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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 578


Chapter 578: Chapter 578 - Power of the Chaos

Chapter 578 - Power of the Chaos

“An incense’s time?”

Qin Nan and his crew were stunned seeing this.

They would need at least an hour to kill a single Celestial-Devouring Insect, but Song Li had only used the period it took an incense to burn. Didn’t that mean that they were going to lose the trial?

What exactly was the liquid that Song Li had consumed, to have such fascinating effects?

The Dragon Abyss Tree was currently at the half-Martial Sacred Realm. As it is trying to rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm, the Heavens and Earth would bring the first-layer Tribulation to him. This Celestial-Devouring Insect was a part of the Tribulation. Although they looked like beasts, that was not the actual case. They had no intelligence, but their only thought was to consume the Primary Force inside the Dragon Abyss Tree,” Jiang Bilan said with a serious tone, “The liquid that Song Li consumed is the ‘Dao Liquid’, which is extremely valuable. There are only three jars of them in the headquarters of the Trading Alliance. Once consumed, it would grant the cultivator the force of the Dao, which is efficient against the Celestial-Devouring Insect!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan and the rest immediately understood the situation.

It was highly possible that Song Li was aware of the presence of the Celestial-Devouring Insect, thus he had acquired the Dao Liquid from the Trading Alliance!

But what were they going to do now?

Did it mean that they had no other choice but to watch Song Li killing the Celestial-Devouring Insects at a significantly faster pace?

“HAHAHA, Duan Qing, Third Brother, did you see that? I only need the time it takes an incense to burn to kill a Celestial-Devouring Insect! You’d better try harder, or it will be quite a disappointment for me!” Song Li burst out laughing.

He still remembered the humiliation he had received when Yao Ji was defeated previously at the Mystical Ground Hall!

And now, he could finally avenge himself!

Qin Nan and the others ignored his mocking and made their moves swiftly. They attacked with various elements including fire, ice, thunder, etc., aiming to find the weakness of the Celestial-Devouring Insects.

However, their efforts were in vain.

It felt like these Celestial-Devouring Insects had no weakness at all!

Time gradually passed. Song Li’s performance was outstanding after consuming the Dao Liquid, eliminating the Celestial-Devouring Insects efficiently with his attacks. An hour later, he had finally killed ten Celestial-Devouring Insects!

“Here is a Dragon Abyss Fruit!”

The voice of the Dragon Abyss Tree was extremely calm. With a golden flicker, a golden fruit landed in Song Li’s hands.

“Great! That’s the first one!” Song Li became energetic as he tossed the fruit to Yao Ji and said, “That’s your reward!”

Upon saying this, Song Li paused for a moment before adding, “Since most of the Dragon Abyss Fruits belong to us anyway!”

“That’s brilliant, Second Prince!”

Yao Ji held the Dragon Abyss Fruit in his hands with joy, and intentionally uttered the words in a loud voice.

Longhu, who was standing a distance away, became enraged after hearing their echoing with one another and burst out scolding, “It’s only only a Dragon Abyss Fruit, what are you so proud of! If only I could attack you, I would beat the crap out of you!”

Qin Nan and the others remained silent. Their expressions were replaced with stern looks.

Although they could not stand Song Li’s scornful behaviors, judging from the current circumstances, if they could not come up with any plans, they would surely lose to the Second Prince!

“There must be some way, there must be! Think calmly, I must be calm now!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

It was crucial to remain calm at this time!

As he calmed his thoughts, he began to ponder. There must be some way that could turn the tide around.

“According to what Jiang Bilan mentioned, these Celestial-Devouring Insects are a part of the Heavens and Earth, with no intelligence. Their only aim is to devour the Primary Force inside the Dragon Abyss Tree…”

Qin Nan frowned as he inspected the Celestial-Devouring Insects carefully with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

The insects repeated the same actions like puppets, opening their mouths and tearing at the Dragon Abyss Tree, stealing a little Primary Force from the Dragon Abyss Tree.

It was as if the Primary Force was all the Celestial-Devouring Insects could see.

Hang on a second...

Qin Nan was stupefied.

Since the Celestial-Devouring Insects were interested in the Primary Force of the Dragon Abyss Tree, wouldn’t they be interested in the Chaos Qi too?

Previously, while Qin Nan was taking part in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains in the lower district, he district, he had encountered herds of Fiery-Winged Birds and Sky Thunderous Beasts who were extremely interested in the Chaos Qi and were willing to trade their valuables for the Chaos Qi. The reason being that they had assumed the Chaos Qi to be the Primary Force.

“If the Celestial-Devouring Insects were interested in the Chaos Qi, I could let them devour it and use it to destroy the insects from the inside!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered as he came up with a plan.

He had used the Chaos Qi to detonate a significant number of Mystical Weapons in the past. If the Celestial-Devouring Insects devoured the Chaos Qi, he could do the same thing to them too!

“Let’s give it a try!”

Qin Nan spat out a stream of Chaos Qi from his mouth toward a Celestial-Devouring Insect beside him.


The Dragon Abyss Tree was confused when it became aware of some extraordinary presence nearby. It was astounded when the eyes on the trunk took a glimpse at it.

Wasn’t that aura Primary Force?

...Meanwhile, at the Emperor’s Audience Hall of the royal palace...

The crowd was left in awe seeing the scene taking place on the screen.

“A single incense! The Second Prince only needs the period it takes an incense to burn!”

“How fascinating, so he has prepared the Dao Liquid! That alone would allow the Second Prince to acquire the most number of Dragon Abyss Fruits in the trial!”

“Incredible! How smart of the Second Prince!”

The ministers uttered their compliments.

Di Fengyun wore a smirk seeing this.

Elder Wang’s expression turned dull. He did not He did not expect the Second Prince to be this prepared for the trial.

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

One of the ministers suddenly exclaimed.

The others subconsciously glanced toward the screen, and saw a weird sight. The remaining nine hundred Celestial-Devouring Insects halted their actions of biting the Dragon Abyss Tree and crazily sprang toward another place.

Di Fengyun frowned too.

Why was this happening all of a sudden?

...Meanwhile, in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, on top of the Dragon Abyss Tree on the Heartbroken Cliff...

The Second Prince Song Li was busy killing the Celestial-Devouring Insects. The passion in his heart grew thicker each time slayed one of them.

“At this rate, I’ll at least kill over seven hundred Celestial-Devouring Insects in a single day. Duan Qing and the rest could at most kill over two hundred Celestial-Devouring Insects even if they go all out! Most of the Dragon Abyss Fruits will be mine!”

Song Li was excited.

“Once I get my hands on the Dragon Abyss Fruits, Oh Duan Qing, it will be your end!”

Song Li’s eyes flickered icily.

It seemed like this Duan Qing still had no idea that he was about to die soon, I suppose?

A strange occurrence took place all of a sudden.

The Celestial-Devouring Insects before Song Li turned their heads around and sprang toward another place, causing Song Liwho was about to attackto be stunned in place, leaving a blank expression on his face. He instinctively glanced toward the direction of the Celestial-Devouring Insects and with a glimpse, he was entirely dumbfounded.

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