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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 576


Chapter 576: Chapter 576 - As the Colorful Flowers Bloom, the B
Chapter 576 - As the Colorful Flowers Bloom, the Beasts Worship

...Meanwhile, at the peak of the Heartbroken Cliff in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground...

The scene taking place in the palace of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had nothing to do with the crowd on the mountain. They were clueless as to the fact that they were being watched closely by Di Fengyun, Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong, and the ministers.

The Second Prince wore an icy look. He had utilized the Cursing Plate to track the Third Prince and his crew’s whereabouts over few hundred li, but to his surprise, the Third Prince had been able to attack him regardless of the distance, and had almost injured him.

This Third Brother was pretty good at hiding. He had never noticed his outstanding capabilities before.

“Second Prince?”

Qin Nan and the others were dumbfounded. It was a surprise to them that the Second Prince had found his way to the Heartbroken Cliff before them.

“Second Brother, how impressive. You’re able to locate the Heartbroken Cliff even though the trial has just started.” The Third Prince collected his thoughts and cast a glance at Qin Nan before saying with a calm smile.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization. His eyes flickered with a sharp gaze.

Currently, Yao Ji was the only one backing up the Second Prince, while they now had the support from Longhu and Jiang Bilan. If a battle were to erupt, they could defeat the Second Prince easily.

“Hehe, I’m no match against you.” The Second Prince shrugged and let out an eerie smile facing Qin Nan, as if he were aware of something, “Duan Qing, are you planning to make your move now? Be patient, once the flowers of the Dragon Abyss Tree have blossomed and I get my hands on the Dragon Abyss Fruit, I’ll grant you your desire for a battle.”


Qin Nan frowned.

This Second Prince was being fearless. Was it an act, or did he have some trump cards?

“Well I’m so tired of your strange personality. Have a taste of my fist!” Longhu wore a disdainful look as he sprang into the sky after a kick to the ground.

However, a strange occurrence took place all of a sudden.


The water of the icy blue pond began to boil as a few shadowy outlines could be seen under the water, which emitted powerful auras.

The auras were the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

The Third Prince was startled, “Don’t move!”

Longhu could feel himself being locked onto by the auras, causing him to feel chills down his spine, preventing him from moving.

The Third Prince took a deep breath and said, “I was once told by the seniors that when the flowers of the Dragon Abyss Tree are about to blossom, no one is allowed to use any violence closeby. Otherwise, the guardian beasts in the pond would regard you as their enemy and slay you immediately.”

“Damn it.” Longhu wore a helpless expression. This Heartbroken Cliff had restrictions on flying and attacking, how annoying.

“How knowledgeable of of Third Brother, it seems like you know a great deal about this place…” The Second Prince wore a relatively eerie smirk.

Qin Nan and his crew immediately ignored his presence. Since no violence was allowed, they had no choice but to wait for the time being. There was no need for them to waste their time on the Second Prince Song Li, who had been talking nonsense to them.

“Third Prince, what’s the deal about the blossoming of the flowers?”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to the Third Prince.

“Did you see that the Dragon Abyss Tree is surrounded by colorful flowers? Only when the flowers blossom will the tree bear the Dragon Abyss Fruits. Then, we are allowed to follow the instructions of the Dragon Abyss Tree to pluck the Dragon Abyss Fruits.” The Third Prince explained to his companions.

“I see…”

Qin Nan glanced toward the center of the pond.

The colorful flowers enveloping the Dragon Abyss Fruit were slowly blooming. However, the pace was extremely slow, thus it would take a while for the process to be complete.

Qin Nan cast a side glance at the Second Prince and Yao Ji.

They appeared to be extremely calm as if victory was within their reach.

“It’s obvious that our strength completely outmatches theirs. However, judging from their behavior, it’s highly possible that they are hiding something important.”

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered. At that instant, Jiang Bilan, who was standing a distance away, gave him a gesture.

It appeared that Jiang Bilan was aware of this too.

Qin Nan too.

Qin Nan ignored her and continued to ponder.

“The Second Prince and Yao Ji are clearly aware of my strength, thus they should have prepared something to deal with me specifically. However, my only trump card now is the left arm of the divine God of Battle, which is able to resist any attack…” Qin Nan analyzed the situation.

This duel was incredibly important. Both the map in the Second Prince’s possession that the Trading Alliance was seeking for and the Dragon Abyss Fruit were extremely important, thus he could not allow anything to go wrong.

“I do have another trump card on me—the copper mirror!”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to the copper mirror without hesitating. If he managed to acquire the support from the copper mirror, the chance of winning the duel was even greater.

That being said, Qin Nan’s decision did not imply that he had lost his will of battling against the Heavens and Earth and his fearless attitude.

Qin Nan would never be intimidated to fight a fair battle against the Second Prince.

However, if his foes were planning to use some tricks, he had to prepare a backup plan for himself too. He was not a saint that would allow himself to be beaten up.

To Qin Nan’s disappointment, the copper mirror showed no reaction at such a crucial moment!

“I guess I’ll have to fully utilize my greatest strength with the left eye and the left arm of the divine God of Battle.”

Qin Nan adjusted his thoughts and his eyes emitted his eyes emitted a sharp gaze, as if a godly sword was about to be drawn out from its sheath.

A grand battle was approaching, causing his blood to become excited.

Second Prince...don’t you let me down!

Time gradually passed. The two sides on the mountain’s peak ignored each other’s presence. Some meditated while sitting on the ground, while the others stared at the Dragon Abyss Tree.

A while later, a rare occurrence took place.


A sound similar to eggs cracking took place slowly, startling Qin Nan and the others who raised their heads and glanced toward the center of the pond.

They could only see the colorful flowers surrounding the Dragon Abyss Tree blooming, revealing its sturdy purple trunk.


The last petal dropped to the ground.

At that instant, another rare phenomenon occurred!


A terrifying force burst out from the trunk of the Dragon Abyss Tree. Its figure grew rapidly into a towering giant tree within a brief period.

Furthermore, countless branches filled with leaves spread out from the giant purple trunk toward the surroundings.

Buzz Buzz Buzz.

A series of mysterious chants echoed in the surroundings as rays of golden light descended from the sky and landed on the Dragon Abyss Tree, before slowly transforming into fruits.


At that instant, the giant lake surrounding the mountain had terrifying waves formed on its surface. Marital Highness Realm beasts with terrifying cultivations sprang into the sky and gazed in the direction of the Dragon Abyss Tree!


The beasts uttered roars simultaneously!

As the colorful flowers bloom, the beasts worship!

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