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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 568


Chapter 568: Chapter 568 - The Map Related to the Imperial Ext

Chapter 568 - The Map Related to the Imperial Exterminator

The place fell dead silent. The crowd was left speechless.

A weird scene was taking place in the Mystical Ground Hall.

The previously tyrannical and shameless Yao Ji, who had been planning for an ambush, was slammed right into the ground, leaving him with severe injuries.

Meanwhile, Pang Qiu showed no sign of feeling guilty after letting his teammate down. He held his stomach tightly with a pale expression while rolling on the ground rapidly in an exaggerated manner, as if he had been poisoned by an ancient venom.

At that instant, the Ninth Prince and a few other princes instinctively glanced toward Long Tian.

This Platoon Leader of the ninety-ninth batch disciples of the Black Tortoise Platoon had also proclaimed that he was poisoned previously as he was having a Wine Contest against Duan Qing.

Currently, Pang Qiu had been poisoned too!

“Cough cough.”

Longhu let out a cough. It went without saying that he had already learned that this Pang Qiu was Sima Kong. He could not help but curse in his heart. This dumb prick, why would he pretend that he was poisoned out of all possibilities.

Even Qin Nan could not help but twist his lips.

These two assholes were comparable to one another in terms of their acting skills.

“Nice!” The Third Prince broke the silence by bursting out laughing and clapping, “HAHA, Second Brother, this Yao Ji is definitely extraordinary. He is still not dead despite receiving a blow from Duan Qing. I’m utterly impressed by his strength!”

“Indeed, Yao Ji’s cultivation could be considered extraordinary.”

“Anyone else would have died after receiving a blow from Duan Qing, I’m afraid?”

“As expected of the Platoon Leader of the ninety-ninth batch disciples of the White Tiger Platoon!”

The surrounding princes and princesses collected their thoughts. Apart from a few of them, many who were unfond of the Second Prince uttered their compliments in a seemingly sincere manner, including the First Prince and the Ninth Prince.

The Second Prince recovered from the astonishment as his previously confident expression became twisted, as if he had just consumed some filth.

Were these guys even complimenting him? They were mocking him, in fact!

However, he had no idea how to refute them!

The winner takes it all. Well, he was the loser now.

“Second Prince, it appears that Cultivator Pang Qiu has contracted some kind of unique poison. He would most likely die if he’s too careless. Luckily, I’ve got an antidote here that might help him…” Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired a Primary Stone at lightning speed into Sima Kong’s mouth.

It was time for him to come to the rescue. It was not appropriate to let Sima Kong keep on rolling on the ground in front of the crowd.


Sima Kong had definitely mastered the art of acting. An aura burst out from his body while his face turned black and green continuously, before it reddened as the painful expression disappeared.

“Thanks! Thank you Cultivator Duan Qing for saving my life!”

Sima Kong immediately brought his fists together toward Qin Nan with a grateful look.

“It’s nothing worth mentioning.”

Qin Nan waved his hand in a calm manner.

The crowd was left speechless once again.

These two...

Were f**king geniuses in acting!

Pang Qiu was the inner disciple of the Trading Alliance, why would he be poisoned all of a sudden at such a crucial time? Besides, why would Duan Qing coincidentally have the antidote for it?

It was obvious that Pang Qiu was not willing to attack Duan Qing!

The Second Prince was aware of the truth, causing his face to turn extremely dark. What was the Trading Alliance thinking? What was Pang Qiu implying with his actions? Was he unwilling to cooperate with him any longer?

However, despite being confused, he could not confront Pang Qiu as he he had no evidence at all!

Following this, the Second Prince dragged Yao Ji out from the ground, who glared at Qin Nan with hatred and Pang Qiu before he went to a corner and began treating his wounds.

Due to the incident, the Second Prince’s morale dropped rapidly while the Third Prince’s reputation continued to improve, causing him to be surrounded by many royal siblings who appeared to be fawning upon him.

Meanwhile, the First Prince and the Ninth Prince had their heads lowered as they were immersed in their own thoughts.

Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and Longhu stood in different corners and communicated with their divine Sense.

“Sima Kong, you idiot, why did you pretend you were poisoned?” Longhu burst out scolding.

“Damn it, what do you want from me? Should I pretend I’m dead instead of poisoned?” Sima Kong snapped back without mercy.

“I don’t care! There are many beauties in your Trading Alliance, bring me some or I’ll make sure you’re dead for real!”

“Humph, bring it on. With your tiny arms and legs, I can take you on easily.”

Qin Nan snapped while they were quarreling with one another, “Let’s discuss something serious. I forgot to mention—see that guy standing beside the First Prince, that’s the Death Emperor. However, he has fallen into a deep sleep, and Jiang Bilan has taken control of the body now.”

Although Qin Nan was doubtful of Jiang Bilan’s words, if she was actually the Death Emperor, she would have definitely exposed his real identity after learning it. As for the reason why Jiang Bilan did not do so, he would only know after entering the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

“The Death Emperor? Jiang Bilan?”

Sima Kong and Longhu shuddered violently and instinctively glanced toward the black-robed person standing beside the First Prince, who was aware of their gazes and greeted them with a gentle smile.

“It’s really that bitch!”

Longhu clenched bitch!”

Longhu clenched his teeth. He didn’t have a good impression of this Jiang Bilan!

“Qin Nan, there’s something extremely important for us to discuss.” Sima Kong’s tone became serious.


Qin Nan frowned.

“Initially, the Trading Alliance was supporting the First Prince, but it’s now supporting the Second Prince as he has found a map a few days ago.” Sima Kong said.

Qin Nan immediately understood hearing this.

It seemed like the Second Prince had left the White Tiger City a few days ago in order to acquire the map.

“The map is related to the Crimson Blood Ocean, which records the location of a certain herb, although I am clueless as to what kind of herb it is.” Sima Kong hesitated before he continued, “However, if a map alone is enough to startle the Leader of the Trading Alliance, I believe it’s nothing simple.”

Qin Nan’s expression changed after hearing Sima Kong’s words.

The Crimson Blood Ocean!

Wasn’t that where Tang Qingshan and the others were currently at?

This particular map in Second Prince’s hand was related to that place?

“What kind of place is the Crimson Blood Ocean; explain to me in detail!”

Qin Nan muttered.

The eyes of Sima Kong and Longhu flickered with surprise as they did not expect Qin Nan to show such a wild reaction.

Despite being confused, Sima Kong explained, “In the Eastern Continent, there exist many forbidden areas. Some of them were formed when some great experts passed away there, while some were formed naturally. There is a wide variety of them. The Crimson Blood Ocean is close to the top of the list. Even Martial Sacred Realm cultivators would be in grave danger entering the place when it was not activated. It’s only activated once every two years, and there’s only a month left until its next activation.

“From the information I’ve gathered, there exists some sort of incredible succession in the Crimson Blood Ocean, but it has yet to it has yet to be found, which is the reason why many geniuses from the Four Great Factions would go there each time the Crimson Blood Ocean is activated to try their luck.”

Qin Nan’s thoughts became clearer after listening to the words.

According to the copper mirror, Tang Qingshan and his crew were training in the Crimson Blood Ocean to rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm.

Although he had no idea how they ended up there, when the place was activated in a month’s time, the geniuses from the Four Great Factions would swarm the place, thus it was highly possible for them to locate Tang Qingshan and his crew.

Once that happened, Tang Qingshan’s crew would be hunted down by Progenitor Wen Dao and the other authorities.

Sima Kong said with a serious tone, “According to the deal made between the Second Prince and the Trading Alliance, once he comes first in the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, he would hand the map over of the Trading Alliance. Qin Nan, this map is extremely important. Once we enter the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, I’ll tell you his whereabouts so you can rob the map from the Second Prince…”


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

Only a month was left until the Crimson Blood Ocean was activated. He had no chance of stopping the disciples of the Four Great Factions from going to there.

However, he could not allow the Trading Alliance to get their hands on the map. Otherwise, if the Trading Alliance were able to enter the Crimson Blood Ocean in advance, it would expose the location of Tang Qingshan’s crew.

Once that happened, they would be targeted by Progenitor Wen Dao and the other authorities!

He had to stop this from happening at all cost!

“The map...I have to steal it!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath as he made up his mind.

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