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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 552


Chapter 552: Chapter 552 - The Awe-Inspiring Left Arm

Chapter 552 - The Awe-Inspiring Left Arm

Three moves in advance!

The princes were stunned. This Cultivator Jiang was being so full of herself while facing Duan Qing.

The Third Prince frowned. Judging from her smug behavior, it was either she was being ignorant or extremely confident. It was obvious that she was the latter.

As the Third Prince thought, the Death Emperor was utterly confident in her strength.

He had occupied Jiang Bilan’s flesh and altered his destiny, allowing him to reach the cultivation of the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm. Furthermore, he also had the experiences from his past life. How could Duan Qing stand a chance against him?

He could even let him have ten moves—or twenty moves—in advance, let alone three moves.

However, he had no intention to be too high-profile.

“Three moves in advance?”

Qin Nan squinted his eyes. It appeared that the Death Emperor was only assuming him to be an ordinary Undefeatable Martial Dominator. He had yet to find out his true cultivation.

That being said, why would Qin Nan allow such a good opportunity to slip past his hands?

In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan reacted and yelled out, “As expected of Cultivator Jiang, whom the First Prince invited. I’m impressed. I guess there’s no reason for me to reject your kindness. In response to Cultivator Jiang’s formidable strength, I shall regard this cup of wine as an offering to the ‘Conqueror of Mountains and Rivers’[1].”

Qin Nan grabbed a wine cup and fired it without hesitation.


The cup transformed into a Vermilion Bird that uttered a cry in a magnificent manner.

The surrounding princes were greatly astonished.

Such a marvelous move!

The aura from it was intimidating enough to stop one from catching the cup.

“A mere little trick!”

The Death Emperor wore a conceited look as she flung her arm. Countless dead souls emerged from her palm and transformed into a deadly illusionary claw that tore at the space before her.

The Claw of Death!

The place fell into dead silence as it appeared.


Even the aura of the Vermilion Bird was weakened under the influence of the Claw of Death.

In the blink of an eye, the aura of the Vermilion Bird encapsulating the cup greatly dissipated, with only a tenth of its initial power being left. The Death Emperor grabbed the cup with ease without her figure being knocked backward.


The eyes of the princes and geniuses were filled with astonishment.

Had Cultivator Jiang just nullified the incredible attack that easily?

How could she possess such a terrifying strength with a mere cultivation of the half-Martial Highness Realm?

“HAHA, good job!”

The First Prince burst out laughing energetically. His eyes scanned the crowd with a conceited look.

The Third Prince’s expression darkened as he clenched his fists.

“Duan Qing, that’s the first cup.”

The Death Emperor raised the cup in her hand and pinched it with her fingers, causing it to shatter into pieces while the wine it contained was spilled everywhere, as a way of humiliating her opponent.

“Cultivator Jiang, I’m impressed with your immeasurable strength. Sorry that I can’t match your expectations. Here’s the second cup!”

Qin Nan grabbed another cup as his aura changed tremendously.

“Let the godly fire spat out by the Vermilion Bird be transformed into a magical wine.”

Qin Nan spat out the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire. The flames flowed into the cup like a viscous liquid and merged with the wine, producing the Fiery Vermilion Bird Wine.

“The Vermilion Bird extends its wings and presents the the wine respectfully!”

A giant Vermilion Bird was summoned from Qin Nan’s figure, which uttered a piercing cry before grabbing the cup with its beak. Following a powerful flap, it dashed forward in the Death Emperor’s direction with a magnificent aura.

Presenting the wine by lighting it up with flames!

The scene caused the hearts of the surrounding crowd to race rapidly.

It would be impossible for them to catch the cup of wine without being knocked backward. Furthermore, their flesh would be burned by the Fiery Vermilion Bird Wine after drinking it, resulting in a severe injury.

The Death Emperor raised her eyebrows while her expression changed slightly.

How nice of this Duan Qing!

The flames of the Vermilion Bird contain the will that was able to consume souls, which was useful in restraining the power of dead souls.

“Humph! Do you think a mere Vermilion Bird is worthy enough to present the wine to me?”

The Death Emperor pretended to be calm, even though she was clenching her teeth in secret. She unreservedly unleashed a forbidden technique to temporarily boost her strength. Following this, a boundless deathly aura rose within her body, and was emitted from her mouth like a breath.

The Breath of Death!


It was as if the space around her was frozen.

The crowd could only see the Vermilion Bird—which was grabbing the cup in its mouth—dissipating rapidly as if its life was approaching the end. In just the blink of an eye, it completely vanished while the cup dropped from mid-air and shattered into pieces after colliding with the ground. The wine it contained caused the ground to be lit up in flames, brightly illuminating the entire hall.

Such a powerful move was nullified once again!

“How impressive! again!

“How impressive! Cultivator Jiang’s cultivation is unmatched!” The First Prince yelled out in an excited manner.

“Third Brother is not looking good.”

“Third Brother is going to lose this time…”

“This Cultivator Jiang is truly terrifying. How did First Brother manage to recruit her!”

The surrounding princes recovered from their shock and gossiped among themselves. Many among them glanced at the Third Prince with pity.

The outcome was too obvious;Duan Qing was far from matching Cultivator Jiang’s strength.

As such, after three moves, the Third Prince would be losing the Heart-Uniting Liquid in the bet!

Not only was the Heart-Uniting Liquid priceless, if what happened today were to be made known to the public, those supporting the Third Prince would be disappointed, thus causing them to lose morale.

The Third Prince remained calm despite the comments from the crowd.

The Death Emperor placed her hands behind herself while her eyes were fixed onto Qin Nan’s figure, as she said in a disdainful tone, “Even though your strength is considered not bad, you are nothing but an ant before me! That’s two moves from you. Hurry up and finish your third move, and stop wasting my time!”

The crowd was astounded. Their gazes toward the Death Emperor were filled with respect.

The First Prince became more excited.

This was the definition of an expert!

Treating everything indifferently!

So what if you were Zhou Bihua’s successor?

You also stand no chance against Cultivator Jiang!

The First Prince felt like clapping his hands and cheering after thinking about the benefits he would receive when Duan Qing was defeated.

Little did they know that while the Death Emperor was speaking, the hands under her black robe were trembling slightly.

She had been forced to resist the second cup with the Breath of the Breath of Death, which had consumed a significant amount of her energy.

Despite that, in order to protect her dignity, she had to clench her teeth and endure it.

“Damn it, after this is done, I must let the First Prince compensate for my loss!” the Death Emperor cursed in her heart, but her appearance remained as formidable as before.

“As expected of Cultivator Jiang, I’m utterly impressed by your strength. Since when did such a genius exist in our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom? I believe everyone is as curious as I am. If that’s the case, I shall use a little trick to reveal your true identity!”

Qin Nan suddenly spoke. His words immediately caused the crowd to be curious.

Who exactly was this mysterious Cultivator Jiang?

What did she actually look like?

The Death Emperor wore a conceited look. Do you really think you could force me to show my true appearance?

In your dreams!

“I will present you this cup of wine on behalf of the crowd!”

Qin Nan reached out his left arm and grabbed another cup. Meanwhile, a terrifying force gradually awakened from a deep sleep within his left arm.

If one were to observe carefully, they would discover that the space around Qin Nan’s left arm had begun to distort.

This was the left arm of the divine God of Battle!


The Death Emperor frowned before her eyes were engulfed in black flames as she stared at Qin Nan’s left hand. Her face was filled with disbelief following a glimpse. was this possible!

Why did a mere Undefeatable Martial Dominator possess such a terrifying force?

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is referring to a particular Chinese Idiom, which is used to describe an aura formidable enough to devour mountains and rivers.


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