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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 543


Chapter 543: Chapter 543 - The Arrival of the Third Prince

Chapter 543 - The Arrival of the Third Prince

“Calm down, calm down!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. After collecting his thoughts, a self-mocking grin could be seen on his face.

He had experienced countless battles and rare phenomenons, but it turned out that mere Primary Stones were enough to stagger him. The truth was that he was just too poor.

“Let’s start!”

Qin Nan waved his hand and took out all nine hundred and sixty thousand Primary Stones, stacking them up into a pile before him.

Following this, his hands turned blurry as he rapidly took handfuls of the Primary Stones and shoved them into his mouth.

Ten thousand!

Twenty thousand!

Fifty thousand!

After devouring one hundred thousand Primary Stones in one go, Qin Nan’s actions came to a halt. His forehead was covered in cold sweat.

That was a hundred thousand Primary Stones devoured, but the divine Battle Spirit had yet to rank up?

“I should try devouring them all in one go!”

Qin Nan clenched his teeth and hastened his movement.

Three hundred thousand!

Five hundred thousand!

Eight hundred thousand!

After devouring nine hundred and fifty thousand Primary Stones, the divine Battle Spirit let out a buzz as the seventh golden ray flickered suddenly behind him.

The suppression of the divine Battle Spirit improved once again, resulting in a terrifying aura.

“Seventh-grade Di rank... at last!”

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief.

A sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit could be referred to as a great talent.

A seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit was considered a top genius!

“Time to restore the Vermilion Bird’s Primordial Soul!”

Qin Nan withdrew the forbidding aura and transmitted a message asking Zhou Bihua to come to the second-floor on his own.

“Mm?” Zhou Bihua’s eyes flickered with astoundment as he arrived on the second-floor.

He could sense that Qin Nan’s aura had grown more mysterious when compared to their previous meeting. It was as if there existed a sharp glow that was being concealed within his body.

“Chaos Qi!”

Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired sixty-six streams of Chaos Qi.

As the streams of Chaos Qi entered Zhou Bihua’s body, the pattern of the Vermilion Bird emitted a stronger life force and a brilliant glow.


Qin Nan’s left eye of the divine God of Battle flickered thunderously and immediately discovered that even though the life force of the Vermilion Bird’s Primordial Soul was recovering, it was far from enough to awaken it.

“Let’s try five hundred streams of Chaos Qi!”

Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired five hundred streams of Chaos Qi.


Zhou Bihua’s back was engulfed in ferocious flames. Cries of the Vermilion Bird could be heard as the aura of the growing life force filled the entire hall.


Zhou Bihua was left in awe.

He could sense that at least a tenth of the Vermilion Bird’s life force had been restored!

A tenth of the life force!

What exactly was the mysterious Qi inside Qin Nan’s body?

“Senior, we should call it a day.”

Qin Nan did not continue transferring his Chaos Qi as it was too powerful. If he he ended up awakening the Vermilion Bird in one go, it would be too mindblowing. He had to keep in mind the consequences that it would bring to him.

“Sure, sure, sure!” Zhou Bihua’s face was filled with utter excitement, causing it to redden as he spoke, “This is only possible because of you! Qin Nan, I’ll say this once again—if you do awaken the Vermilion Bird in the end, you will be the savior of the Vermilion Bird Platoon and the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom——”

“Senior, don’t worry about it. There’s no need to be this courteous between us.”

Qin Nan immediately waved his hand.

“HAHA, you’re right. You need Primary Stones, right? Don’t worry, I’ll go collect them for you now!”

Zhou Bihua burst out laughing. Without any hesitation, he tore the space apart and entered the rift.

“With the Platoon Leader collecting the Primary Stones, I won’t need to worry about the lack of supply anymore. Now that many things are settled, I should focus on improving my own strength…”

Qin Nan’s eyes let out an icy glow.

The Four Great Factions were trying to hunt him down. As long as he kept on improving his strength, one day he would show his true identity and face his enemies straight on!

Following this, Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and started comprehending the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird.

The Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird was different than other ancient Martial Skills. It was the strongest attack of the Vermilion Bird’s tribe, Bird’s tribe, and normally, only a Vermilion Bird could learn it.

However, at that instant, a loud voice could be heard outside the Vermilion Bird Platoon all of a sudden.

“The Third Prince has arrived!”

Qin Nan’s eyes sprung open with a hint of amazement.

The Third Prince? The Third Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom?

Following this, Elder Wang’s voice appeared in Qin Nan’s divine Sense, “Duan Qing, come at once. The Third Prince is here to see you.”

“To see me?”

Qin Nan was startled.

He had had no business with this Third Prince before. Why would he suddenly come to see him?

While being troubled with doubts, Qin Nan arrived at the Yellow Soil Dojo.

He could see two young men standing on the dojo.

One of the young men was wearing rugged clothes with his hair tied up in a bun. He had a pair of sharp eyebrows, while his appearance resembled that of a poverty-stricken scholar, nothing too extraordinary.

However, as Qin Nan took a glimpse with his left eye, he discovered a powerful golden aura residing in his body. Even his left eye of the divine God of Battle failed to peek through it.

Even the golden aura of Xiao Qi, whom he had met at the Leisure Inn, was incomparable to this young man’s.

“Cultivator Duan Qing, we’ve met again.” Meanwhile, a voice could be heard. It appeared that the other young man was none other than Xiao Qi himself.

“Err…’ Qin Nan was utterly confused.

“HAHA, Duan Qing, I forgot to mention;our Leisure mention;our Leisure Inn was actually built by Third Brother, I was only managing it.” Xiao Qi burst out laughing, and did not forget to add, “I’m Third Brother’s cousin by the way.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment. He had not expected the truth to be this.

“Cultivator Duan Qing, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” The Third Prince let out a gentle smile, “I was in a rush here, so I didn’t have time to prepare a gift. I hope you won’t blame me for that.”

“Third Prince, there’s no need to be this courteous. I’m more of a straightforward person.” Qin Nan shook his head and said with a stern look, “Third Prince, if there’s anything that you need my help with, I’ll try my best to do so.”

“I guess I’m being too conservative.” The Third Prince was startled before he burst out laughing. He then glanced at his surroundings.

Xiao Qi straightened his face and took out a mysterious disc, which emitted a glow that encapsulated the entire Yellow Soil Dojo.

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment. He could tell that even Martial Sacred Realm experts could not peek through the glow easily.

This Third Prince was being so secretive. What exactly was happening?

“Cultivator Duan Qing…”

The Third Prince paused for a brief moment, as if he was making up his mind, before he spoke in a firm tone, “I hope you will help me in...seizing the throne!”

The words served as a shocking thunder.

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