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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 553


Chapter 553: Chapter 553 - The Dismal Emperor

Chapter 553 - The Dismal Emperor

“Damn it, this guy concealed his cultivation!”

The Death Emperor’s face turned gloomy.

According to her speculation, Duan Qing would at most possess the cultivation of the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm, thus she could handle him with ease. However, judging from the aura emitting from his body, he had mastered some sort of forbidden technique that would allow him to execute an extremely powerful blow.

“That being said, how could an ant like him stand a chance against the almighty Death Emperor? I shall consume more of my lifespan. It doesn’t matter how terrifying your forbidden technique is, you will never defeat me!”

The Death Emperor mumbled to herself, while the gloomy expression on her face vanished after being replaced with disdain.

It was not her looking down on Duan Qing, but merely because of her confidence!

The confidence and pride that belonged to a Martial Monarch!

The crowd was aware of the intense atmosphere and immediately realized that this third cup would determine the outcome of the battle, as Duan Qing was going to use his strongest move.

Even the First Prince clenched his fists tightly at that instant.

A mysterious force awakened within Qin Nan’s left arm as he held the cup tightly in his hand.

“What a pity, I can only exert a trace amount of the force inside the left arm of the divine God of Battle. Otherwise, the Death Emperor would actually taste death today.” Qin Nan let out a sigh and soon switched his focus. A grin appeared on his face, “That being said, even if the Death Emperor was not killed today, she would still pay a great price….”


Qin Nan instantly made his move. He leapt and floated in mid-air while aiming the cup in the Death Emperor’s direction.

An intimidating aura swept the area.

The entire hall began to quaver while the Fiery Jade Tables vibrated.


The Third Prince rose from his seat and uttered a roar while clapping his hands, shocking the crowd.

It was important to have a strong morale at such a key timing.

“Nice my ass? How naive! Oh Duan Qing, no matter how strong you are today, you’re still no match against me!” The Death Emperor placed her hands behind herself while looking at Qin Nan with her head raised. Her imperious gaze was filled with disdain.

The First Prince and the others could feel their souls shuddering after seeing this. The sense of insecurity within their hearts vanished.

That was right!

Cultivator Jiang’s cultivation was unmatched. How could a mere Duan Qing be comparable to her?

Cultivator Jiang would surely win the Wine Contest!


Little did the First Prince and the others know, but the Death Emperor let out a curse under her breath, while she was feeling helpless. Meanwhile, she began to execute her forbidden technique at the cost of her lifespan to accumulate Death Qi.

She was burning her life force!

There was always a limit to one’s lifespan. As it was consumed, it was extremely difficult to recover it.

“Who would have thought such a genius would appear in the upper district’s Eastern Continent, forcing me to to waste a significant amount of my lifespan! Once this Wine Contest is over, I must get enough compensation from the First Prince…”

The Death Emperor made up her mind.

However, a thunderous roar could be heard all of a sudden.

“Cultivator Jiang, watch out!”

The Death Emperor was taken by surprise, who swiftly raised her head.

The surrounding crowd instinctively raised their heads too.

They could only see Qin Nan’s aura become extremely terrifying suddenly, which swept the hall ferociously.

Buzz buzz buzz.

The previous slight quaver turned into a violent vibration.

The Fiery Jade Tables began to shake wildly as the wine on them was knocked to the floor due to the movement, resulting in a series of glass-shattering noises.

If Qin Nan were to be described as a ferocious tiger a moment ago, he had now transformed into a peerless god of slaughter!

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Qin Nan wore a cold grin.

The cup in his hand emitted a bursting absorption force, which completely accumulated the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, Sky Thunder, his will, the strength of his law-defying Primordial Soul, etc. Following this, a beam of light flowed into the wine, turning it into a glowing magical wine.

Even though the attack was incomparable with his strongest slash, the power it possessed was terrifying still!


In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan fired the cup with a flick of his finger.

The space nearby was filled with cracks due to the formidable power, which spread rapidly to the surroundings.

The princes standing behind the Death Emperor were utterly astonished. They felt as if an invisible godly dragon accompanied dragon accompanied by a terrifying storm was crushing down in their direction, trying to destroy the Heavens and Earth.


The Death Emperor’s expression changed tremendously, as she was incredibly shocked.

The aura that this Duan Qing emitted had not been all of his strength. He had still concealed part of his cultivation!

Such an attack could easily eliminate a second-layer Martial Highness, or injure a third-layer Martial Highness!

Was this still a goddamned Wine Contest?

It felt like he was trying to kill her instead!

The Death Emperor reacted in the nick of time and consumed her life force rapidly once again, which transformed into a surging deathly aura!

“God of Death!”

The Death Emperor uttered a raging roar while the deathly aura burst out from her figure and transformed into a giant illusionary figure.

The figure stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth, while emitting a domineering aura capable of manipulating death!

As soon as the God of Death showed himself, the cup struck onto his figure. The tremendous impact resulted in cracks on his surface. It almost shattered his figure.

“Such...such a close call!”

The Death Emperor’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. She had underestimated her opponent. Fortunately, the God of Death had been enough to resist the power of the cup. Otherwise, she would definitely be knocked backward.

If that happened, she would lose the Wine Contest, and it would serve as a great humiliation to the almighty emperor.

Upon having this thought, the Death Emperor became enraged.

This was only a Wine Contest, not a goddamned duel of life and death. Why was this Duan Qing this Duan Qing treating it so seriously?

How much of her lifespan had she just wasted!?

However, before she could unleash her rage, a shocking scene took place.


The cup suddenly shattered into pieces as the glowing wine emitted an extremely terrifying force.


The countless defensive auras on the ceiling of the Talent-Gathering Hall were destroyed as soon as they appeared after being aware of the huge explosion.

The remaining force tore at the Death Emperor, like an ocean opening its bloody mouth wide.

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

The Death Emperor was utterly terrified.

She did not expect it to be an attack hidden within an attack, a skill within a skill!

The real attack was the wine in the cup!

“Consume lifespan! Burn! Burn!”

A great sense of danger filled the Death Emperor’s heart, which immediately provoked him to burn his life force rapidly in exchange for streams of deathly Qi.

“God of Death!”

The deathly Qi burst out and formed an illusionary figure.

As soon as the figure appeared, it was shattered by the explosive force instantly, while the remaining force struck the Death Emperor’s figure before she could react.


The Death Emperor’s figure was sent flying like an arrow being released, leaving a giant hole in the wall of the Talent-Gathering Hall.

The entire scene took place within a brief period of time.

Following this, as the explosion disappeared, the Talent-Gathering Hall fell silent.

The previous magnificent appearance of the hall had been replaced by a miserable sight.

A night breeze swept the place, which felt extraordinarily cold, causing the crowd to shiver with blank expressions on their faces.

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