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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 574


Chapter 574: Chapter 574 - Third Brother, You're Finally Here

Chapter 574 - Third Brother, You’re Finally Here

“No, that’s not the aura of the Martial Sacred Realm, it should be the half-Martial Sacred Realm. It feels like it’s hibernating, that’s strange…”

Qin Nan took a closer look and tried to analyze the situation based on the aura.

“I guess our destination is the peak of the mountain.”

Qin Nan raised his head and glanced at the peak of the mountain.

The mountain thrust into the lake like a giant sword. The mountain was only a few hundred meters tall, thus it was not as towering as the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range. However, if one were to stare at it, it would result in a strange intimidating feeling.

“This mountain was named the Heartbroken Cliff. The Dragon Abyss Tree can be found at its top. It seems like we have no choice but to climb to the top.” The Third Prince wore a stern look as he spoke, “According to the recorded information, this Heartbroken Cliff is extremely dangerous, densely packed with Heartbroken Beasts. Therefore, we should be careful.”

“It’s only Heartbroken Beasts, nothing to worry about.” Longhu let out a breath and said indifferently.

Qin Nan and the others glanced at him and ignored his words. They proceeded forward immediately after.

The Heartbroken Cliff was surprisingly quiet. Not a single beast or herb could be seen. However, the group felt uneasy as they made their way to the foot of the mountain.

“We’re here!”

The Third Prince halted his movement.

The crowd could only see a strange mountain wall in front of them. The wall was perfectly straight, in a terrifying manner. It was absolutely perpendicular to the ground with no curve at all.

Some kind of purple tree densely filled the wall.

“Let’s go!”

The Third Prince led the way and jumped upward using the purple trees as the steps, tightly followed by Qin Nan and the remaining crew.

“This is simple…”

Longhu twisted his lips. The wall was only a few hundred meters tall. Didn’t it mean that they would arrive at the top in just two to three breaths’ time?

However, at that instant, a piercing sound could be heard.

A tiny dim yellow beast the size of an arm and its body filled with spikes approached Longhu at a rapid speed. It opened its mouth, revealing its fangs as it tore at Longhu’s head.

“A mere Martial Dominator beast dares to ambush me!”

Longhu became enraged as he uttered the suppression of the Heavenly Dragon with a roar.

However, a shocking scene took place. The little beast appeared to be unaffected, as it continued to dash toward Longhu at the same speed.

“Mm? There is something strange with this Heartbroken Beast!”

Longhu was slightly startled, before he flung his hand and shattered the Heartbroken Beast with a powerful force. His eyes were filled with disdain, “But, does that matter…”

“Longhu! Run!”

Qin Nan yelled out all of a sudden.

Longhu was stunned, before he subconsciously turned his head around. He could see countless Heartbroken Beasts charging out from the woods like a yellow yellow surging tide.

A mere Martial Dominator Realm Heartbroken Beast was nothing worth mentioning, but it was extremely terrifying when a hundred thousand of them had gathered together!

Furthermore, flying was currently forbidden at the mountain!


Qin Nan’s figure sprang forward with a flicker. His body was engulfed in flames as he drew out the ancient saber Ira and slashed continuously like an advancing general charging into the pack of Heartbroken Beasts. He was trying to open a way for his companions.

Even with Qin Nan’s strength, it was extremely dangerous to charge into a surge of a hundred thousand Heartbroken Beasts.

However, he was the strongest among the team, thus it was his role to charge forward and open up a way!

“Protect Duan Qing!”

The Third Prince let out a roar as his figure was encapsulated within golden glows, which summoned over a hundred golden swords in Qin Nan’s surroundings that constructed a sword formation that protected Qin Nan from being ambushed by Heartbroken Beasts.

“Breath of Death!”

Jiang Bilan executed her strongest move without hesitation. A single breath instantly killed a few hundred Heartbroken Beasts, but it had little effect on the tide of beasts.

Longhu finally collected his thoughts. He did not expect to encounter such a huge number of Heartbroken Beasts. He uttered a roar as he charged toward the tide.

A terrifying battle had taken place.

The flickers of countless saber glows, skills, and abilities were able to create some space with brute force in the midst of the beast tide like tide like a giant claw.

The team continued to press forward.

“We’re almost there…” Qin Nan scanned his surroundings with his left eye and predicted the attacks of the Heartbroken Beasts in his surroundings. His figure moved rapidly among the beasts like a phantom, dodging the rapid attacks before he leapt into the air.


The roar felt like the raging cry of a demon.

Qin Nan raised the ancient saber in his hand while he accumulated the power of the Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens, the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, the left eye of the divine God of Battle, Sky Thunder, Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, etc. into a marvelous slash.


The center of the tide was slashed open, revealing a huge path to the peak of the mountain.

“Golden Emperor Sky-Soaring Technique!”

The Third Prince let out a yell as his back emitted a vigorous golden glow, which transformed into a pair of giant golden wings. He then grabbed Qin Nan and the others with the golden glow summoned by his hand and dashed upward with a single flap of the wings, which resulted in a terrifying storm.

The Heartbroken Beasts in his surroundings were sent flying by the shockwave.


The Third Prince’s wings disappeared as he landed on the ground panting heavily. In addition to him, Qin Nan and the others were breathing heavily too, as they had consumed a significant amount of energy in the battle.

“Shit, those Heartbroken Beasts are crazy…” Longhu was slightly intimidated. Luckily, the Heartbroken Beasts did not continue their chase continue their chase to the peak. Otherwise, he would have to use his trump card as usual—run at will.

Qin Nan rolled his eyes at him before he glanced forward.

Following a glimpse, his eyes were filled with astonishment.

He could see a small lake at the top of the mountain. Its water was icy blue, emitting a rich aura of Qi as if it were a heavenly pond.

At the center of the lake stood a huge tree with a wide trunk. It was five zhang tall, surrounded by colorful flowers, thus only its top part was visible.

Pant pant.

The tree breathed rapidly like a living person. Each breath would cause ripples to form on the surface of the lake, producing an aura of the half-Martial Sacred Realm.

“That’s...the Dragon Abyss Tree!”

The Third Prince’s eyes were filled with fiery passion!

The Dragon Abyss Tree was a significant symbol in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Not only would its Dragon Abyss Fruit grant extraordinary benefits when consumed, the tree itself was a symbol of luck and fortune. As such, the prince that acquired the most number of the Dragon Abyss Fruits would be crowned the winner of the trial, and be acknowledged by the kingdom!

This was because the number of the Dragon Abyss Fruits served as a sign that the prince had obtained the approval of the Dragon Abyss Tree!

However, at that instant, an icy voice could be heard.

“Third Brother, you’re finally here. I, our Second Brother....have been waiting too long for this!”

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