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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 538


Chapter 538: Chapter 538 - A Terrifying Slash

Chapter 538 - A Terrifying Slash


A frightening aura burst out from Qin Nan’s figure, forming a ferocious gust that swept the area within thirty meters, shattering the rocks on the ground into pieces instantly.

Previously, Qin Nan appeared to be undefeatable as he was the first in the history of the Vermilion Bird Platoon to face eight opponents at once. Currently, he gave the impression of a peerless demon instead!

“Get out of my sight!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered thunderously as he drew out the ancient saber Ira and slashed at the five geniuses.


A terrifying Saber Intent was fired, taking the shape of a Vermilion Bird that flapped its wings and sprang into the sky.

Vermilion Bird Heaven-Striking Art!

The geniuses were extremely astounded. They immediately unleashed their Martial Spirits and artifacts to form a defensive wall in order to resist the Saber Intent.


Following a shocking explosion, their figures were sent flying by the slash while they spat out mouthfuls of blood. Each of them was heavily injured.

“How, how could this be——”

Their eyes were filled with astonishment.

After consuming the Madness Frenzy Pill, they could easily face a first-layer Martial Highness together, but they could not resist a single slash from QIn Nan?

Meanwhile, Qin Nan turned around and locked his gaze onto Mu Chengye’s figure.

Mu Chengye shuddered violently while his killing blow aiming at Xue Meng and the others came to a stop.

He did not expect that even the five geniuses could not hold Qin Nan off!


Qin Nan spat out the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, encapsulating the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects and burned them ferociously.

A normal flame would not be able to harm the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects, but this Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire had the power to burn souls. As such, as the insects were engulfed in the flame, they immediately shrieked with pain and struggled violently.


Mu Chengye was left in awe.

This Duan Qing, weren’t his capabilities a bit too terrifying?

“Mu Chengye! Initially, I was not willing to harm you because of the rules, but you dare to do such thing just to come first in the competition! Therefore, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

Flames of fury exploded within Qin Nan’s chest.

Even though the battle consisted of a great reward and no limitations, Elder Wang had mentioned that they were not to cripple or kill any disciple.

Mu Chengye had unleashed the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insect that had greatly injured the Martial Spirits of Xue Meng and the others. What difference was there between doing that and crippling them?


Qin Nan uttered a roar that felt like the godly thunder of the Nine Heavens exploding among the purple woods.

The ancient saber in his hands vibrated vigorously as the will of Sky Thunder, Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, Vermilion Bird Heaven-Striking Art, etc. rumbled deep within the saber, like the surging tides of an ocean.

In just the blink of an eye, they all merged into one.


An imperious imperious aura suddenly spread out, causing the sky above the purple woods to turn dark in a strange manner.

“Duan Qing, you——”

Mu Chengye was startled. He could sense a terrifying aura being accumulated in the incoming attack, causing his heart to race.

“Fine, Duan Qing, I did not expect you to be this powerful, that even I could feel threatened! However, the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird will surely be mine! Only I could make great use of it! Now, it’s my time to show no mercy! Fragmented Spear Martial Spirit! Destroyer of the Heavens and Earth!”

At that instant, Mu Chengye suddenly collected his thoughts. Seven golden rays were emitted from his back as a two-zhang fragmented spear emerged from the rays, which seemed to originate from the ancient era.

An icy aura could be felt from the spear, and even though it was fragmented, the deadly aura from it would cause the soul of every living being to shiver.

“Duan Qing, I’m a top genius with a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. I will stand victorious in the competition! And I will be the one acquiring the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird!”

Mu Chengye uttered a roar and thrust the fragmented spear in Qin Nan’s direction.

He could no longer care less about the consequences!

Even if his strongest blow ended up killing Duan Qing, he had to win the competition!


The tip of the spear emitted a colorful glow that transformed into a into a hurricane at a terrifying speed, sweeping and devouring the surroundings in a destructive manner.

The strongest attack of his seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit could easily kill an ordinary first-layer Martial Highness!


Facing the approaching attack, Qin Nan’s clothes flapped wildly in the wind while he swung his saber downward with a calm expression.

At that instant, the scenery changed tremendously!

The entire purple woods was immersed in complete darkness, as if a giant storm cloud had filled the sky.

The darkness was overwhelming, as it were able to devour the terrifying power of the seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit straight away.

Meanwhile, a blinding saber glow instantly tore the darkness apart in an unstoppable manner.

The Saber Intent was as imperious as thunder, ferocious as fire, and as impactful as the strike of heavens!

Everything became insignificant before it, and everything blocking its path would be shattered!

Including a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

At that instant, Xue Meng and her companions and the remaining geniuses were immersed in great terror.

What kind of slash was that?

How could it possess such a terrifying force?

“How is this possible!? Crap!”

Mu Chengye’s expression changed tremendously at that moment. His face was filled with astoundment. The moment the slash was executed, even his seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit began trembling.

How was Duan Qing’s strength this frightening?

However, as the slash was too terrifying and quick for him, his body could not react at all. The ferocious Saber Intent devoured his figure and his figure and instantly shattered the attack of the spear, with no sign of stopping.

The fear of death immediately exploded in Mu Chengye’s heart.

“Elder Wang, save me——”

In the moment of life and death, his pride, determination, arrogance, etc. were completely erased by fear, causing him to beg for help with all his might.

However, the destructive force of the Saber Intent had no room for mercy!

“Stop it!”

At that instant, a shocking roar could be heard from the sky, which turned out to be Elder Wang.


Elder Wang reached out his hand and performed a hand seal, causing the formation encapsulating the purple woods to contract rapidly and envelop around the Saber Intent.


A series of rapid explosions took place as the formation vibrated vigorously due to the power of the Saber Intent, causing cracks to appear on its surface.

Elder Wang’s eyes flickered with astonishment. The formation should be able to resist the attack of a fifth-layer Martial Highness!

And now, even though it had not been destroyed, a single slash from Duan Qing was able to produce cracks on its surface!

How terrifying was Duan Qing’s real strength?

“Elder Wang——” After escaping death, Mu Chengye subconsciously wore a joyful look.


While Elder Wang was immersed in astonishment, Qin Nan’s figure arrived above Mu Chengye with a flicker and glared at him with an icy look, which sent chills down his spine, as if he were currently in an ice chamber.

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