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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 537


Chapter 537: Chapter 537 - Fury from the Heart

Chapter 537 - Fury from the Heart

“Small Teleportation Talisman!”

Mu Chengye took out a talisman that swiftly combusted and transformed into a magical force, teleporting his figure to the stone pillar.


Qin Nan’s expression changed. He did not expect his enemies to have this many Small Teleportation Talismans.

“Consume the pills!”

Mu Chengye uttered a blasting roar.

In the beginning, he had not expected Duan Qing to possess such powerful strength. However, as a precaution, he had already prepared a backup plan for his team.


The geniuses of the second team straightened their gazes. They took out a red pill and devoured it.


The auras of the geniuses skyrocketed, which were at least double their previous strength.

The pill was known as the Madness Frenzy Pill. Once devoured, it could boost one’s cultivation. However, consuming the pill would bring great side effects to the cultivator.

However, that’s not the concern for now!

Getting the victory was their only focus!

For the Vermilion Bird’s Blood!

For the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird!


The geniuses uttered deafening roars as their figures charged forward like wild beasts, sealing off Qin Nan’s movements. Despite Qin Nan’s flesh of the Martial Highness Realm, he was suppressed by them.

It all took place in the blink of an eye.

Qin Nan could sense an uneasy feeling in his heart. While battling against the geniuses, he could not help but glimpse at his teammates.

“Glorious might, flurries of ashes!”

Mu Chengye descended like an emperor and stared coldly at Xue Meng. Gusts of tornadoes were summoned from his palm, which combined into a pagoda made of wind that crushed down onto her figure.


Xue Meng’s figure shuddered violently as if she had been struck with a powerful blow. She spat out a mouthful of blood while her face turned pale white.

She only possessed a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Dominator Realm, while Mu Chengye was a half-Martial Highness with a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. A single blow had left her with severe injuries.

“Trying to get the box? Not on my watch!”

Xue Meng raised her head and waved her hand to summon a broadsword pointing at Mu Chengye.

Although her strength was weaker, she would not say uncle!

Team captain Duan Qing was trying so hard. How could she let him down!?


Golden rays sparkled behind her as her Martial Spirit was unleashed. Her eyes were filled with blood lines.

Even if it meant death, she had to protect the box!

“We’ll aid you!”

Shen Fei and Su Chan became furious seeing this. They unleashed their strongest blows to knock their opponents away, before their figures arrived behind Xue Meng and unleashed their Martial Spirits!

Three Martial Spirits stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth!

“How bold!”

The flames of anger in Mu Chengye’s eyes grew stronger.

He was annoyed that Duan Qing had turned out to be stronger than him, but was even more annoyed when his teammates dared to block hs path to success!

At that instant, terrifying gusts of wind and snowflakes were summoned around Mu Chengye’s figure, which transformed into surging tides that crushed down onto his opponents’ figures.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Xue Meng and her companions spat out mouthfuls of blood as their figures were knocked back. Despite that, there existed a stubborn stubborn determination in their bodies that supported them from collapsing.

“Mu Chengye, you’re courting death!”

Qin Nan’s eyes burned with a murderous intent after seeing this.

The members of the first team were his comrades, and no one was allowed to bully his comrades!

The Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, Sky Thunder, Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, etc. were awakened in his body as the tremendous power of the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm was thoroughly unleashed while supporting the execution of his various Martial Arts, causing the remaining five geniuses to drop flat to the ground due to the suppression.

“Sh*t!” Mu Chengye’s expression changed tremendously.

He had not expected the strength that Duan Qing displayed was not yet his full strength. Even five geniuses who had consumed the Madness Frenzy Pills were no match against him.

“You’ve left me with no choice!”

Mu Chengye’s eyes flickered viciously.

As a seventh-grade Di ranked top genius, he was guaranteed a bright future in the upper district. He was only here at the Vermilion Bird Platoon to get his hands on the Art of the Immortal Vermillion Bird!

He clearly knew that with the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird, he would be able to conquer the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

Therefore, he would do anything to those who blocked his path!

“Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insect!”

Mu Chengye snapped as a magical disc appeared in his hand, which emitted a mystical glow as various insects the size of a fist flew out from it.

The insects seemed to be illusionary, as if they did not exist in reality. However, the moment they appeared, their gazes were fixed onto the Martial Spirits Martial Spirits of Xue Meng and her companions.

“These are the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects! If you don’t leave now, these insects will tear at your Martial Spirits and greatly damage them!”

Mu Chengye lowered his head and glared at them, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects?”

Qin Nan, who was still dealing with the geniuses, widened his eyes after hearing the words, before he uttered a roar, “Xue Meng, Shen Fei, Su Chan, leave at once——”

They were his comrades, thus he would not allow them to be injured!

“Mu Chengye, you even prepared such a deadly move. It’s obvious how vicious your personality is. The Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird shall not end up in the hands of people like you!”

Xue Meng, Shen Fei, and Su Chan became furious.

Elder Wang had already mentioned that no serious injury or killing was allowed in the competition.

However, if their Martial Spirits were to be bitten by these Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects, it would result in a severe injury to their Martial Spirits, which would last for the rest of their lives. He was clearly breaking the rules!

“Screw it…”

Xue Meng and her companions exchanged glances with one another. They could see the firm determination in each other’s eyes.

Despite their lack of trust, Team Captain Duan Qing had been willing to forgive them and help them choose the ancient Martial Arts.

Currently, Team Captain Duan Qing was able to suppress eight geniuses at once, a sign of his formidable cultivation.

It was their turn to help their team captain, to earn some time for him!

At that instant, under the gaze of the geniuses, the the geniuses, the trio made an unexpected move.

They stomped their feet on the ground and unleashed their Martial Spirits, before charging toward Mu Chengye in a triangular formation!

They were trying to block Mu Chengye’s path with their flesh and their Martial Spirits!

“You’re crazy——”

Mu Chengye’s eyes were filled with astoundment.

These were the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects!

Once their Martial Spirits were bitten, it would result in a severe injury!

It was extremely difficult to recover after one’s Martial Spirit was damaged!


The figures of the trio charged at the Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects and Mu Chengye without hesitation.

Hiss Hiss Hiss.

At that instant, the swarm of Ancient Spirit-Devouring Insects sprang forward and tore at their Martial Spirits like a pack of hungry wolves who had found their prey.


Three cries of agony penetrated the sky.

As their Martial Spirits were bitten, their flesh suffered severe damage too.

However, the trio clenched their teeth and endured the pain. They unleashed their greatest power, striking at Mu Chengye.

All this…just to earn some time for Qin Nan!

“How idiotic——”

Mu Chengye was shocked and furious!

He was shocked as these people were willing to sacrifice themselves just to earn some time for Duan Qing!

He was furious as these people dared to deny him of his plan!


A series of explosions took place as Xue Meng and her crew’s Martial Spirits were torn at, causing their auras to drop rapidly. Despite that, they continued to endure!


Seven golden rays were emitted from Mu Chengye’s back as he unleashed his Martial Spirit to execute his strongest move!


At that instant, a furious roar exploded in the sky!

Qin Nan was enraged!

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