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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 571


Chapter 571: Chapter 571 - The Dumbfounded Princes

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Chapter 571 - The Dumbfounded Princes

A great sense of danger rose within the hearts of the First Prince and the Ninth Prince.

Duan Qing’s strength was too overwhelming. If they were to stumble into him now, it would serve as a great risk!

“Ninth Brother, shall we join forces and eliminate Duan Qing right now?” At the last moment, the First Prince gathered his thoughts and transmitted his voice to the Ninth Prince.

“Eliminate Duan Qing?”

Song Yu was startled, but he soon recovered.

Since Duan Qing had discovered them, he would not let them go easily. Thus, it was better for them to join forces and defeat Duan Qing instead of trying to escape. If they managed to do it, the Third Prince would no longer pose a threat to them.

Duan Qing was strong for sure, but with five of them working together, would Duan Qing still stand any chance?


Song Yu instantly made up his mind. If he were aiming to be the crown prince, his priority now was to eliminate the Third Prince and the Second Prince. As for the last part, he would have a final showdown with the First Prince!

As the two princes made their decisions, their gazes toward Qin Nan changed immediately.

Previously, they had been quite intimidated, but it was gone now.

The First Prince—who had tasted defeat many times in Qin Nan’s hands—spoke in a cold tone, “Duan Qing, don’t assume that you’re undefeatable! I’ll give you a chance—surrender at once or prepare yourself to be defeated! Be wise, otherwise, you won’t have time to regret later!”

“That’s right, Duan Qing. Take a good look at the situation before you!”

Song Yu snapped.

At that instant, the two princes presented marvelous auras, like giants staring down at an ant.

Qin Nan instantly came to a realization seeing this. The two princes had prepared to join forces against him.

“What if I’m not going to surrender?”

Qin Nan cast a strange look at the two princes, especially toward the Ninth Prince.

This Song Yu had no idea that Long Tian was Longhu, who was one of his most reliable companions!

“Not going to surrender? Then we shall show no mercy! Cultivator Jiang, attack with us!”

“Long Tian, lend my brother your hand and suppress Duan Qing!”

The First Prince and the Ninth Prince uttered roars as their figures charged forward while exerting the strength of the peak Martial Dominator Realm.

However.. one breath, two breaths, three breaths...

Four breaths after, their figures were only a few zhang away from Qin Nan when they realized that something was not right. They instantly halted in their tracks.

Something was not right!

Something was definitely not right!

The First Prince and the Ninth Prince discovered shockingly that they were the only ones making the moves!

Cultivator Jiang, Long Tian, and the other genius of the Black Tortoise Platoon did not even budge!

What….what was going on?

“Brother Song Yu, please don’t blame your brother for not helping you. We are no match against Duan Qing, and it would only bring us disaster if we are trying to fight him,” Longhu let out a cough and said in an awkward tone, “I guess we should prevent ourselves from fighting him.”

For the past few days, Song Yu had been serving him great food and gorgeous beauties, thus Longhu was feeling sorry sorry for letting him down. However, either way, he could never fight Qin Nan!

Apart from their friendship, if the Princess were to know that he had targetted Qin Nan, the Princess would definitely screw him over.

As for the genius from the Black Tortoise Platoon, since he was the ninety-ninth batch’s disciple, it went without saying that he was obliged to listen to Longhu’s orders.

The Ninth Prince was dumbfounded.

It was fine for Long Tian to concede in the Wine Contest at the Talent-Gathering Hall since he had been going against Duan Qing by himself, but why would he concede now too? Was he implying that they still stood no chance against Duan Qing with the five of them?

You had to be joking!

“First Prince, I will not fight Duan Qing either.” At that instant, Jiang Bilan said.

The First Prince was dumbfounded too.

Why were these guys reluctant to fight Duan Qing?

What the hell was going on!?

At that moment, the two princes with magnificent auras stood with blank expressions on their faces like two statues.


Qin Nan frowned. It was expected that Longhu had no intention to fight him, but why was Jiang Bilan doing the same thing too?

Longhu glanced toward Qin Nan with a confused look.

“I have no idea what this Jiang Bilan is trying to do. We should strike at once and kill her here right now!”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Longhu.

Jiang Bilan was terrifyingly intelligent and cruel in her methods, not to mention the fact that the Death Emperor inside her body was a huge threat too. There was no way he would allow them to live!

However, Jiang Bilan suddenly spoke.

“First Prince, Ninth Prince, why don’t you don’t you listen to me? It’s clear under the current circumstances that the crown prince would definitely be chosen among the Second Prince and the Third Prince. You two have no chance at all. The Third Prince is a man of honor, thus my advice for you two would be to give the Third Prince your support. Once he is crowned, you will definitely be granted formidable statuses in the kingdom!”

The words left the First Prince and the Nine Prince in a greater shock.

And now Cultivator Jiang was suggesting for them to support the Third Prince?

It was true that some of their siblings with weaker influences would choose to depend on the powerful princes.

However, they had planned to acquire the title of the crown prince for many years. How could they give up now?

“Brother Song Yu, I agree with her words.”

Even though Longhu was eager to get rid of Jiang Bilan now, he could not help but blurt out.

In his eyes, it was impossible for Song Yu to be chosen as the crown prince.

At that instant, the First Prince and the Ninth Prince were in chaos.

Cultivator Jiang and Long Tian were both the geniuses they had selected to assist them!

In the end, not only were they reluctant to lend a hand, they were advising them to give up on pursuing the title of the crown prince!

These two...

Why did it feel like they were spies that the Third Prince had planted beside them?


Qin Nan uttered a huge roar and disrupted the strange atmosphere of the place. His eyes glared at Jiang Bilan as he coldly said, “Stop wasting time now. It’s time for us to settle our to settle our past!”

Jiang Bilan’s eyes glistened as she replied, “Very well!”



Qin Nan and Longhu had long prepared themselves for this moment. A powerful aura burst out from their bodies as they arrived above Jiang Bilan from both directions.

Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered as she summoned a gust of wind under her feet, which swept her figure toward the woods at a rapid speed.

“Trying to escape?”

Both Qin Nan and Longhu possessed terrifying flesh. With a kick to the ground, their figures chased after Jiang Bilan while producing shockwaves which caused cracks to appear in mid-air.

A chase immediately took place as three formidable auras stirred a great storm among the woods.

Meanwhile, the First Prince, the Ninth Prince, and the genius were left in awe.

Why was Long Tian siding with Duan Qing?

Why did they join forces and target Cultivator Jiang?

What...what exactly was going on! Why was it so confusing!

That being said, they would never find an answer to their questions.

...Meanwhile in the woods...

In just a short period of time, their figures were a few li away. Both Qin Nan and Longhu were executing powerful attacks aiming at Jiang Bilan to limit her movement.

However, Jiang Bilan’s speed was extraordinary. Even with their attacks, it would take some time for them to catch up to her.

“Starry Eye!”

Qin Nan let out a roar as an illusionary eye was summoned above Jiang Bilan, with flickers of thunder.


Jiang Bilan came to a stop while her black robe was swept away by the gust of wind, revealing an attractive face as she blurted out, “Qin Nan, I’m not trying to be your enemy. I want to cooperate!”


Qin Nan and Longhu were stunned.

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