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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 573


Chapter 573: Chapter 573 - Clash in the Dark

Chapter 573 - Clash in the Dark

The golden glow enveloping the Third Prince’s figure vanished as the area had its calmness restored.

“The Dragon Abyss Tree is located right at the center of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, around five hundred li from here…” The Third Prince said with a stern look, “We have to make our way there as soon as possible. I have a feeling that Second Brother is able to find the tree with some kind of method as well!”

Qin Nan and his crew nodded their heads.

The Second Prince Song Li had managed to acquire the full support of the White Tiger Platoon and the Trading Alliance, thus his capabilities could not be underestimated. If the Third Prince were able to locate the Dragon Abyss Tree, he would most likely be able to do so too.

“Let’s go!”

The Third Prince waved his hand and summoned a giant vessel that floated in mid-air, which was an Emperor Weapon specifically used for transportation. As the group hopped onto the vessel, it immediately flew into the distance, leaving a gust of wind behind.

Meanwhile, the First Prince and the Ninth Prince—who were still wearing blank expressions on their faces—subconsciously glanced toward the direction of the growl in the sky, and immediately saw Jiang Bilan, Longhu, Duan Qing, and the Third Prince standing on a huge vessel.

They were struck with a great shock once again, leaving them in a completely depressed state!

Those two were definitely the spies that the Third Prince had arranged to keep an eye on them!

That being said, Qin Nan and the others had completely forgotten about the two princes.

The Third Prince had fully prepared himself for the competition for the title of crown prince. The Second Prince had the support from the White Tiger Platoon and the Trading Alliance. Hence, the First Prince and the Ninth Prince, and the other kin of the emperor, were no longer comparable to them.

The final candidate for the title of the crown prince would be determined between the Third Prince and the Second Prince.

The outcome would depend on the final brawl at the Dragon Abyss Tree!

The huge vessel soared in the air. In just a brief while, it had travelled a hundred li.

During this period, Qin Nan made use of the time and hunted a few Martial Highness Realm beasts to acquire the Dragon Abyss Qi, to prevent their presence from being rejected by the Mystical Ground.

“We’re almost there…”

The Third Prince stood at the bow of the vessel and glanced downward. A majestic aura was displayed from his body, prompting Qin Nan and the others to cast their glances toward him.

The Golden Emperor Heaven-Inspecting Technique and this aura served as hints that this Third Prince was no ordinary person!

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place.


The space above the Third Prince and the others was shattered into pieces as a few giant undead souls sprang out from the gaps. These souls wore hideous looks while letting out eerie cackles as they tore at the Third Prince and the others.


Qin Nan and his crew were startled. Although the attacks were nowhere strong enough to harm them, they were currently in mid-air with no sign of enemies within over ten li. Where had the attack come from?

“A mere curse dares to act this insolently.”

With a calm expression, Jiang Bilan flung her arm and exerted exerted a deathly force that wiped out the undead souls.

“This curse was cast with some kind of artifact known as the ‘Cursing Plate’. It allows the undead souls to search for their targets according to their scent. Even though these souls are not powerful, they are handy in tracking someone’s location. If I’m not mistaken, I’m sure that the Second Prince is aware of our whereabouts now.” Jiang Bilan slowly said.

“How fascinating.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

“Second Brother appeared to be quite prepared for this, but not only did he track our location, he even played a little trick on us. Wouldn’t we be looked down upon if we didn’t give him any response?” The Third Prince let out a cold grin as he waved his hand at the sky. Countless golden rays slowly took the shape of thirty-six golden dragons. A strand of hair could be seen dangling from the leading dragon’s jaw as they entered a rift.

“By Jove!” Longhu was taken by surprise, “That’s the Golden Emperor Dragon-Pursuing Technique. It’s capable of tracking down the target by his aura or belongings and attacking with thirty-six golden dragons regardless of the distance…”

“You’re sharp,” The Third Prince wore a smile, “Too bad I’m too weak to fully unleash its power. I can’t really cause any damage to them.”

“Be honest, did you obtain the succession of the Golden Emperor?” Longhu’s eyes were filled with envy.

The Third Prince had used two Emperor Arts that were related to the Golden Emperor, a sign that he had obtained some sort of succession from the Golden Emperor. This was the succession of a Martial Monarch, even a small bit of it would bring tremendous benefits.

Qin Nan benefits.

Qin Nan nodded his head seeing this.

The royal kin of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were different from one another, but it was quite obvious that both the Third Prince and the Second Prince were outstanding among them, with formidable factions supporting each of them, and great fortunate encounters since they were young, as well as marvellous intelligence.

Even in the entire Eastern Continent, they could easily stand out among the various geniuses.

The vessel continued its journey, and they finally reached the destination two hours later!

They could see a huge lake sitting in the distance, which covered an area with at least the circumference of a thousand li. At the center of the lake stood a mountain that was ten li long. From afar, the mountain seemed like a giant sword that was thrust into the center of the lake.

Although the lake and the mountain did not emit any aura, the sight alone was enough to astonish the group.

“The Dragon Abyss Tree is on the island!”

The Third Prince let out a roar while he unleashed his cultivation to control the vessel. It flew toward the mountain in an arc.


At that instant, a giant wave ten meters tall sprang up from the lake all of a sudden, with five third-layer Martial Highness Realm beasts that appeared to be fiery dragons that were dashing into the sky with wide-open murderous mouths, aiming to tear the vessel apart.

“You dare to attack when your grandpa Long is here?” Longhu burst out scolding as his figure transformed, revealing a giant dragon head.


A loud roar echoed in the sky together with a rumbling dragon suppression.

The dragons flying into the sky were stupefied, as they had not expected to encounter a real dragon a real dragon on the vessel. They immediately withdrew back to the lake while uttering cries.

The beasts in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground all contained the dragon’s aura and bloodline, but they were not real dragons, thus they would be filled with fear when facing Longhu.

“Heavenly Dragon?”

The Third Prince’s eyes flickered with astoundment, who let out a sigh of relief at the same time.

As the vast lake had countless beasts residing within it, the suppression of the Heavenly Dragon would stop these beasts from disturbing them as they traveled across the lake.

“How impressive, not only is Duan Qing outstanding, his friends are powerful too…”

The Third Prince exclaimed as he switched his focus to continue controlling the vessel to fly toward the mountain.

A rare phenomenon took place as the vessel entered the space above the mountain.


A magnificent pressure suddenly appeared above the mountain, crushing downward onto the vessel like a huge mountain, causing the vessel to explode immediately. Meanwhile, Qin Nan and his crew were suppressed by the same pressure.


Qin Nan and the others all landed on the mountain, leaving huge pits in the ground. However, as they touched the ground, the terrifying pressure completely vanished too.

“Pooh pooh pooh, flying seems to be forbidden here on the mountain. They should mention it beforehand…” Longhu spat out a mouthful of dust with a disgusted look.

Qin Nan sprang to his feet and scanned his surroundings with the others. There was no sign of any beast around.

“Left eye of the divine God of Battle!”

Qin Nan’s left eye flickered thunderously as the glanced toward the peak of the mountain. His expression changed tremendously after taking a glimpse.

It was...the aura of the Martial Sacred Realm!

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