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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 54


Chapter 54 - Violet Flame Flower

Everyone at the scene had their eyes opened wide.

No one had thought that Qin Nan whose cultivation base was merely the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm would gather his aura and roar at everyone while facing the murderous pressure from the two hundred and twenty disciples, Ling Zixiao, and the five elders.

This Qin Nan, is he insane?

Where does he get his courage from?

After the whole place fell dead silent for ten breaths' time, Ling Zixiao was the first one to recover;he burst out laughing, and said, ’’'Bring it on'?! If you say so, I'll not waste anymore time talking. Let me see what you got up your sleeves!’’

The other new disciples immediately grinned sardonically.

Previously, they had agreed to kill Qin Nan because of Ling Zixiao's offer, and also as a way to pay their respect to Ling Zixiao and Mo Li. Now, deep in their hearts, hatred toward Qin Nan had started to rise up;even if Ling Zixiao did not promise any reward, they would still hunt Qin Nan down.

It was because this Qin Nan was too cocky, irrational, and remorseless.

Above them, the old white-haired man gave Qin Nan a cold glance, before he yelled, ’’Activating the transportation portal!’’

Meanwhile, a brilliant light was emitted from the large formation beneath the White Jade Dojo, which encapsulated every single disciple within it.

As the brilliance diminished, all three hundred plus disciples at the White Jade Dojo disappeared.

After seeing this, the old white-haired man let out a 'humph' and said with an unpleasant face, ’’What kind of disciples has the sect been recruiting nowadays? Such arrogance with just an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit;if I wasn't busy with the transportation portal, I would have beaten the crap out of this Qin Nan and turned him into a cripple.’’

The other elders nodded their heads in agreement;hostile expressions could be seen on their faces.

’’Hehe, there's no need to be mad about it. That trash was so smug and offended every disciple just then;there's no way he could survive after entering the Island of Versatility.’’ One of the elders said.

After hearing the words, the old white-haired man and the other elders nodded their heads;they had given Qin Nan a death penalty in their hearts.

’’Screw it, there's no need to get mad over a dead man. Shall we do it in the same old fashion? Let's have a bet on who's going to be the first in the trial;will it be Huang Long, or Ling Zixiao?’’ The old white-haired man said smilingly.

The other four presented their views respectively;a high-staked bet had started between the elders.


The Island of Versatility was located alone on the ocean, with its land covering up to a circumference of a thousand miles;throughout the year, the island was enclosed within a mist called the 'Ancient Green Mist'. Unlike the ordinary white colored mist, this ancient green colored mist was poisonous;even experts above the Martial Emperor Realm would not dare to be caught in it.

Besides that, on the Island of Versatility, a rich supply of Qi and countless beasts and special plants could be found. It was also filled with unknown dangers, as well as benefits, making it the best place to practice for Martial Artists.

As a result, the past patriarchs of the Mystic Spirit Sect spent lots of resources and put in hard work to build a transportation formation on the Island of Versatility which was synchronised with the one beneath the White Jade Dojo in the Mystic Spirit Sect, so that it could be used as a practice ground for the new disciples.

At that moment, on top of a jungle on the Island of Versatility, wave-like ripples suddenly appeared in the middle of the air.

Following these, a golden flash was emitted;a figure appeared in the air and dropped immediately to the ground.

This figure was none other than Qin Nan.

The moment Qin Nan appeared, he immediately executed the 'Mystical Eight Steps'. His body turned into a cloud of smoke and landed on the ground.

As soon as Qin Nan arrived, a beastly roar was heard coming from the bush beside him;a ferocious tiger sprang out from the bush at Qin Nan with it's mouth wide open, ready to tear at Qin Nan.

The cultivation of the ferocious tiger appeared to be the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

’’F**k off!’’ Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly, as he drew out the saber from his waist instantly, and slashed at his target;an icy saber intent was emitted, slashing toward the beast.

The tiger's golden pupil constricted;before its body could react in time, the powerful saber intent tore it into pieces, making it rain blood.

However, it did not end there. Several beastly roars echoed among the trees, as eight ferocious tigers approached rapidly toward Qin Nan's direction.

’’There are quite a lot of beasts here on the Island of Versatility;in just less than five breath's time, nine ferocious tigers all in the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm have appeared.’’

Qin Nan exclaimed in his mind while his expression remained unchanged. His body sprang forward, as he gathered the saber intent from his Perfection Stage of One with the Saber and unleashed countless flashes, encapsulating the eight ferocious tigers.

In just a period of ten breaths' time, the eight tigers of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm had all been slain.

The jungle fell into silence;not a single beast could be seen in the surroundings.

Qin Nan did not lower his awareness, as he thought to himself, ’’The portal had transported everyone to different locations randomly. Therefore, I should use my Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit to see if there's any disciples near me who might be my enemy.’’

Qin Nan unleashed the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit without hesitation, and carefully observed everything within three miles away.

The reason he was being so cautious was because he had offended two hundred and twenty new disciples, and Ling Zixiao;even though Qin Nan was not scared to offend them, with Qin Nan's current cultivation base, he would not stand a chance if he bumped into the experts among these disciples.

’’I must consider myself lucky;not a single new disciple was spawned within three miles of here.’’

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh;as he was just about to withdraw his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, something special suddenly caught his attention in the surroundings.

’’That stalk of grass, shiny like a crystal and half a tree tall, isn't that the 'Spirit Accumulator Herb'? Not only that, not far from it, there's a log totally black in color, isn't that the 'Ancient Thunder Wood'? This Ancient Thunder Wood can be used to make various defensive equipment or accessories, which would have a calming effect to protect one from sinister forces, making them incredibly precious...’’

As Qin Nan continued to mumble to himself, the surprised expression in his eyes continued to grow.

In just a brief while, he had found more than ten different precious natural materials within two miles using his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

Although these ten different materials were not extremely valuable, it still indicated that this Island of Versatility was indeed a perfect place for cultivation, as it was filled with countless precious natural materials.

’’If there's so many precious natural materials on this Island of Versatility, and since my Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit is able to detect anything within three miles, does that mean not only I can use them to check if there's any enemies within three miles, I can also search for any precious natural materials?’’

While having this thought, a hint of excitement started to grow on his face. He had never thought that the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit could be used in this way.

’’Very well, I should use my Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit to look for all these precious materials to improve my cultivation.’’ Qin Nan decided immediately;he then moved out while observing his surroundings with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit without delay.

In Qin Nan's opinion, his current cultivation was still too weak. He had no way of protecting himself on this Island of Versatility, not to mention that Ling Zixiao and the two hundred twenty disciples were also looking for him.

Hence, the priority now for Qin Nan was not to look for the Green Dragon Badges, but to try his best to improve his strength.

For the following period of time, Qin Nan began his lengthy search.

In the process, he saw two groups of new disciples, but as most of the disciples within these two groups possessed cultivations of the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm which were too powerful for Qin Nan to handle quick Qin Nan avoided the encounter with the help of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

Besides that, Qin Nan also discovered a perfect place to cultivate in seclusion;it was rich in Qi and completely hidden from the outside. It would be impossible to find this place without any special help.

’’Phew, I'm running out of stamina after executing the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and the Mystical Eight Steps non-stop for one hour. I should find a good place to rest for a while.’’

Qin Nan stood on the branch of a giant tree, trying to catch his breath;he appeared to be quite tired.

For him, the Mystical Eight Steps was not energy-consuming;the one which consumed a lot of energy, was the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

It was extremely tiring to use the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

After resting for an hour, Qin Nan who had recovered his strength, rose up from the ground and sprang forward.

However, this time, after travelling less than three hundred meters, he had discovered a secretly hidden swamp lying three miles ahead with the help of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

In the middle of the swamp, were a few stalks of flowers;the petals of the flowers were eerily shaped, and violet in color.

Upon seeing the flowers, Qin Nan was stunned for a while, before a surprised expression appeared on his face, as he exclaimed, ’’Are these the Violet Flame Flowers?’’

As Qin Nan collected his thoughts, he sprang forward excitedly without hesitation.

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