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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 570


Chapter 570: Chapter 570 - Meeting at the Lake

**Chapter sponsored with thanks to Eddie Munster and JPhil**

Chapter 570 - Meeting at the Lake


Qin Nan and the Third Prince landed on the ground, knocking up a circle of dust around their figures.


Qin Nan’s left eye flickered thunderously as he scanned his surroundings.

The sky above him was covered in an eerie blue color while the ground was dull and colorless, a scene similar to the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range. That being said, Qin Nan did come across something extraordinary—there were many beasts in their surroundings, which were all snakes, reptiles, serpents, etc. He could sense the Qi inside their bodies resembling that of a dragon.

At that instant, a strong rejection force could be felt from the sky, which was trying to expel Qin Nan from the place.

Qin Nan’s expression changed instantly. The force was extremely powerful and he could not resist it.

“Duan Qing, consume the Dragon Abyss Qi inside the badge!” The Third Prince blurted out after seeing this.

Qin Nan swiftly took out the golden badge. As the Third Prince mentioned, he could find a mysterious Qi within the badge that took the shape of a dragon as it flowed freely. This was the Dragon Abyss Qi.

Upon consuming the Dragon Abyss Qi, the repelling force aiming at Qin Nan from the sky completely vanished.

“In the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, you must consume a stream of Dragon Abyss Qi every day so your body contains the aura of a dragon. Otherwise, you will be expelled from the Mystical Ground into a void dimension…” The Third Prince explained.

“I see. Third Prince, how are we going to obtain the Dragon Abyss Qi?” Qin Nan asked.

“All the beasts here with a cultivation of the Martial Highness Realm and above would have the Dragon Abyss Qi in their bodies. The only way to acquire it is to hunt these beasts.” The Third Prince said in a low tone, “Duan Qing, let’s split up here. You will focus on collecting the Dragon Abyss Qi, while I will be locating the Dragon Abyss Trees!”

“Locating the Dragon Abyss Trees?”

Qin Nan was started, but he soon collected his thoughts after seeing the grin on the Third Prince’s face. It appeared the the Third Prince was well prepared before coming to the trial.

“Sounds good. We’ll keep in contact via the badge!”

The trial would only last ten days, thus every second counted. There was no way Qin Nan would waste his precious time. He nodded his head in reply and swiftly proceeded to a huge woods in distance.

At that instant, a voice suddenly appeared in Qin Nan’s mind, which turned out to be Sima Kong.

“Qin Nan, I’m transmitting my voice to you with a secret technique! Damn it, Song Li that asshole is suspicious toward me, so he left me behind after entering the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground…”

Sima Kong sounded extremely displeased.

Qin Nan nodded his head. Song Li was not dumb since he was the Second Prince. He would most likely keep his guard up after knowing there was something fishy with Sima Kong.

“So are you meeting me?” Qin Nan replied.

“Don’t think so. I’m someone from the Trading Alliance, so it’s better if we don’t don’t stay together.” Sima Kong chuckled and said, “I’ll let you go after the map, as that asshole will be looking for you. It’s only a matter of time before you stumble into him. On the other hand, I will be busy looking for the treasures.”

Qin Nan’s face darkened after hearing Sima Kong’s words. This prick was utterly shameless.

However, as Sima Kong mentioned, it was highly possible that the Second Prince would come looking for him.

“Song Li, huh? I’m keen to see what you have prepared for me!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly as he entered the woods.

The woods were filled with countless beasts, each with a formidable aura, as if they were real dragons themselves.

Qin Nan’s eyes scanned the figures of the beasts rapidly.

“It would save me lots of time if the copper mirror was willing to lend a hand…”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

The mysterious woman in the copper mirror seemed to have a close connection with the beast race. She would definitely surprise him with some incredible finds here in the Mystical Ground.

“The Third Prince’s cultivation is immeasurable, even I failed to peek through it. He could easily handle any potential hazards that he bumps into.”

Qin Nan pondered and got rid of his thoughts as he proceeded deeper into the woods.

It was impossible to find any Martial Highness Beasts in the outer part.

A while later, Qin Nan came to a halt as a lake came into his vision.

The entire lake was five li long, and the water was completely muddy. Furthermore, he could also hear a series of loud thumps coming from the lake, the lake, which came from two enormous figures.

“Two second-layer Martial Highness Realm beasts…”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he slowly drew out his ancient saber. As he was prepared to make his move, his expression suddenly froze.

A few other figures appeared on the other side of the lake, which turned out to be some princes with their geniuses.

Qin Nan glanced toward them with his left eye of the divine God of Battle, and was stunned following a glimpse.

The figures were none other than the First Prince, Jiang Bilan, the Ninth Prince, Longhu, and another genius.

It seemed like the First Prince and the Ninth Prince had been able to find each other. However, instead of competing against one another, they appeared to be discussing something.

“How destined are we.”

Qin Nan said to himself as his eyes emitted an icy glow.

It went without saying that the Second Prince was his biggest enemy in the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground. However, this Jiang Bilan was his great foe too, as both Jiang Bilan and the Death Emperor shared a great conflict with him.

Slaying her would mean getting rid of two enemies at the same time;speaking of killing two birds with one stone.

...Meanwhile, across the lake...

“Ninth Brother, we currently have the lower hand. It’s unwise for us to fight one another,” The First Prince said after a hesitation, “Shall we form an alliance for now?”

Song Yu was quite keen after hearing the suggestion. If they were to work together, they might stand a chance against Second Brother and Third Brother and win the trial.

However, the will of others will of others was unfathomable. How would they split the benefits in the end?

At that instant, Jiang Bilan said in a soft tone, “Duan Qing is on the other side of the lake.”

The words gave the First Prince and Song Yu a great scare.

In their opinion, Duan Qing was considered the strongest presence in the entire Mystical Ground. Wouldn’t it mean the end for them if they were to stumble into Duan Qing right now?

“You two, how’s it going?”

Qin Nan did not hesitate. With a kick to the ground, his figure flew straight across the lake.

“Human, you dare to trespass in my territory? How bold of you!”

A blasting roar could be heard all of a sudden.


Two large serpents that were over ten zhang long rose into mid-air from the lake. Their scales reflected blinding blue glows as they opened their murderous mouths and tore at Qin Nan from both directions.


Qin Nan’s speed showed no sign of decreasing as he swung the saber in his hand forward under the gaze of the crew. A tremendous flame was spat out from the saber, which transformed into a Vermilion Bird crushing downward at the serpents.


The conceited look in the eyes of the serpents was replaced with astonishment. Wasn’t that the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird?

Before they could react, their figures were slashed in half, turning into a rain of blood.


Qin Nan’s figure dashed out from the blood rain and landed on the ground, leaving cracks under his feet.

The First Prince and the others were left with blank expressions. The stain of blood on the ancient saber in Qin Nan’s hand was unusually clear.

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