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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 551


Chapter 551: Chapter 551 - The Wine Contest Against the Emperor

Chapter 551 - The Wine Contest Against the Emperor

Crushing three people with a single cup of wine, not to mention the fact that they were geniuses from the White Tiger Platoon.

How strong exactly was this Duan Qing’s strength?

“Who would have thought that there’s an Undefeatable Martial Dominator in this mere little Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Interesting.”

The black-robed person standing beside the First Prince mumbled to herself. Her eyes were looking at Qin Nan in an intrigued manner.

The person was none other than the Death Emperor.

The Death Emperor was assisting the First Prince as he was aiming to acquire the Dragon Abyss Fruit. The power of Jiang Bilan’s soul was greater than he had expected, thus he had to brew a forbidden elixir using the Dragon Abyss Fruit and few hundred other herbs.

After consuming the forbidden elixir, he would finally be able to get rid of Jiang Bilan’s soul.

He had never been interested in attending this feast that the First Prince had organized. In his eyes, the geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were nothing worth mentioning. It was impossible for them to pose any threat to him at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

However, Duan Qing’s cultivation had grabbed his attention.

The Death Emperor was familiar with the fact that apart from the ten-layers of the Martial Dominator Realm, there were also the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm and the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm. This Duan Qing had achieved the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm without a doubt. Therefore, there was no one in the Martial Dominator Realm that could match his strength.

“HAHAHA, what a surprise to witness such a powerful strength from Cultivator Duan Qing, to be able to defeat three geniuses from the White Tiger Platoon with ease. He’s indeed Platoon Leader Zhou’s successor!” The First Prince reacted and burst out laughing, breaking the silence.

However, the crowd could sense a hint of helplessness from his laughter.

In addition to him, the crowd was troubled too.

They had known that Duan Qing’s strength would be outstanding, but the strength he displayed had exceeded their expectation.

Could it be....that Duan Qing could actually be comparable with Di Fengyun?

“Duan Qing, this is the palace, not your Vermilion Bird Platoon! You’ve injured them in the contest, with no respect to the rules and authority of the royal palace. You are disrespecting our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!” The Eleventh Prince suddenly rose from his seat and scolded Qin Nan furiously.

“Did you just say no respect to the rules!?”

The Third Prince’s eyes coldened as he spoke, “What about these people who joined forces straight away to compete against Duan Qing, and even poisoned the wine? If you’re not convinced of your loss, let’s bring it up to the court!”

The surrounding princes were startled. It was their first time seeing the Third Prince being so infuriated. At that instant, they were stunned by his aura, including the Eleventh Prince.

Qin Nan scanned the crowd and calmly said, “Is there anyone else that would like to have a Wine Contest with me?”

No one dared to make a sound in the hall.

Song Yu no longer wore a dull expression, as it was replaced with a hint of gratitude toward Longhu who had pretended to be poisoned. Otherwise, it would have been more embarrassing to him if Longhu were sent flying in the contest.

After all, what happened today would be made known to countless people.

“No? Then let’s continue enjoying the feast.”

Qin Nan seemingly cast a glimpse at the First Prince before he withdrew himself.

The First Prince was aware of Qin Nan’s glimpse, which was extremely piercing to him, causing him to feel ashamed. He immediately made up his mind and blurted out, “Wait!”

The surrounding princes immediately set their eyes onto the black-robed person standing beside the First Prince after hearing the the word.

Many among them had been curious about this black-robed person’s identity since the very beginning.

Qin Nan halted his steps and said, “Is there anything else that First Prince would like to say?”

“Of course,” The First Prince raised his head slightly and said with a formidable aura, “How could we allow the Wine Contest to end in such an unsatisfying manner? Cultivator Duan Qing, your strength is remarkable, and I believe many geniuses here are no match against you. You must be bored by now. Fortunately, I happened to meet Cultivator Jiang coincidentally. Why don’t you have a Wine Contest with her, what do you all think?”

The First Prince glanced at the crowd, provoking the princes to agree to his suggestion, while some even clapped their hands to express their keenness.

“That’s a great idea.”

“This Cultivator Jiang must be outstanding since the First Prince is fond of her.”

“HAHA, thanks Eldest Brother. It looks like there’s going to be an exciting duel today.”

The Third Prince knew that there was no way they could avoid the duel after seeing the reactions from the princes. He immediately transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, “Duan Qing, since First Prince is so confident, this black-robed person must be extraordinary. Be careful.” He hesitated before continuing, “Don’t force it, just try your best…”

Duan Qing had already shown his strength, but the First Prince still dared to send the black-robed person, implying that she possessed a tremendous cultivation.

Qin Nan’s lips curled upward.

This was what he had planned for, to have a duel against the Death Emperor without him noticing that something was fishy, in order to get his revenge.

“Hang on a second.” The First Prince wore a grin as a sudden thought came up to him, “Third Brother, how about this—I’m afraid that a normal Wine Contest would not be exciting enough. I will place my Five-Flowered Godly Brew as the as the bet, and you will bet your precious Heart-Uniting Liquid too. The one who loses shall hand his respective wine over.”

What a crazy bet!

The princes were astonished.

They clearly knew that their father was in favor of wines. Therefore, most of them had the same interest in order to appeal to their father.

Both the Five-Flowered Godly Brew and the Heart-Uniting Liquid that the First Prince had mentioned were priceless wines. Even ten Emperor Weapons could not be traded with a single jar of the wines. Normally, even the First Prince and the Third Prince were unwilling to drink the wines themselves, unless they were offering them to their father.

“It appears that Eldest Brother is extremely confident that he would win the contest…”

The same thought appeared in the minds of the princes.

The Third Prince was aware of this too, causing him to wear a stern look.

If he were to accept the bet, it would serve as a great loss if he ended up losing. On the other hand, if he chose not to accept, the effect from the fact that Duan Qing had sent three geniuses of the White Tiger Platoon flying would be minimized, as the public would assume him to be ‘scared of troubles’ and to be ‘mismatched against the First Prince’.

Now was not the time for him to be hesitant any longer.

“Accept it.”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to the Third Prince.

The Third Prince was slightly startled. He raised his head and saw the calm expression in Qin Nan’s eyes, as if the victory was on his side. The look in his eyes caused the Third Prince to recollect how he had been pretending to be weak on the surface but was manipulating behind the scenes confidently over the past ten years.

Every man, regardless of their identity, was able to become something great if there was a will to do so.

If it succeeded, so.

If it succeeded, it would serve as a great motivation.

If it failed, then start again!

The struggle in the Third Prince’s heart dissipated as he waved his hand and said, “Since Eldest Brother is so keen, how could I let you down? We shall place our Heart-Uniting Liquid and Five-Flowered Godly Brew as our bet!”

The other princes held their breaths and subconsciously straightened their figures.

The Wine Contest was no longer an ordinary one;it was the spark of the battle between the First Prince and the Third Prince.

The eyes of the First Prince flickered with joy.

He was extremely confident in winning the Wine Contest.

The reason being that even though Cultivator Jiang’s cultivation was only at the half-Martial Highness Realm, she could easily face a second-layer Martial Highness. Even the peak Martial Highness Realm butler in his residence had said that her cultivation was immeasurable.

Even though Duan Qing was strong, could he be stronger than Cultivator Jiang?

“Cultivator Jiang, it’s all up to you now. If you win, I’ll give you the Heart-Uniting Liquid.” The First Prince transmitted his voice to the Death Emperor with a respectful tone.

“The Heart-Uniting Liquid? Why would I be fond of such a low-class wine…”

Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered disdainfully, but on a second thought, “That being said, it’s been a few thousand years since I last had some wine. Fine, I’ll show these vulgar people the elegance of an emperor.”

Having this thought, Jiang Bilan rose from her seat and proceeded to the center of the hall.

She came to a stop and raised her head. Her eyes stared at Qin Nan coldly, “You’re Duan Qing, right? Your strength is still not too bad, somewhat worthy to be my opponent. Come, show me your true strength—I’ll allow you to take three moves in advance.”

The words were spoken in an indifferent manner, as if a giant was looking down at an ant.

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