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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 562


Chapter 562: Chapter 562 - Unreasonable

Chapter 562 - Unreasonable

It went without saying that the Law-Enforcement Team possessed a great authority in White Tiger City. On some occasions, their leader was considered a greater presence than Elder Wang and Xu Ao.

Elder Wang straightened his face.

Qin Nan switched his focus to the owner of the voice.

He could see an old black-haired man wearing a stern look with his hands placed behind his back approaching them with steady steps in mid-air.

A boundless imperious aura was emitted from his body. It was as if a huge boulder was crushing down onto them, causing the crowd to feel slightly suffocated.

The leader of the Law-Enforcement Team, He Long, whose cultivation had reached the peak Martial Highness Realm!

The First Prince and the Ninth Prince were taken by surprise, as they had not expected the leader of the Law-Enforcement Team to be here too. With him here, even Elder Wang would have problems protecting Duan Qing!

“Leader He Long, our Vermilion Bird Platoon has been loyal to the royal family for generations. There is no doubt about that. Don’t you dare put this blame onto us! Besides, you could easily find the truth by activating the Memorizing Formation on this street. What’s the point of putting Duan Qing into custody for three days?”

Elder Wang’s tone turned cold as he continued, “Do you really want our Platoon Leader to come here in person?”

The words caused Xu Ao’s face to be filled with a hint of disdain.

What a joke!

Why would Zhou Bihua involve himself in such an insignificant matter?

As one of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, Zhou Bihua, the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, would only show himself when something significant took place.

“Elder Wang, I will not waste my time with you. I must take Duan Qing away now for the investigation! If you are trying to stop us from doing so, you will be considered as disobeying the laws of White Tiger City!”

He Long spoke slowly. His words were accompanied by a huge pressure.

The leader of the Law-Enforcement Team was extremely imperious. Even Elder Wang had no place in his eyes!

Elder Wang’s expression stiffened.

Disobeying the laws of White Tiger City?

If he were to be accused of the offence, he would surely be punished.

Meanwhile, an icy voice could be heard, “Leader He Long, why are you in a rush to detain him? I happen to have a Memorizing Formation here that is able to show us the incident that took place here!”

At that instant, the Third Prince had arrived.

The Third Price nodded his head at Qin Nan and Elder Wang, before flinging his hand without hesitation. A formation slowly appeared and summoned a screen at its center.

The screen showed Qin Nan was walking on the street when he was attacked by the humpbacked old man. As such, Qin Nan was forced to fight back, and the humpbacked old man ended up committing suicide. The whole process was clearly shown.

The cultivators instinctively glanced toward He Long, Xu Ao, and the others.

What would they do next with such solid evidence?

The eyes of the First Prince and the Ninth Prince glistened.

The Third Prince was notified as soon as the incident had taken place, and had swiftly reacted and acquired the Memorizing Formation. Even the two could not have done that easily.

“Greetings, Third Prince.” He Long acted as if he did not see the the Memorizing Formation, whose tone changed after the greeting, “It’s possible to manipulate the content of the Memorizing Formation, thus it’s still necessary to investigate the truth! In the name of the leader of the Law-Enforcement Team, I now order the Law-Enforcement Team to detain Duan Qing at once!”

The words echoed in the streets in a thunderous manner.

The crowd stared with their eyes open wide. Leader He Long insisted on putting Duan Qing in custody at all costs.

Xu Ao gazed at Qin Nan with a mocking look.

Trying to fight with the White Tiger Platoon?

No way!

The faces of the Third Prince and Elder Wang darkened. They did not expect He Long to act so unreasonably in front of the crowd.

What could they do under such circumstances?

Did they really have no choice but to watch Qin Nan being caught and put into custody?

They clearly knew that although He Long, Xu Ao, and their crew had come up with a plan before coming here, they would not dare to do anything that crossed the line. They would at most keep Duan Qing in custody for three days. However, three days was enough to let him miss out on the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, thus impacting the entire situation!

Qin Nan wore a calm expression.

These people still insisted on detaining him despite the evidence?

If that was the case, he would not show any mercy!

Qin Nan took out the Vermilion Bird Badge without hesitating and transmitted his message.

That being said, Qin Nan did have another trump card, which was the Vermilion Bird Sacred Badge. Once it was used, every member of the Vermilion Bird Platoon—from the first batch to the ninety-ninth batch—would make their way their way there at once!

That would definitely cause the entire incident to escalate rapidly!

“Do it!”

He Long uttered a snap as his body emitted a terrifying aura. He immediately unleashed his cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm while grabbing at Qin Nan’s figure.

“Leader He Long, allow me to lend a hand!”

Xu Ao burst out laughing seeing this, as he unleashed his cultivation and made his move.

“Not on my watch!”

Elder Wang’s expression turned cold as his figure was engulfed in flames, summoning an illusionary figure of the Vermilion Bird before striking at the duo.

He was clear that once Duan Qing was taken away, he would be a sheep among a pack of wolves, thus he would definitely be kept in custody for three days! Furthermore, no one would know how he would be treated when he was being detained!

Even though Elder Wang might be punished for going against the Law-Enforcement Team, he would not allow such a thing to happen!


Countless explosions took place on the street of White Tiger City.

At that instant, the experts of White Tiger City were startled, who immediately scanned the place with their divine Sense, leaving them in astonishment.

What was going on here?

Why were Elder Wang, He Long and Xu Ao fighting against one another?

Could it mean...that something great was happening to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom?

“Elder Wang, how bold of you!”

He Long’s eyes were engulfed in flames of fury as he took a deep breath, causing his body to emit a golden glow that expanded rapidly. It turned into a golden giant in the blink of an eye and crushed downward onto Elder Wang.

“Descension of the Vermilion Bird!”

Following the roar, an illusionary figure of the Vermilion Bird descended from Bird descended from the sky.

They two were great authorities of White Tiger City, thus their cultivations were on par with one another. Furthermore, He Long purposely dragged out the fight to keep Elder Wang occupied.

“Duan Qing!”

Xu Ao’s gaze landed onto Qin Nan’s figure as he let out a hideous laugh, “This is what you get for rejecting my offer! You won’t be able to escape today! Once I get my hands on you, I will make sure you suffer until you beg for mercy——”

Xu Ao transmitted his voice to Qin Nan as his giant hand grabbed at his figure with a terrifying force.

The space above Qin Nan was instantly shattered, which turned into a prison, preventing him from escaping.


Elder Wang was astounded seeing this. However, he was busy dealing with He Long, thus he could not do anything.

“Third Brother, without Duan Qing, I would like to see how you’re going to stand a chance against us!”

The First Prince and the Ninth Prince could not help but burst out laughing after seeing this.

The Third Prince was a formidable foe indeed, who had been acting behind the scenes for many years while awaiting the perfect time to strike!

However, without Duan Qing’s assistance, he would no longer pose any threat in the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

The Third Prince’s expression stiffened, as he did not expect these people to be so lawless.

Did that mean...

The Third Prince’s eyes flickered with a hint of madness. Even if it meant exposing his trump card, he would not allow their plan to succeed.

However, a rare occurrence took place at that instant!

A terrifying suppression swept the place like a surging river.

This was… the suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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