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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 564


Chapter 564: Chapter 564 - Five Million Eight Hundred Thousand

**Chapter sponsored with thanks to Marko, Suziebee, and Alucard**

Chapter 564 - Five Million Eight Hundred Thousand

Martial Sacreds were considered the top battle force of the entire Eastern Continent. Each of their actions was filled with the power of the Martial Sacred Realm, which was extremely terrifying.

The moment Zhou Bihua made his move, a frightening storm swept the streets of White Tiger City.

“White Tiger City! Help!”

At that instant, Xu Ao and He Long could sense the threat of death despite their cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm, causing them to burst out yelling.

White Tiger City was a half-Monarch Weapon, thus it possessed a Weapon Spirit itself. It would interfere if any grand battle were to take place in White Tiger City.

That being said, White Tiger City remained silent.


The figures of Xu Ao and He Long were struck at the same time. They could only feel a powerful impact as if White Tiger City had collided with their bodies, which instantly shattered the defensive forces of the Martial Highness Realm encapsulating their bodies.


At that instant, blood was splattered everywhere as their bodies exploded and their bones were shattered. The enormous pain caused them to utter cries of agony.


Their figures were sent flying, crashing into a palace that left huge holes in the wall, with blood splattering the surroundings in the shape of flower petals.

Two peak Martial Highnesses, great authorities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, were severely injured by a single move!


The crowd could feel chills running down their spines seeing this.

What was the definition of tyrannical?

What was the definition of imperious?

This was it!

Sending two princes flying and leaving two great authorities with severe injuries in White Tiger City in front of the public!


Zhou Bihua suddenly switched his gaze onto Yin Cheng and the other cultivators who had been accusing Qin Nan.


Yin Cheng and his crew were merely Martial Highness Realm or Martial Dominator Realm. They all shivered in terror after meeting Zhou Bihua’s eyes, which almost caused them to drop to their knees.

Zhou Bihua did not bother to say anything. Following a wave of his hand, a boundless force was summoned, knocking Yin Cheng and his crew away while shattering their bones, dantian, etc.

At that instant, the street was filled with the scent of blood.

“Everyone, listen up!” Zhou Bihua suddenly spoke while raising his head and staring into the sky. His voice echoed in the surroundings, “It doesn’t matter who you are, or what faction you are from! If anyone dares to use such dirty tricks against Duan Qing, don’t blame me for being merciless! This is just a warning. Next time, it will be a massacre!”

A terrifying murderous intent was fired into the sky from Zhou Bihua’s figure.

The experts who were spectating the scene with their divine Sense were absolutely dumbstruck. They had not expected this Duan Qing to have such a high status in Zhou Bihua’s heart!

He even threatened to massacre those who were targeting Duan Qing!

These experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were familiar with Zhou Bihua’s personality. He had always kept his word. He would not show mercy to anyone, including the princes and princesses!


Qin Nan was was slightly startled. His heart was filled with warmth.

Zhou Bihua had made him his successor for the sake of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and given him the Vermilion Bird Sacred Badge. However, there was no need for him to befoe everyone in order to protect him!

At that instant, Qin Nan realized that Zhou Bihua was actually treating him like his actual successor.

“Take this.”

Zhou Bihua withdrew his aura and threw a storage bag into Qin Nan’s hand. He then tore the space apart and left the place without saying anything.

“HAHA, Duan Qing, I’ll be leaving too…”

Elder Wang burst out laughing in a high-spirited manner. He seemed to be quite joyful as he followed behind Zhou Bihua.

“Duan Qing, let’s go.”

The Third Prince collected his thoughts and glanced at the surroundings, before he dragged Qin Nan back to his residence. He was clear that with such a huge incident taking place in White Tiger City, the street would have attracted the attention of various authorities. It would bring them trouble if they were to stay there any further.

After Zhou Bihua, Qin Nan, and the others left the place, many authorities arrived at the scene.

“That’s the Minister of Discipline!”

“Oh my god, the Platoon Leader of the Black Tortoise Platoon is here too!”

“Tsk tsk, isn’t that the Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance?”

Gasp, and there are also a few other authorities too. It seemed like half of the authorities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had gathered here!”


Countless voices filled with astonishment could be heard in White Tiger City.

Meanwhile on the street, the authorities the authorities stood in mid-air while their figures emitted suppressive auras of the peak Martial Highness Realm, resulting in a terrifying sight.

Their gazes landed onto the figures of He Long and Xu Ao who were both severely injured.


Another intimidating figure appeared suddenly who was wearing a mink coat with fiery hair. It was none other than Di Fengyun!

Di Fengyun wore a dark expression as he stared at the two heavily-injured people. His eyes were engulfed in flames. Even the temperature in his surroundings increased rapidly!

“Di Fengyun is mad!”

The eyes of the authorities flickered.

“Platoon Leader! This Zhou Bihua! He’s too reckless! He dares to use violence in White Tiger City! Does he have any respect for the royal family of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom? Maybe we should suggest for the emperor to strip his position…” The Minister of Discipline stepped forward and yelled out.

He was relatively close to He Long. How could he not be infuriated after seeing his close friend being severely injured?

However, before he could finish, Di Fengyun’s expression became hideous as he uttered a roar, “Shut up!”

The Minister of Discipline and the experts were startled. They had not seen Di Fengyun so furious before.

Could it be that he was not furious because Xu Ao and He Long were injured?

“Ridiculous, how ridiculous,” Di Fengyun suddenly burst out laughing. His laughter was filled with iciness, “You are willing to injure two authorities and declare hostility against anyone targeting Duan Qing over such an insignificant matter! How brilliant!”

Di Fengyun was furious, extremely furious. Clearly, he was not furious because of Xu Ao of Xu Ao and He Long, but due to Zhou Bihua’s attitude!

Firstly, you’ve taught him the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird, and now, you’ve used violence in public. Zhou Bihua, how could you be so partial?

I, Di Fengyun, am the real top genius! Who does that Duan Qing think he is?



...Meanwhile, in the Third Prince’s residence...

“I’m afraid that my Second Brother is behind the incident that took place today.” The Third Prince wore a stern look as he said, “My Second Brother has yet to show himself, and I was told that the Platoon Leader of the ninety-ninth batch disciples of the White Tiger Platoon is missing too. I suspect my Second Brother is planning something.”

“The Second Prince, huh?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly.

This time, Zhou Bihua had lent a hand to settle the dispute, but Qin Nan was not satisfied yet.

“Tomorrow, the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground will take place. Let’s get some rest for now. It doesn’t matter what the Second Prince is planning, we’ll handle it when the time comes.” Qin Nan spoke slowly. The Third Prince nodded his head after a slight ponder.

They could only do their best under such circumstances!

Qin Nan found himself a residence and prepared to cultivate with the Sleeping Buddha Method.

“Oh right, Senior gave me a storage bag just then…”

Qin Nan reminded himself and immediately took out the storage bag and checked its content.

Following a glimpse, his face was filled with utter astonishment.

Five...Five million eight hundred thousand Primary Stones?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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