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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 557


Chapter 557: Chapter 557 - Stunning the Crowd

Chapter 557 - Stunning the Crowd

Each time the Starry River was activated, it would have three hundred real Starry Stones in it. Anyone planning to acquire them would have to rely on their capabilities.

Furthermore, to guarantee its fairness, everyone could only grab a hundred Starry Stones at a time from the river in a first-come-first-serve basis. Nobody was allowed to battle against each other to get the stones, as those who did so would be expelled from the Starry Pagoda.


The experts in the pagoda were startled.

Why did the cultivator inside the ‘Left-Star’ superior room make his move when the Starry River had just appeared?

Before they could react, Qin Nan’s hand had accurately grabbed one hundred stones from the center of the river.


At that instant, seventy of the stones cracked open, while the remaining thirty emitted a brilliant glow as if some sort of forbidding aura encapsulating the stones was removed, resulting in a blinding view.

“How is this possible!”

The experts in the Starry Pagoda stared with their eyes open wide.

Thirty Starry Stones?

Had he just grabbed thirty Starry Stones in one go?

Normally, it was impressive enough if one were able to grab ten Starry Stones in one go.

“My turn!”

The experts collected their thoughts and immediately grabbed the stones they had their eyes on from the Starry River.


Qin Nan’s eyes swiftly locked onto a spot where no one was paying attention to. He reached out his hand and grabbed another handful of stones.


The stones cracked open once again, and forty of them emitted a brilliant glow.

The crowd was stupefied seeing this, leaving blank expressions on their faces.


It was forty Starry Stones this time!

How outstanding exactly was that guy’s eye-technique, allowing him to grab a fourth of the Starry Stones in just two attempts?

At that instant, the experts realized that this cultivator in the Left Star superior room possessed remarkable capabilities!

“That guy managed to grab more Starry Stones than his first attempt. Who could possess such a terrifying eye-technique among the older generation?”

Even Di Fengyun could not help but feel astonished seeing this.

Even with his White Tiger Illusion-Destroying Eyes, he had only managed to grab twenty Starry Stones in two attempts, three times less than the number of stones that the mysterious cultivator had grabbed.

However, while the crowd was immersed in astonishment, Qin Nan shook his head in disappointment.

He discovered another spot that contained forty real Starry Stones, but the experts were incredibly quick in grabbing the stones before he could react.

“Seventy of them is still not enough. I have to get more of them when the second river appears…”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

If the experts were to know his thoughts, they would most likely vomit blood on the spot. Many among them could could not even obtain seventy Starry Stones after spending two days at the Starry Pagoda.

A brief while later, the Starry River slowly disappeared as the three hundred Starry Stones were taken by the crowd in the pagoda.

The place fell silent once again.

The Starry River would only activate three times a day, with an interval of one hour between each activation.

“Let’s see how fascinating these Starry Stones are!”

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and grabbed one of the Starry Stones and placed it on his palm before emptying his mind.

Following this, the stone emitted a gentle beam that flowed into Qin Nan’s body, causing his flesh to turn transparent as a mystical aura filled the place.

“This is great!”

Qin Nan became energetic.

In just a brief period, it felt like his comprehension had improved significantly, allowing him to solve many problems he had had in his mind.

This caused Qin Nan to make up his mind to obtain more Starry Stones when the Starry River reappeared.

An hour gradually passed. All the experts who were busy cultivating were awakened by a loud chime.

Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open too.



The same explosion took place a great distance away as a glowing river flowed toward them in a surging manner.

The experts became energetic and completely unleashed their eye-techniques.

Meanwhile, in the Right Star superior room, Di Fengyun’s eyes emitted a magical glow as he scanned the scanned the river. It was as if he could see through any kind of illusion.

“Nothing in the first zone, only a little in the second zone, the third zone is empty…”

Di Fengyun quickly thought.

This was one of the methods to acquire the Starry Stones efficiently—by separating the Starry River into fifty zones and discarding the zones in an orderly fashion. He would then target the zones that had the highest chance of containing the most number of Starry Stones.

“The eighth zone!”

Di Fengyun’s figure shuddered as his Qi transformed into a giant hand and reached out rapidly.

At that moment, following a bang, a giant hand reached out from the Left Star superior room aiming at the front end of the river.

Due to his previous outstanding performance, his move immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.

“The first zone?”

Di Fengyun was startled. From his observation, the first zone had a slim chance of containing the Starry Stones. It would at most have a few of them.

In addition to him, the other experts were taken by surprise too.

They too had observed that there were no Starry Stones in that zone!

Could it be that the cultivator in the Left Star superior room was only able to obtain the seventy Starry Stones with mere luck?

In the blink of an eye, the giant hand grabbed one hundred stones from the river.


The stones shattered rapidly, stones shattered rapidly, leaving fifty of them emitting a blinding glow.

At that instant, the hearts of the experts—including Di Fengyun’s—skipped a beat!

There were...fifty real Starry Stones in the first zone?


At that instant, the person in the Left Star superior room made his move again and targeted the third zone.


Di Fengyun was stunned once again.

He was sure that there were no Starry Stones in the third zone!

Following this, among the stones grabbed by the hand, thirty of them broke into pieces, while the remaining seventy emitted a blinding glow.

After seeing this, Di Fengyun was left in awe. The experts were left speechless.

There were...seventy real Starry Stones in the third zone?


At that instant, everyone took a deep breath.

In their eyes, the first zone and the third zone had not contained any Starry Stones!

However, the person in the Left Star superior room had obtained one hundred and twenty Starry Stones from these two zones!

Such a terrifying outcome indicated that the eye-technique of the cultivator inside the Left Star superior room greatly surpassed theirs!

“Which Martial Sacred Realm expert in the Left Star superior room?”

The minds of the experts were filled with the same thought, causing their expressions to become displeased.

They had initially thought it was unlucky enough for them to bump into Di Fengyun. They did not expect to stumble into another even more terrifying mysterious expert!

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