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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 556


Chapter 556: Chapter 556 - The Starry Stones on Both Sides

Chapter 556 - The Starry Stones on Both Sides

“Look, Platoon Leader Di is here.”

“Oh shit, why is he here today?”

Sigh, it’s going to be a loss today.”


An uproar took place in the hall, as the experts wore unpleasant expressions on their faces.

The experts who cultivated regularly at the Starry Pagoda knew that Di Fengyun would cultivate here every once in a while. As such, most of the experts would choose their time wisely to cultivate here.

After all, there were only limited resources. The resources they obtained with Di Fengyun’s presence would be lesser than usual.

Di Fengyun presented his badge with a calm expression and entered the light curtain.



Qin Nan had no idea what was taking place in the hall. He was left in awe after seeing the sight behind the light curtain.

He could only see a pagoda standing firmly like a giant tower.

On top of the pagoda were floating talismans that emitted brilliant glows, which were similar to stars.

“These talismans are nothing ordinary. It feels like they are connected to the formation inside White Tiger City, allowing the entire pagoda to be filled with an abundant level of Qi.

Qin Nan unleashed his left eye of the divine God of Battle and inspected the place.

Unfortunately, White Tiger City was a half-Monarch Weapon, thus he could not peek into it.

The entire pagoda was split into four floors, resembling the basic, intermediate, advanced and superior rooms respectively. In terms of the number of rooms, the first-floor had the most number, which decreased for the second and third floors, while the fourth-floor only had two rooms.

When Qin Nan proceeded to the room in the fourth-floor, there was a maidservant awaiting his arrival. She bent forward when she saw Qin Nan, “Mr. Duan Qing, you’re currently in the ‘Left Star’ room. A few hundred years ago, there was a mysterious expert cultivating here too, and he left something here. Master told us to remind you to keep an eye out, as you might find it in the end…”

The maidservant continued, “The Starry River will be opened three times in an hour’s time. Mr. Duan Qing, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.”


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with a sharp look.

He was here mainly for the Starry River.

The Starry River was produced by one of the giant formations laying deep within White Tiger City, which only flowed three times in a day. The river contained Starry Stones, which were capable of raising one’s cultivation, energy, etc. when placed nearby, resulting in tremendous benefits.

That being said, the Starry Stones were incredibly precious. Only three hundred stones in the river were real, while the others were fake.

Therefore, in order to acquire the real Starry Stones, one would need to identify them with eye-techniques before grabbing them.

“Although the left eye of the divine God of Battle was unable to peek through White Tiger City, it should be able to identify the Starry Stones with ease…”

Qin Nan wore a grin as he took out the badge and inserted it into the socket of the formation to activate it, which summoned a door before him. As he entered the door, door, the formation rapidly closed up, forming a flawless defense. Even a Martial Sacred Realm expert was not able to peek into the room.


As soon as Qin Nan entered the room, Qin Nan’s figure shuddered violently.

The reason being that he could sense a familiar aura in the room.

“This is…”

Qin Nan held his breath and glanced at the corner of the wall, where he found a line of ancient words.

“The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is nothing worth mentioning.”

The words emitted a terrifying imperious aura, as the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was being looked down upon.

“This aura…”

Qin Nan’s hands began to shiver as he glanced at the words.

The aura belonged to the divine God of Battle.

With that in mind, while recollecting the words of the maidservant, the person that she mentioned was most likely Sacred Leader Qinglong!

A while later, Qin Nan wore a complicated look as he mumbled to himself, “A few hundred years ago, Sacred Leader Qinglong came to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and predicted that I will be joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon in the future, thus he told Senior Zhou Bihua about it. Does that mean that he predicted that I would be cultivating here at the Starry Pagoda too…”

The thought that Sacred Leader Qinglong was able to predict the future a few hundred years ago was absolutely frightening.

However, although Sacred Leader Qinglong was powerful, he still chose to transform into the left arm of the divine God of Battle and merged with Qin Nan’s body at the Ocean of Death.

He sacrificed himself to be the lamp that lit up Qin Nan’s path.

“Don’t worry, I worry, I will not let you down.”

Qin Nan took a deep breath and sat with his legs crossed in the room. His eyes flickered with determination.

How could he fall short of his expectations?

He must work hard either for the sake of himself, Sacred Leader Qinglong, or anyone that had high hopes in him!

At that instant, he heard a sound coming from the room opposite him.

“Mm? Someone is in the other superior room on the right?”

Qin Nan was startled, but he soon calmed his thoughts. The person surely possessed a formidable identity to be allowed to enter the superior room.

However, little did Qin Nan know that Di Fengyun who was in the room on the right was shocked when he saw the light emitting from the room opposite him.

He was a regular visitor of the Starry Pagoda, and he rarely saw anyone cultivating in that specific room.

He had only seen the room being occupied three times in the past ten years.

“Who would it be?”

Di Fengyun frowned. As the leader of the White Tiger Platoon, he had access to the latest information of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Lately, the Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, the First Duke, and the others were relatively quiet.

Who would the person in the superior room be? Some progenitor from other factions?

“Forget it.”

Di Fengyun shook his head. It did not matter much to him.

As Di Fengyun entered the room, he sat with his legs crossed as his pupils were engulfed in flames like the anger of lava colliding ferociously. His aura was no longer icy and superior, but was superior, but was replaced with a hint of craziness!

He still could not forget even after a few hundred years!

Zhou Bihua, why didn’t you teach me the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird!?


As time gradually passed, the rooms of the Starry Pagoda were fully occupied.

The entire place fall into dead silence. Not even a single heartbeat could be heard as if everyone was holding their breaths while waiting for something.


A loud chime could be heard coming from the pagoda.

The eyes of countless experts inside the rooms glistened as they unleashed their magical eye-techniques.


A loud explosion took place in the distance, which turned louder into a continuous roar that approached the pagoda at a rapid speed, as if an army consisting of a thousand soldiers were charging toward them.

“It’s time!”

Qin Nan straightened his figure while paying full attention as his left eye flickered thunderously, staring into the distance.

He could see a large river being formed with millions of light dots flowing toward the pagoda like a dragon, accompanied by a series of shocking explosions, as if countless experts were battling against one another.

These light dots were stones the size of fists, which were the precious Starry Stones.

With a glimpse, there were at least a hundred thousand Starry Stones flowing in the river!

“It’s working!”

Qin Nan wore a grin as he could observe three hundred of the Starry Stones emitting a brilliant glow under his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

“Let’s do it!”

Qin Nan unleashed his cultivation and summoned a giant hand grabbing at the stones.

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