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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 558


Chapter 558: Chapter 558 - The Princess is Here

Chapter 558 - The Princess is Here

An hour later, the third Starry River arrived!


As soon as the river appeared, a giant hand grabbed at the river twice at a lightning speed.

The glow emitting from the Starry Stones almost pierced the eyes of the crowd.

Thirty stones in the first attempt!

Second attempt… one hundred and fifty!

It was only the beginning, and one hundred and eighty Starry Stones had been taken, which was more than half of the total amount!

“Quick! There will be none left if we waste any more time!”

“Shit! Who exactly is that formidable cultivator who has been taking all the stones!”

“How unlucky am I to come today?”


Following a series of grumbles, the crowd immediately made their moves grabbing the stones in an unorganized fashion as if they had gone mad.

Even Di Fengyun quickly took his turn as his heart was filled with a hint of panic.


The person in the Left Star superior room struck once again, who ended up taking another fifty Starry Stones from one of the zones!

Upon seeing this, the crowd could feel their chest suffering a heavy blow.

A hundred eighty plus fifty—he had taken a total of two hundred and thirty stones!

Didn’t that imply that the rest of them had to split the remaining seventy stones?

The final outcome was extremely disappointing for the crowd. Most of them failed to acquire even a single Starry Stone, while the formidable ones only managed to obtain five at most!

On a side note, each cultivator was required to pay two thousand Primary Stones to cultivate in a basic room of the Starry Pagoda, let alone the intermediate and advanced rooms.

If they failed to acquire a certain amount of Starry Stones, it would serve as a loss to them.

Even though the experts would suffer some loss normally if they were unlucky, it was not as severe as the one they suffered today!

Even Di Fengyun wore a twisted expression.

The Starry Stones were extremely precious, as they could only be produced by the formation of White Tiger City. Trying to buy them from an external source was as difficult as ascending the Heavens, which was the reason why he was here to cultivate with the help of the Starry Stones!

Little did he expect that he would end up stumbling into such a mysterious powerful presence!

“Without sufficient Starry Stones, it will take me a longer time to master the Martial Skill…”

Di Fengyun mumbled to himself and clenched his fists tightly.

Was he really calm when Xu Ao had told him about Duan Qing? Not at all—his heart was filled with flames of fury!

Why would Zhou Bihua teach Duan Qing the Art of the Vermilion Bird instead of him?

However, as his plan had yet to succeed, he had no way to deal with Zhou Bihua and Duan Qing!

“Fine, patience, patience!”

Di Fengyun took a deep breath to calm his thoughts, before he began cultivating with the Starry Stones.

However, as the crowd was feeling troubled, Qin Nan stared at the pile of Starry Stones before him and shook his head in slight disappointment.

“What a pity, the people here are too powerful and quick in their moves. Otherwise, I could easily have acquired all three hundred Starry Stones from the second and third rivers…” Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

If the crowd were to know his thoughts, it would serve as a powerful stab to their chests.

“Let’s start cultivating!”

Qin Nan soon immersed his thoughts in the process.

This time, he did not spend the the time mastering the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird, as the Martial Art was too obscure. He was required to enter a hibernation state for three months and experience ten cycles of life and death in order to master the first-layer of the Martial Art.

However, he did not have enough time now.

Therefore, he was aiming to comprehend the secrets of the Martial Highness Realm!

What was the Martial Highness Realm?

Giving birth to the force of the Martial Highness Realm, which was capable of powering any Martial Arts, Martial Skills, or artifacts!

An ordinary peak Martial Highness Realm expert would follow the same method of compressing the Primordial Spirit while comprehending the secrets in order to give birth to the force of the Martial Highness Realm.

However, since Qin Nan had achieved the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm, his Primordial Spirit was no longer restricted by space. Its presence was ubiquitous. As such, Qin Nan had to fully comprehend the secrets of the Martial Highness Realm in order to give birth to the force of the Martial Highness Realm with his Primordial Spirit.

“Martial Highness, Martial Highness, a highness in the Martial World. Who was considered a highness? The strongest in the Heavens and Earth! However, it’s obvious that the concept does not work. The reason being that within this world, there exist countless experts. Above the Martial Highness Realm are the Martial Sacred Realm, Martial Progenitor Realm, Martial Monarch Realm, etc., thus a highness has yet to become the strongest…”

Qin Nan was immersed in an obscure process as he tried to comprehend the essence.

At that instant, a rare occurrence took place. Qin Nan could feel a burning sensation from his blood.


Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open as he wore a confused look. Why was look. Why was his blood behaving strangely all of a sudden?

He then recollected that his blood had been boiling when Princess Miao Miao contacted him through the Illusionary Mirror last time.

As expected, a magical force was emitted from his blood and drew the outline of a mirror before him. An attractive face could be seen on its surface.

“Xiao Nanzi, have a guess of who the Princess is.” A pleasant voice appeared.

Princess Miao Miao appeared to be walking in the mirror, whose hair was dancing wildly due to the breeze, causing her to look like a fairy.


Qin Nan’s expression darkened. Have a guess of who the Princess was?

That being said, his heart was filled with warmth as the Illusionary Mirror appeared once again after three months.

Princess Miao Miao’s gaze traveled across the great distance and landed onto Qin Nan’s figure before she said in a mocking tone, “So you have become Duan Qing now? Did you purposely make your skin tone look fairer? Why do you look like a girl now…”

Princess Miao Miao grumbled at a rapid pace, leaving no chance for Qin Nan to speak. Her aura suddenly changed at the end as if she had become a highly-respected princess of the kingdom, “Where is the stuff?”

An intimidating aura could be felt!

Even Qin Nan could not help but shudder after feeling the aura, who blurted out, “I have collected some wines for you over the past few months, including the Heart-Uniting Liquid, the Five-Flowered Godly Brew…”

Qin Nan took the jars of wines out and waved at the mirror.

“Wow!” The Princess’s aura disappeared instantly as she said in an excited tone while her eyes glistened, “Qin Nan! That’s impressive! You’ve found so many good wines for me! As expected of my servant! of my servant! Well done!”

“That’s because you forced me to.”

Qin Nan rolled his eyes and snapped.

Why would he collect the wines if she hadn’t scolded him last time? Why would he purposely owe someone a favor just to get the wines?

Meanwhile, the joyful expression on Princess Miao Miao’s face was replaced with a sorrowful look, “Xiao Nanzi, what should I do? What should I do? I want to drink the wines…”

Qin Nan burst out laughing after seeing her reaction. He did not expect to see such a pitiful look from the Princess who was as ruthless as he was.

Well, it was actually pretty cute.

Sigh!” Princess Miao Miao let out a sigh and said as if she had just remembered something, “I didn’t have much time. I happened to read a scroll a couple of days ago, and discovered a Martial Art that suits you perfectly. Here it is, listen carefully…”

She then blurted out difficult lines continuously.

“A Martial Art?”

Qin Nan was startled, before he straightened his face and memorized the words.

A while later, his face was filled with astonishment as he fully memorized the Martial Art.

The Martial Art turned out to be an ancient Martial Art, which was exceedingly extraordinary!

“Hehe, did I surprise you?” Princess Miao Miao raised her chin and said in a prideful tone, “Don’t take it wrongly, I didn’t specifically acquire it for you. It was a gift from someone else, who begged me to accept it. Sigh, you know how merciful I am, so I had no choice but to accept it.”

Qin Nan twisted his lips.

“Oh my, time’s up.”

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes glistened as she glanced at Qin Nan and said, “Xiao Nanzi, take good care of the wines…”

Following this, the Illusionary Mirror disappeared.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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