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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 546


Chapter 546: Chapter 546 - The Royal Palace

Chapter 546 - The Royal Palace

Qin Nan would be meeting the Third Prince in three days’ time. During this period, Qin Nan did not choose to cultivate, but he spent the time reading books instead.

There were many books located on the second-floor of the Cultivation Hall. These books contained information about the people, places, and past events of the upper district’s Eastern Continent.

Qin Nan managed to finish reading thousands of books in three days, allowing him to gain a better understanding of the Eastern Continent.

“The problem is that I still have no idea what the Mu Clan is. According to the copper mirror, it’s quite a formidable presence. I guess I will have to wait until Platoon Leader’s return and ask him about it.”

Qin Nan thought to himself as he headed to the first-floor of the Cultivation Hall. It appeared that Xue Meng and the others were still cultivating, thus he did not disturb them. He greeted Elder Wang and left the place.

Although Qin Nan possessed the flesh of the Martial Highness Realm, he still could not summon a rift and teleport, thus he could only fly his way to the destination. It took him eight hours to arrive at White Tiger City.

Qin Nan’s heart remained calm seeing the majestic White Tiger City before him. He showed his badge to the guards and entered the city.

“I shall head to the royal palace!”

Qin Nan quickened his pace.

The royal family of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom all resided in the palace, which was split into the outer palace, the middle palace, and the inner palace. The outer palace was where the princes, princesses, and the armies stayed. The middle palace was set up for the authorities and the experts within the royal family.

As for the inner palace, it was where the current emperor was residing.

Qin Nan showed the badge that the Third Prince had given him, which allowed him to enter the place with ease.

As soon as he stepped into the palace, his eyes flickered with astonishment.

Before him was a wide path with flowers on its side. Several palaces could be seen as knights wearing armor plates patrolled the area, resulting in a magnificent scene.

“As expected of the royal palace of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, which felt like a city within a city. Most importantly, every stalk of grass or piece of wood, every piece of tile and brick, I couldn’t even peek through them with my left eye of the divine God of Battle…”

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts.

According to the ancient books he had read, it was said that White Tiger City was a half-Monarch Weapon. Its power greatly surpassed that of a Sacred Weapon, and was extremely terrifying. To his surprise, the powerfulness of this White Tiger City significantly exceeded his expectation.

Following this, under the guidance of a servant, Qin Nan arrived at a huge lake.

The lake was known as the Vermilion Bird Lake, occupying an area of over four hundred li. Its water was the color of flames, which looked beautiful under the sunlight. With the Vermilion Bird Lake being the center, it was surrounded by various residences that sparkled brightly. There were thirty-six of them, each with a different style.

Qin Nan came to one of the residences, which covered an area of ten li. Be it the bricks and tiles—or even the walls—they were all crimson in color. It did not appear to be relatively eye-catching when compared to the other residences.

Qin Nan knocked on the door. A brief while later, an old man whose face was filled with wrinkles opened it. His shoulders bowed with age. He glimpsed at Qin Nan and spoke with a hoarse voice, “Young man, our Third Prince has has high hopes riding on you, you’d better not let him down…”

Qin Nan nodded his head and entered the residence. After taking a few steps, he halted in his tracks and said smilingly, “Senior, your cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm is very impressive. I believe that your strength is quite outstanding in the entire Eastern Continent. I hope that I will have the chance to learn something from you.”

The old man’s eyes flickered with astoundment. This young man could peek at his cultivation?

Such a powerful eye-technique!

“HAHAHA, Cultivator Duan Qing, this is Uncle Lin. He has been taking care of me since I was young.” The Third Prince appeared after hearing the noise and burst out laughing, “Come, follow me inside. Another genius has arrived too.”

Each participant was allowed to bring two geniuses into the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

Therefore, it went without saying that the Third Prince had found another genius apart from Duan Qing.


Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with excitement as he followed the Third Prince to the main hall.

A round jade table was placed at the center of the hall, with delicacies placed on top of it, producing a pleasant aroma. Furthermore, there were a few jade jars too, which were filled with golden-colored alcohol.

A young man sat on the other side of the table, whose hair was short. He was wearing a long robe with the symbol of the White Tiger Platoon. His eyes were extremely sharp as if he were able to see through everything.

Even when the Third Prince arrived with Qin Nan, the young man did not even look at them.

“Peak Martial Dominator Realm, fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, not too bad…”

Qin Nan glanced at him and nodded his head, before taking his seat.

The Third Prince took the initiative to raise the cup and said with a smile, “You two are both outstanding geniuses outstanding geniuses among the others. I’m delighted to acquire your assistance. To both of you, cheers.”

As soon as he finished his cup, the young man said in a cold tone, “Third Prince, as the host, you shouldn’t focus just on drinking the alcohol. Didn’t you mention to me that you had found a super genius? I would like to see who that actually is.”

In the midst of his speech, he turned his head around and his eyes fired a magical beam.


Qin Nan’s figure remained stationary as the magical beam struck his figure. Apart from his slightly burned clothes, his shoulder did not even budge.

“Mm? Such powerful flesh!”

The young man squinted his eyes.

The Third Prince’s eyes flickered with disgust, although he kept the smile on his face, “Cultivator Yin Cheng, why are you so agitated? That was my bad as I forgot to introduce you. I will do so now—this man is Platoon Leader Zhou’s successor, the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon’s ninety-nine batch disciples: Duan Qing.”

“Duan Qing?”

Yin Cheng’s eyes widened.

Currently in White Tiger City, or in the entire Eastern Continent, most people would have heard of the name Duan Qing, especially the geniuses from the White Tiger Platoon, who were extremely familiar with various information about him.

“Who would have thought that Third Prince was able to convince Duan Qing to lend a hand.”

Yin Cheng soon collected his thoughts. His face was filled with an icy grin as he said, “Cultivator Duan Qing, as the successor of Platoon Leader Zhou, I have high anticipation of your strength. I would like to witness it with my own eyes. Are you willing to do so?”

Qin Nan did not reply immediately. He glanced at the Third Prince to ask for his advice.

The Third Prince’s expression turned slightly unpleasant as he transmitted his voice, “This Yin Cheng is a spy that my First that my First Brother purposely arranged to be at my side. I’ve reached a deal with the White Tiger Platoon before, thus I can’t chase him away myself…”

The Third Prince’s intention was extremely obvious.

Qin Nan hesitated for a moment, before he raised his cup and calmly said, “You’re Yin Cheng, right? We’re both helping the Third Prince. What’s the point of fighting one another now?”

“HAHAHA, why would you say so? We’re only having a friendly competition, not a duel of life and death. Duan Qing, as Platoon Leader Zhou’s successor, are you too scared to face me? So easily…” Yin Cheng purposely dragged his tone before he continued, “...terrified?”

If it were anyone else, he would not act the same way. However, the man before him was different, as he was Duan Qing!

Previously at the White Tiger Platoon, Vice-Platoon Leader Xu Ao had already ordered that any members of the White Tiger Platoon should try their best to determine Duan Qing’s cultivation if they stumbled into him. The person who managed to do so would be greatly rewarded.

Yin Cheng was not an idiot;Duan Qing’s cultivation was surely outstanding since he could defeat Mu Chengye and had grabbed the attention of Platoon Leader Zhou. However, he was confident that Duan Qing would surely attack him after being mocked. Even though he was no match against him, he was confident that he could determine Duan Qing’s full strength with ease.

“Piss off!”

Qin Nan fired the cup in his hand forward, which produced a rapid piercing sound.

“Trying to get rid of me with a mere cup? How ridi——”

Yin Cheng’s figure sprang forward while emitting a peak Martial Dominator Realm aura. His hands turned into claws as he tried to grab the cup. However, his words were stuck in his mouth as his heart was filled with great astonishment.

Such...such a terrifying strength!

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