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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 575


Chapter 575: Chapter 575 - Beats of the Emperor Drum, Gathering

Chapter 575 - Beats of the Emperor Drum, Gathering of the Ministers

...Meanwhile, in White Tiger City...

After the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground was activated, various authorities of the royal palace became quiet, as everyone was waiting to see who would come first when the trial ended after ten days!

However, a rare occurrence took place.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A series of drum beats could be heard coming from deep inside the palace. The lasting echoes filled the corners of the palace as if they were from high up in the heavens.

“Those drum beats...are they from the Emperor Drum? Did someone beat the Emperor Drum?”

At that instant, many in the palace were startled. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

There existed a drum in the palace, known as the Emperor Drum. Every minister in the palace—regardless of the position—was required to proceed to the Emperor’s Audience Hall when the Emperor Drum was beaten!

It was a symbol that something serious had happened!

The last time the drum had been beaten, it was when the current emperor of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was interested in hearing the opinions of the ministers when their faction and the other three great factions were galvanized into hunting Qin Nan. Why was the Emperor Drum being beaten again? What was the matter this time?

“Quick! Head to the Emperor’s Audience Hall now!”

“The Emperor Drum was beaten. I’ve no idea what it’s about!”

“Hurry up!”

The palace became lively as the ministers made their way to the Emperor’s Audience Hall.

The Emperor’s Audience Hall was the only main hall of the palace. The ministers would only meet here for important matters such as the Heaven-Worshiping Feast and the Crown Prince Ordainment.

In less than the period it took an incense to burn, the Emperor’s Audience Hall was fully crowded.

The ministers were the Minister of Discipline, the Minister of Rites, the Minister of the Board of War, the Prime Minister, etc., each holding great power and formidable status in the kingdom.

However, these authorities were wearing troubled looks.

The reason being that...

The Sky-Scorching Emperor was not in the Emperor’s Audience Hall!

If it wasn’t the emperor, who exactly beat the Emperor Drum?

“Everyone!” As the crowd was confused, an imperious voice could be heard, “I know that it’s quite sudden, but I’m the one that gathered everyone here with the Emperor Drum. I hope you wouldn’t mind!”


Following the voice, a figure appeared and landed in front of the throne.

The person was none other than Di Fengyun!

The crowd was startled to see Di Fengyun. The doubts in their eyes grew thicker.

Why would Di Fengyun beat the Emperor Drum?

Despite being doubtful, the Emperor’s Audience Hall was completely noiseless. Everyone waited for Di Fengyun to speak in silence.

Although the authorities possessed significant powers in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, their status was incomparable to the three platoons. The three platoons had been around for a few hundred years, teaching one batch after another of genius disciples, thus their influence was extremely terrifying.

Besides, the person standing before them was the Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon, Di Fengyun, who had an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, making him the the top genius of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and giving him a chance to reach the half-Martial Progenitor Realm!

Di Fengyun did not say anything. To everyone’s surprise, he glanced toward the entrance of the Emperor’s Audience Hall.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Following a few piercing sounds, Elder Wang and Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong of the Black Tortoise Platoon arrived hurriedly and proceeded to the front of the hall, passing the ministers.

“Mm? Di Fengyun?” Elder Wang was startled to see Di Fengyun.

The ministers were aware of something, but they remained silent.

“Where’s Zhou Bihua?” It was as if Di Fengyun was looking down on Elder Wang as he yelled out, “The Emperor Drum was beaten, and as the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, he is not coming to the meeting? Is he not treating the rules seriously?”

The words were spoken with authority.

No one expected Di Fengyun to pick on Zhou Bihua at that instant.

The hearts of the ministers shuddered slightly. Everyone was aware of the personal conflict between Di Fengyun and Zhou Bihua. However, as Zhou Bihua’s cultivation had reached the Martial Sacred Realm, Di Fengyun had never troubled Zhou Bihua personally.

Picking on Zhou Bihua today all of a sudden, did that mean Di Fengyun had found a way to deal with Zhou Bihua?

“I’m sorry, the Platoon Leader is currently away from the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!” Elder Wang wore an icy expression.

“I see, that’s fine. It’s his loss for missing the show anyway.”

Di Fengyun showed absolutely no respect to Zhou Bihua, and before Elder Wang could rebuke him, Di Fengyun’s tone Fengyun’s tone became excited, “Today, I’ve gathered the ministers here through the Emperor Drum to let you all witness an exciting duel! Previously, I happened to obtain a rare artifact that would allow us to spectate the scene taking place at the Heartbroken Cliff!”

Spectate the scene at the Heartbroken Cliff with a rare artifact?

The words caused the ministers to become energetic.

They clearly knew that the Dragon Abyss Tree was located on the Heartbroken Cliff!

“Based on my estimation, the Second Prince and the Third Prince should now be at the Heartbroken Cliff with their crew!” A smirk could be seen on Di Fengyun’s face as he continued, “The Dragon Abyss Tree will be bearing its fruits soon. Today, I will unleash the power of the artifact to allow everyone here to see if the Second Prince or the Third Prince will come out on top in the end!”

The ministers were surprised hearing this.

They were able to capture two meanings behind the words.

Firstly, the other royal kin—including the First Prince and the Ninth Prince—were out of the picture. Only the Second Prince and the Third Prince were left, and they were currently on the Heartbroken Cliff.

The second meaning was even more intriguing.

As everyone knew, the White Tiger Platoon and the Trading Alliance were supporting the Second Prince, Song Li, while the Vermilion Bird Platoon was supporting the Third Prince.

Now, Di Fengyun had gathered everyone with the Emperor Drum. Was he implying that the Second Prince would surely win in the duel against the Third Prince?

Otherwise, why would Di Fengyun make such Fengyun make such a fuss here?

“What’s going on…”

Elder Wang’s eyes widened. He had a bad feeling about this.

Why was Di Fengyun so confident in the Second Prince that he would go so far and assemble the ministers here with the Emperor Drum?

“Laws of the Heavens and Earth, with the Primordial Godly Orb, let the true appearance of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground be exposed!”

Di Fengyun let out a roar as he spat out an orb from his mouth. A few golden dragons swam freely within the orb. Following this, he tapped the orb with his finger, causing it to emit a brilliant glow toward the surroundings, forming a giant screen.

In the screen laid a huge lake, with a sword-like mountain at its center.

“That’s...the Heartbroken Cliff!”

One of the ministers blurted out.

The Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground had been around for generations. They were once participants of the trial as well.


Di Fengyun yelled out.

The image in the screen shuddered violently as it suddenly sprang into the sky and arrived above the peak of the mountain. The pond at the mountain’s peak, the huge tree surrounded by colorful flowers, the Third Prince, Qin Nan, the Death Emperor, Longhu, the Second Prince, and Yao Ji were displayed on the screen.

“It’s...really the Second Prince and the Third Prince!”

The crowd was left in awe. They had not expected Di Fengyun was being serious that he could allow them to spectate the duel between the two remaining princes.

The bad feeling in Elder Wang’s heart grew even stronger.

Di Fengyun, what was he trying to do?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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