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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 567


Chapter 567: Chapter 567 - My Stomach Hurts

Chapter 567 - My Stomach Hurts

The clash of the Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger resulted in an extraordinarily tremendous impact.

Qin Nan and Yao Ji’s figuresrepresented by a red ray and a white rayinstantly collided with one another. In the blink of an eye, they had lashed out over a hundred punches or attacks, resulting in a series of explosions. The battle was absolutely terrifying.

However, as Qin Nan had achieved the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm and was able to analyze the situation with his left eye of the divine God of Battle, his strength was unmatched. Even Yao Ji who possessed a cultivation of the first-layer Martial Highness Realm was knocked three steps backward within the brief period since the battle had begun.

“You managed to knock me three steps back?”

Yao Ji’s eyes widened slightly. There was no sign of fear on his face, but a hint of excitement instead as he said, “Keep it that away. I’ll feel more pleasant when I tear you apart in the end!”


A beastly cry echoed in the sky as Yao Ji’s figure expanded. His body was covered in white fur while his eyes turned into the eyes of a tiger and his hands into sharp claws that slashed downward, producing claw marks in the air.

White Tiger Tearing the Heavens!


However, Qin Nan had predicted the attack with his eyes that were flickering thunderously. Before the attack was executed, his figure appeared above Yao Ji’s figure with an expressionless face.


Yao Ji was slightly startled. His attack was considered fast and cruel since his cultivation was the first-layer Martial Highness Realm. However, not only did Qin Nan dodge it, he had managed to appear above him too?

Before he could react, Qin Nan stomped downward with his left foot.

The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling!

A giant bell was summoned under his foot, enveloping Yao Ji’s figure.


The bell let out a blasting chime. The force that it emitted caused Yao Ji’s body to be filled with a succession of explosions, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. He almost dropped to his knees from the impact.

“Time for you to leave!”

Qin Nan snapped while his figure sprang toward Yao Ji and lashed out a kick with his right leg.


The force of his flesh of the Martial Highness Realm completely exploded, which struck Yao Ji’s chest like a giant hammer, sending him flying instantly. His body crashed into the wall of the hall, leaving a huge hole in it.

The series of actions took less than three breaths’ time.

The crowd could not help but wear astonished looks after witnessing Duan Qing’s extraordinary strength once again.


The Second Prince’s eyes glistened. He had heard rumors about Duan Qing’s formidable strength, but he did not expect that even Yao Ji stood no chance against him.

“Duan Qing! You dare injure me! I’ll kill you right now!”

Yao Ji’s figure rose from the ashes in a struggling manner. His hair was scattered while his bloodshot eyes stared right at Qin Nan. It felt like he had transformed into a real beast.


Seven golden rays were emitted from his back together with an an enormous ferocious tiger with a pair of wings. Its bloodshot eyes emitted a red glow.

This was Yao Ji’s Martial Spirit, the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger, one that was relatively savage among the tribes of tigers.

“One with the Tiger!”

Yao Ji let out a roar as the Double-Winged Bloodshot Tiger surprisingly entered his body, causing it to expand rapidly while his body was fully covered in white fur. His eyes had turned into a pair of bloodshot tiger eyes!

“Seems like you want more, huh?”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted an icy glow. He was more than happy to continue battling until the very end.


The saber in Qin Nan’s hand suddenly vibrated vigorously as it emitted a brilliant glow. An icy aura filled the entire hall.

The two geniuses were about to go all out in the battle!

The crowd subconsciously held their breaths and focused on the battle with their eyes open wide, not willing to miss out on any detail.


Yao Ji’s figure charged straight at Qin Nan, who yelled out at the last moment, “Pang Qiu! Attack at once! Let’s kill this guy together!”

Pang Qiu chuckled as if he had already predicted this. Following a stomp, his chubby figure exerted a terrifying strength and propelled him straight toward Qin Nan like a huge mountain.

One from the left and one from the rightflanked from both sides.

The scene was too quick for the crowd to react.

As the crowd collected their thoughts, their faces were filled with disgust.

An ambush!

They were planning to ambush Qin Nan and fight him together!


The Third together!


The Third Prince became enraged. However, it was too late for him to lend a hand. The outcome of the battle would be determined in the next moment.


The Second Prince let out a disdainful grin on his seat.

Winner takes it all!

So what if it was an ambush?

So what if they were being shameless?

Although they were not allowed to kill Duan Qing now, they could leave him with severe injuries. Once Duan Qing was out of the picture, who among the princes would stand a chance against him?

Duan Qing, where are you going to run this time!”

The grin on Yao Ji’s face grew thicker as Duan Qing was now only a few inches away from him.

He had received the Platoon Leader’s order to trouble Duan Qing in the hall. Since he knew he was mismatched against him from the beginning, he had already told Pang Qiu to ambush Duan Qing when he gave him the signal!

Once he managed to injure Duan Qing, it would serve as a huge contribution, thus the Platoon Leader would reward him with great benefits.

At that instant, Qin Nan wore a calm expression instead of trying to figure out a resolution.

“It’s me…”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Pang Qiu.

Pang Qiu was Sima Kong’s disguise.

Sima Kong had no interest in helping the Second Prince, but he had no choice since the headquarters had given him the orders. As such, he had to cooperate with Yao Ji in his plan of flanking Duan Qing.

However, as Qin Nan’s voice appeared in his mind, Sima Kong was instantly dumbfounded.

F**k was instantly dumbfounded.

F**k me!

Duan Qing was Qin Nan?


As the atmosphere of the hall intensified, a cry of agony suddenly could be heard, leaving the crowd in shock.

Following this, Sima Kongwho was only a zhang away from Qin Nansuddenly fell to the ground while holding his stomach and rolled on the ground as he uttered a series of painful cries.

“AHHHHH! It hurts! My stomach hurts!”

“Someone poisoned me! Someone poisoned my drumstick!”

Sima Kong’s figure rolled on the ground vigorously, sweeping ashes into the surroundings.

At that instant, the crowd was completely dumbstruck, including the Second Prince.


How would that guy be poisoned at such a crucial time?

The grin on Yao Ji’s face instantly froze.

They had a chance at injuring Duan Qing if they were to strike together, but now, he was left alone...

“Trying to ambush me?”

Qin Nan’s lips curled upward as if he were a smiling demon, while he suddenly raised his left arm.


Yao Ji’s figure collided into Qin Nan’s left arm with the power of the White Tiger. However, it felt like he had just crashed into a thousand zhang godly mountain. It felt like he were an ant bumping into a giant. The enormous reflective force resulted in a huge impact, causing his brain to buzz.

No matter how strong the attack, nothing could outmatch the strength of the left arm of the divine God of Battle!

At that instant, Qin Nan raised his right arm and lashed out a punch at Yao Ji’s face without mercy.


Yao Ji’s figure was smashed downward with his head diving first into the ground, resulting in a huge pit.

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