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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 547


Chapter 547: Chapter 547 - The Long Buried Past

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Chapter 547 - The Long Buried Past

“Golden Sky White Tiger Technique!”

In the blink of an eye, Yin Cheng immediately reacted and uttered a roar. His arms were covered in a glow, which transformed into a pair of illusionary claws that replaced his arms like an armor plate, which significantly improved the strength of his arms, allowing him to stop the cup.

That being said, his figure was knocked ten steps backward, while his arms went numb.

The eyes of the Third Prince standing on the other side of the table flickered with excitement. This Duan Qing was extraordinary indeed, no wonder he was able to be the successor of that man.

As the saying goes, when the heroes gather at the table, a toast must consist of three drinks. Brother Yin is a talented genius of the White Tiger Platoon, worthy to be called a hero. Here is my second drink to you.”

Before Yin Cheng could react, Qin Nan blurted out and grabbed another cup before firing it with a flick.

Qin Nan was quick in his thinking. With this Yin Cheng challenging him out of nowhere and the words from the Third Prince, it was obvious what Yin Cheng was trying to achieve. Therefore, he did not mind teaching him a lesson.


As the cup was fired, an explosion could be heard. The power was more terrifying than the first one.

“Duan Qing, you——”

Yin Cheng’s expression changed tremendously.

What do you mean by ‘when the heroes gather at the table, a toast must consist of three drinks’?

This Duan Qing was just trying to deal with him!

“Martial Spirit unleashed!”

Even though Yin Cheng’s heart was filled with rage, he could not afford to lose his focus at this crucial time. His back immediately emitted five golden rays together with the figure of a titan made of rocks.


Following Yin Cheng’s roar, the rock titan flung its arm and struck the cup with a terrifying force.


The cup exploded and shattered into pieces that struck the walls. A formation became visible on the wall and blocked the impact of the shattered pieces.

However, Yin Cheng’s figure was knocked ten steps backward once again.

“Such...such powerful flesh…”

Yin Cheng’s expression was completely replaced with astoundment. The force of the first cup had been frightening enough, but the second cup was even more powerful.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was sitting at the table with a calm smile. He had managed to knock him back with just two cups. It appeared that only their current batch’s Platoon Leader could stand a chance against him.

“Cultivator Yin Cheng, that’s two cups. Here is the last one, make sure you catch it.”

Qin Nan raised another cup and fired it with a flick.


The cup was engulfed in ferocious flames, which transformed into the illusionary figure of the Vermilion Bird. Its aura skyrocketed in an intimidating manner, filling the entire hall.


Yin Cheng was left in awe. His heart shivered in fear.

This guy knew that he was no match against him, but he showed no intention of letting him go!

At that instant, Yin Cheng was slightly regretful. If he had known that this was going to happen, he would have just stayed quiet and continued spying on them. Why would he try to test Duan Qing’s strength!?

However, he did not have the chance to repent.

“Martial Spirit defense!”

“Emperor Weapon!”

It was as if Yin Cheng were facing his greatest foe, as he fully unleashed his Martial Spirit and a defensive artifact to set up two defensive walls before him.


A loud explosion took place as the flames crushed downward and shattered the Emperor Weapon straight away. Yin Cheng’s Martial Spirit was knocked back into his body too.


A cry of agony could be heard as Yin Cheng’s figure was sent flying.

“Uncle Lin, see our guest out.”

The Third Prince said with a calm voice.


Uncle Lin’s figure appeared with a flicker. He reached out his hand and grabbed Yin Cheng’s figure as if he were grabbing a little chick and threw him out from the residence, causing the the place to become quiet.

“Cultivator Duan Qing, I’m impressed by your outstanding strength. Thank you for teaching that Yin Cheng a lesson for me. Cheers.” The Third Prince raised his cup and finished it before Qin Nan could say anything.

Qin Nan drank his cup too. It was some kind of magical wine, with a smooth and sweet taste.

Following this, Qin Nan said, “Third Prince, I believe that you have something to tell me.”

Qin Nan had no intention to take part in the competition for the title of Crown Prince between the royal siblings.

His only concern was—why was the Third Prince the only one seeking for his help?

As Zhou Bihua’s successor, his identity and his cultivation were considered outstanding, thus many should have come to ask for his help.

“I guess you’re right.” The Third Prince let out a sigh and said as if a sudden thought had come to him, “Duan Qing, I believe that you’re confused as to why I’m the only one that asked for your help? It’s because of the White Tiger Platoon.”

“The White Tiger Platoon?” Qin Nan squinted his eyes as Xu Ao’s figure appeared in his mind.

He did not have a good impression of the White Tiger Platoon because of Xu Ao. Therefore, when Yin Cheng had challenged him to achieve his purpose, he did not hesitate to make his move.

“Duan Qing, as a matter of fact, this has nothing to do with you befoeing Vice-Platoon Leader Xu Ao of the White Tiger Platoon. The main reason lies in the current Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon.” Qin Nan frowned after hearing the words.

Qin Nan was clueless as to who the current Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon was. All he knew was that he surely possessed an outstanding cultivation.

“The current Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon is Di Fengyun, who is considered the most talented genius of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom as he possesses an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit,” The Third Prince glanced Prince glanced at Qin Nan and said, “He used to have the same identity as you have now—Platoon Leader Zhou’s successor. However, he betrayed Platoon Leader Zhou and joined the White Tiger Platoon, and became the youngest Platoon Leader in the history of the White Tiger Platoon.”

Qin Nan was startled.

The current Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon was the one who had betrayed the Vermilion Bird Platoon?

“Why did he betray the Vermilion Bird Platoon?”

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts and asked.

“I’m not sure about the details, but it was said that Platoon Leader Zhou was not willing to teach Di Fengyun the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird. As a result, Di Fengyun was extremely displeased. The White Tiger Platoon then took a hold of the chance to work with Di Fengyun in secret, and he betrayed the Vermilion Bird Platoon in the end…”The Third Prince slowly spoke while observing Qin Nan’s reaction.

“I see.”

Qin Nan nodded his head as his eyes glistened.

He finally understood the truth.

As Di Fengyun could not acquire the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird and had betrayed the Vermilion Bird Platoon, he still held a grudge against them.

At present, Qin Nan was Zhou Bihua’s successor, thus it went without saying that Di Fengyun had set his eyes upon him, which meant that the people of the White Tiger Platoon had set their eyes upon him as well.

Therefore, the other royal siblings did not dare to seek for his help.

“But what about you?”

Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

Even if this Di Fengyun was the top genius of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and the Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon, he was not intimidated at all.

Was Di Fengyun more powerful than the Four Great Factions?

Besides, it was only a matter of time before he surpassed an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit.

As for Di Fengyun trying to target him, he would just handle it when the time came.


The eyes of the Third Prince flickered with astonishment. He had initially thought that initially thought that Qin Nan would panic for a while after hearing the news, but he was surprisingly calm.

The Third Prince calmed himself and let out a sigh before he spoke, “Duan Qing, to be honest, my influence is the weakest among my siblings. My First Brother has the support of the Trading Alliance, my Second Brother has acquired the support of the White Tiger Platoon while my Ninth Brother is supported by most of the authorities of the palace and the Black Tortoise Platoon. I had initially planned to get Uncle Zhou’s support, but he will no longer involve himself in the competition between the royal siblings.”

Qin Nan remained silent.

“Therefore, I could only wait for my opportunity and pretend that I’m weak on the surface.”

Qin Nan raised his head slightly after hearing this.

The Leisure Inn was one of the Third Prince’s set-up, with Xiao Qi specifically keeping an eye on the geniuses while collecting information to establish connections with them.

The Third Prince shook his head, “But for some reason, the emperor is treating this upcoming trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground quite seriously. Therefore, most of the geniuses from the White Tiger Platoon and the Black Tortoise Platoon were taken.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan let out a smile, “So I’m the only option left?”

“No, the reason I found you is because I want to win.” The eyes of the Third Prince emitted a golden glow, which was accompanied by a terrifying suppression.


Qin Nan was startled.

He was relatively familiar with the suppression;it was the same feeling he had felt from the Death Emperor—the suppression due to the imperiousness of an emperor. However, the suppression of the Third Prince was still quite weak.

“I’m not sure about the other royal siblings, but this Third Prince is no ordinary person.”

Qin Nan nodded his head.

The Third Prince was about to say something when a rare phenomenon took place all of a sudden. A light beam landed in the residence from afar.

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