were released, with a long, ice-covered sword slowly appearing behind Wang Meng.

At that moment, Wang Meng had shown his strongest appearance.

Despite that, Wang Meng was not in a rush to attack;he approached Qin Nan, taking one step at a time with a cold expression, as if he planned to torture Qin Nan slowly to death.

After seeing this, the two disciples beside Wang Meng laughed coldly, their faces filled with disdain. One of them said, ’’This Qin Nan is ruthless. Senior Brother Wang Meng could even kill an eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator with ease. What does Qin Nan think he has up his sleeves? He is just a piece of trash I doubt he could survive three attacks from Senior Brother Wang Meng.’’

The other disciple smirked after hearing the words, and said, ’’Three attacks? In my opinion, one attack was enough for Senior Brother Wang Meng to destroy this trash!’’

Xiao Leng continued to coldly spectate without saying anything. In his view, Qin Nan was not as weak as they had described;he could withstand at least ten attacks facing Wang Meng.

In the meantime, Wang Meng's movement came to a stop before he smiled and mockingly said, ’’Qin Nan, I've learned a new Fist Art recently;I'll let you, a piece of trash, be my tester, to demonstrate the power of my Fist Art!’’

After saying this, Wang Meng lashed out with his attack. His whole body sprang forward at an incredible speed, producing countless forceful gusts.

’’Nine Forces in One, Nine Impacts Battle Fist!’’

Wang Meng let out a huge roar;nine different types of force could be felt throughout his body, which all gathered at his fist, forming a terrifying strength;he then fired it as a punch at Qin Nan, from three meters away.

The punch slightly astonished Xiao Leng and the other two disciples.

It was because this Fist Art was powerful enough to kill ordinary eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivators!

’’Nine Impacts Battle Fist? Quite an intriguing name, but it's still a joke if you plan to kill me with this Fist Art!’’ Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged as he calmly observed the approaching danger. As the big fist was about to land on him, his whole figure disappeared with a flicker.

Movement technique: Mystical Eight Steps.

At that instant, Qin Nan's figure turned into a cloud of smoke and floated away, dodging the murderous punch in an unusual way.

’’Hmm?’’ Wang Meng was surprised after seeing this.

Xiao Leng and the other two disciples were shocked too.

They did not expect Qin Nan to have mastered such an advanced movement technique;with just a slight movement, he was able to dodge Wang Meng's terrifying attack with ease.

Wang Meng recovered from the shock and licked his lips before saying, ’’What a surprise, you are not as bad as I thought. But despite having some tricks up in your sleeve, you are still a piece of trash in my eyes!’’

After he finished the sentence, Wang Meng gathered all his might and sprang forward at Qin Nan exuding a murderous pressure.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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