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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 536


Chapter 536: Chapter 536 - The Power of the Flesh

Chapter 536 - The Power of the Flesh

“Thousand Li Freezing Aura!”

Mu Chengye immediately made his move. His Glacial Eyes summoned snowflakes like a surging flood, freezing the area it passed by.

He was trying to freeze everything in his surroundings.


Qin Nan let out a yell as he spat out the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire from his mouth, which spread rapidly and melted the snowflakes instantly.

Meanwhile, his thunderous hand had reached the stone pillar.

“How powerful!”

The eyes of Mu Chengye’s crew flickered with astonishment. Unlike Qin Nan, they did not possess an outstanding eye-technique, thus they had no idea how strong Qin Nan’s strength was. According to their speculation, his strength was around the peak Martial Dominator Realm.

However, the strength he displayed now was on par with a half-Martial Highness Realm cultivator!


Mu Chengye was a seventh-grade Di ranked top genius indeed. He instantly reacted and glanced at the sky with his Glacial Eyes, summoning snowflakes above him that transformed into swords aiming at Qin Nan’s direction.

“Blood-Winged Dual Strike!”

The one attacking was a peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator in the second team. He was the only one that had acquired an ancient Martial Art as well. A pair of bloody wings emerged from his back, before they flapped wildly and produced a ferocious gust of wind striking at Qin Nan.

With the combined attack, even Qin Nan’s Sky Thunder was shattered into pieces, stopping him from grabbing the box.

Meanwhile, the other six disciples of the second team had already dashed forward with golden rays and artifacts unleashed, exerting great power as they executed their moves.

Since they had been chosen to join the Vermilion Bird Platoon, each of them surely possessed outstanding talents, with great battle capabilities.

The members of the second team arrived thirty li from the stone pillar at lightning speed, while maintaining a balanced formation.

Since the first team only consisted of four members, once the entire second team arrived at the stone pillar, the first team would definitely lose despite Qin Nan’s extraordinary strength.

“I’ll keep all of them occupied. Go and grab the box!”

However, at that instant, Qin Nan uttered a shocking roar.

Keep all of them occupied?

Was he trying to face eight opponents by himself?

Even Xue Meng and the rest had not expected this to be Qin Nan’s plan!


Qin Nan yelled out once again.

Xue Meng and the others collected their thoughts and clenched their teeth. Either way, they could only follow Qin Nan’s order for now. Their figures immediately sprang toward the stone pillar at their top speed.

“Well, well. How smart of this Duan Qing, planning to face us all by himself. I would like to see how you’re going to do that today!”

Mu Chengye’s face was filled with anger.

In addition to him, the rest of his crew was infuriated too.

This Duan Qing was being too full of himself!

Among their team, they had one half-Martial Highness, four peak Martial Dominators and three eighth-layer Martial Dominators. Their team could could even take on a second-layer Martial Highness.

How would Duan Qing think he could match their team’s strength?


Qin Nan’s figure emitted a tremendous aura while his eyes flickered with excitement.

Since he had ranked up to the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm, he had yet to try out his full strength. He finally had the chance to do so facing eight opponents at a time.

That being said, he did not choose to use his newly-acquired Saber Art, as its power was too terrifying. Once the saber was drawn out, there would only be death!

“Domineering Vermilion Bird Punch!”

Mu Chengye snapped while his fists transformed into figures of Vermilion Birds propelling toward Qin Nan’s direction.

The disciples behind him unleashed their killing blows too. They had no intention to show any mercy since Qin Nan had caused them to become enraged, resulting in a wave of ferocious attacks.

In the blink of an eye, the entire purple woods were swept by ferocious gusts, causing the trees to sway wildly.

“The flesh of the Martial Highness Realm!”

Qin Nan chose to press forward instead of backing off when facing the incredible attacks. Veins popped out on his skin as he accumulated the force of his flesh into a single punch, before hurling it forward.

“A single punch?”

Mu Chengye and his crew were stunned seeing this.

Was this Qin Nan...out of his mind?

However, as soon as the thought appeared, they were totally dumbfounded by the sight before their eyes.

Qin Nan’s punch emitted punch emitted a shocking explosion after crashing into the incoming attacks. The terrifying force of the punch was able to nullify the combined attacks of his opponents!

“Break! Break! Break!”

Qin Nan continued to hurl out punches one after another. The terrifying force of his flesh of the Martial Highness Realm continued to shatter the incoming attacks.

At that instant, everyone was left speechless.

Those were the combined attacks of eight people!

And Duan Qing managed to shatter them with his punches alone?

How terrifying was this man’s flesh!

“HAHA, come and battle!”

Qin Nan burst out laughing as his figure dashed forward toward Mu Chengye’s crew while he continued to throw punches at them. The boundless force of the punches completely sealed off their movements, causing them to be totally occupied in resisting the attacks.

“He...he actually suppressed them all by himself!”

Xue Meng and the others were flabbergasted seeing this, causing their minds to go blank for a moment.

Although they knew that Duan Qing was powerful, they had no idea he was this powerful, able to suppress the entire enemy team in a domineering manner at the start of the battle.

“Come, let’s get the box!”

Xue Meng and the rest immediatley recovered from their astonishment and proceeded to the stone pillar.

The stone pillar was only dozens of meters away, thus they only needed two breaths time to reach it.

“Got it!”

At a distance of twenty meters away, Xue Meng transformed her Qi into a giant hand and grabbed the box. Her the box. Her eyes were immersed in joy.

After acquiring the box, victory would be theirs!

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

“Don’t even think about that!”

A raging roar could be heard, which turned out to be one of the geniuses being suppressed by Qin Nan.

His Martial Spirit was a yellow-colored wild beast. As he performed a hand seal, the beast let out a cry and grabbed his figure, before drilling into the ground.

In just the blink of an eye, the genius reappeared from the ground ten meters away from the stone pillar.

“I’ll assist you!”

Another genius who was suppressed by Qin Nan took out a talisman and pinched it. A magical force encapsulated his figure, allowing him to appear twenty meters away from the stone pillar.

The talisman was an incredibly precious Small Teleportation Talisman.

The two geniuses instantly charged forward in Xue Meng’s direction.

“Back you go!”

Shen Fei and Su Chan yelled out as they unleashed two ancient Martial Arts aimed at the two approaching enemies.

This was the reason that Qin Nan had arranged for them to retrieve the box together, as he had already expected that among these eight geniuses, some would possess extraordinary capabilities due to their Martial Spirits, artifacts, etc. Even though he could suppress them on his own, they would have some ways to escape from it.

As such, Shen Fei and Su Chan could protect Xue Meng when needed.

“Got it!”

Xue Meng became joyful as her hand was only an inch away from the box.

At that instant, another rare occurrence took place!

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