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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 569


Chapter 569: Chapter 569 - Waiting for the Second Miracle!

Chapter 569 - Waiting for the Second Miracle!

It was high noon.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Following some piercing sounds, knights wearing golden plates entered the Mystical Ground Hall—eighteen of them to be exact—each possessing a cultivation of the first-layer Martial Highness Realm.

“They’re here!”

The eyes of the crowd glistened.

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts. These golden-plated knights were the royal guards, who only received orders from the Sky-Scorching Emperor. They were here to activate the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

The leader among the knights said with an expressionless face, “Greetings prospective heirs to the throne, the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground will be activated soon. It will remain accessible for ten days, and the one who acquires the most Dragon Abyss Qi within this period will be the winner of the trial. If the Dragon Abyss Fruit is found, then the victory lies with the one who has the most fruit.”

Qin Nan came to a realization hearing the words.

In previous years of the trial, there were times when the Dragon Abyss Tree did not appear, thus it was impossible to acquire the Dragon Abyss Fruit. Therefore, the outcome of the trial was determined by comparing the Dragon Abyss Qi obtained by each participant.

However, if the Dragon Abyss Fruit was present, acquiring the Dragon Abyss Qi would be deemed useless.

“Now I’ll allocate the badges!”

The knight waved his hand, hurling golden badges into the hands of the crowd.

These specifically-built badges contained a mystical aura. One could only enter the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground by having one of the badges.

“Keep this in mind. No killing is allowed in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground. Those who commit the offense will be adjudicated by the Disciplinary Department of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom! Now, it’s time to activate the Mystical Ground.”

His tone was raised toward the end of his speech.

It was as if the minds of the golden-plated knights were synchronized with one another, who reached out their palms simultaneously. Different runes emerged from their palms and buzzed vigorously, before emitting a magical glow toward the center.


It was as if the space in the hall was torn apart by a giant claw, resulting in a gap.

The gap was not filled with a boundless darkness, but a mysterious white glow instead. It felt like one would be entering another world after stepping into the gap.

“Let’s go!”

The princes and princesses exchanged glances with the geniuses beside them before stepping into the gap.

“Our turn.”

Qin Nan and the Third Prince glanced at one another before making their way to the rift. However, a sudden yell could be heard.


The person was surprisingly the Second Prince, Song Li!

Qin Nan and the Third Prince halted their steps and turned their heads around with a frown.

What did this Second Prince want now?

The others in the hall halted their movements too. Their eyes filled with doubts.

“The duel here at the hall is nothing worth mentioning! Duan Qing, once we enter the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, it’s better for you to surrender. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences…” The Second Prince’s eyes flickered coldly while the aura of the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm burst out from his body, resulting in a powerful suppression.

He was was saying this as the defeat here at the hall had caused him to feel extremely unpleasant!

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan and the Third Prince continued toward the rift.

An indifferent voice could be heard.


The Second Prince was stunned, the same with his siblings.


Had he just replied with ‘ok’ after being threatened by the Second Prince?

Was he not placing the Second Prince in his eyes?

“Duan Qing!”

The Second Prince’s eyes were engulfed in raging flames. A mere genius from the ninety-ninth batch disciples of the Vermilion Bird Platoon dared to disrespect him?

“Let’s go!”

The Second Prince withheld his anger and entered the gap with Yao Ji and Sima Kong.

The other princes and princesses entered the rift too, allowing the Mystical Ground Hall to become quiet, with only the eighteen golden-plated knights remaining.

The knights uttered a roar to close up the rift.

“That Duan Qing…”

The knights exchanged glances with one another, and could see the astonishment in each other’s eyes.

As the royal guard, they knew lots of secrets behind the scenes, and were aware of who was most likely to win the trial.

However, that guy Duan Qing had acted calmly facing the Second Prince. The courage alone was enough to astonish them.

Soon after, the news about the start of the trial was made known to many in the palace.

“Who do you think would come first in the trial?”

“I believe that the Second Prince has the highest chance of winning, since he has acquired the support from the Trading Alliance and the White Tiger Platoon after all! Besides, a while ago, the Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon, Tiger Platoon, Di Fengyun, became enraged and is most likely going to deal with Duan Qing soon.”

“What a pity, I feel sorry for the First Prince…”

Various discussions were taking place at different corners of the royal palace.

...Meanwhile, at the White Tiger Platoon of White Tiger City...

A servant was kneeling down on one knee while reporting the incident that had taken place in the Mystical Ground Hall in detail.

Following this, the servant withdrew from the place, leaving the hall in silence.

“Even Yao Ji was no match against Duan Qing?” Flames burned rapidly in Di Fengyun’s eyes as he wore a stern look, “But would that make a difference? I’ve laid out my trap;Duan Qing has nowhere to escape! Oh Zhou Bihua, are you planning to make Duan Qing your successor? Then I shall destroy him with my own hands!”

The words were spoken in a murderous tone.

“That’s right! That’s the spirit! Let’s get rid of Duan Qing, and soon, we will destroy Zhou Bihua! When the time comes, the Primordial Spirit of the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise won’t be able to escape from me!”

At that instant, an imperious voice was emitted behind Di Fengyun.

As Di Fengyun heard the voice, it was as if he were infected, as the murderous intent in his eyes grew tremendously stronger.

If anyone were to face him now, they would see the silhouette of a giant beast standing in the darkness behind Di Fengyun. Its eyes were dyed red with blood while its mouth was slightly opened, as if it were able to devour the Heavens and Earth.

The beast was Earth.

The beast was none other than one of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom—the Skyhowl White Tiger!

...Meanwhile, at the Vermilion Bird Platoon...

“Platoon Leader…”

Elder Wang opened his mouth while his eyes were filled with a worried look. Di Fengyun had made his move, placing Duan Qing in grave danger in the Mystical Ground.

“Don’t worry.” Zhou Bihua remained seated and calmly spoke before he finished.

“Don’t worry? Platoon Leader, not that I’m looking down on Duan Qing, but Di Fengyun is involved himself, not to mention the fact that the Trading Alliance is currently supporting the Second Prince. Although I have yet to acquire the actual information, it’s most likely that Di Fengyun is working together with the Trading Alliance…” It felt like Elder Wang’s tail was being stepped on as he heard the words.

However, he was interrupted once again before he could finish.

Zhou Bihua suddenly asked, “Elder Wang, do you know why I chose him as my successor?”

Elder Wang was startled. He had no idea why Zhou Bihua would ask him the question all of a sudden, but he still replied, “Wasn’t it because of the Vermilion Bird’s Primordial Spirit?"

“That’s only one of the reasons.”

Zhou Bihua’s eyes displayed a deep look as if he was recollecting the past, “A few hundred years ago, an old man—an exceedingly powerful old man—told me a prophecy;that I would meet this man that would bring miracles. Duan Qing has brought me the first miracle…”

Zhou Bihua paused as his eyes were encapsulated by a glow.

Since the first miracle had appeared.’s time to wait for the second miracle!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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