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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 532


Chapter 532: Chapter 532 - Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens

Chapter 532 - Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens

Four ancient auras swept the Skills Library ferociously.

The sight served as a great thunder out of the blue, striking the minds of Mu Chengye’s crew, Xue Meng, and the others, resulting in a deafening buzz.

Four...ancient Martial Arts?

Was this real?

Even Elder Wang was completely dumbfounded. All four chosen glows turned out to be ancient Martial Skills—a hundred percent success rate—a sign how outstanding Duan Qing’s eye-technique was.

“What did you say just now?” Qin Nan glanced at Mu Chengye.

Hearing the words, the crowd unconsciously followed his gaze too.

The reason being that, just a few moments ago, Mu Chengye had mentioned that all these four glows were supposed to be empty!

However, not only were they not empty, they were four ancient Martial Skills!


Mu Chengye opened his mouth but could not say a word, as if a giant hand was clenching his throat.

What could he say now?

The truth right before his eyes was an indication that Qin Nan’s eye-technique was stronger than his.

“These three Martial Arts are perfect for you three!” Qin Nan had no desire to waste his time with him any longer. He picked out three Martial Arts and handed them to Xue Meng and the others.

His teammates held the scrolls and manuals in their hands with blank expressions on their faces, as they had yet to recover from the astonishment.

Just a while ago, they had assumed that they would end up empty-handed, but in the blink of an eye, they had each acquired a precious ancient Martial Art, as if they were instantly dragged into Heaven from Hell. It felt like they were dreaming, it was so unreal.

However, the ancient auras emitted from the scrolls and the manuals were telling them that it was not a dream at all!

Xue Meng and the others collected their thoughts and inspected the scrolls and manuals with their divine Senses.

They were eager to see what kind of ancient Martial Arts they had acquired.

However, following a glimpse, their expressions changed tremendously.

“Isn’t...isn’t this the Blood Magic Body-Tempering Technique?”

Xue Meng’s face was filled with utter astoundment.

“Vermilion Bird Fiery Sword Art! It’s the Vermilion Bird Fiery Sword Art!”

“Vermilion Bird Nine-Alternating Technique, this is the Vermilion Bird Nine-Alternating Technique!”

In addition to Xue Meng, Shen Fei, and Su Chan blurted out with trembling voices.

These...were the ancient Martial Arts that they’d dreamed of!

Qin Nan let out a smile.

His left eye of the divine God of Battle was extremely outstanding. With a glimpse, he had already learned the types of Martial Arts that were suitable for his teammates, thus he had specifically chosen these three Martial Arts for them.

Elder Wang, Mu Chengye, and the rest were absolutely stunned seeing this.

There were many kinds of Martial Arts, thus it was difficult to pick the most suitable ones, let alone a suitable ancient Martial Art!

But… Duan Qing had done it!

Four ancient Martial Arts, each suitable for each one of them!

“Team Captain…Team Captain Duan Qing…”

Xue Meng, Shen Fei, and Su Chan collected their thoughts while while glancing at Qin Nan with a look of gratitude and guilt.

They had not believed in Duan Qing before.

But the result?

Duan Qing had managed to choose ancient Martial Arts for them, and they were perfect for them!

“Don’t worry about it. We only have a limited time. Let’s start practicing, and thoroughly master the power of these ancient Martial Arts!” Qin Nan waved his hand and left the Skills Library.

Xue Meng, Shen Fei, and Su Chan were startled. While watching Qin Nan’s figure departing, their gazes gradually became respectful.

“Yes, captain!”

They uttered roars and swiftly left the place as well.

Mu Chengye and the rest of the geniuses were left speechless seeing this.

In particular, the seven geniuses under Mu Chengye’s lead.

Jealousy, envy, and hatred filled their hearts.

They had once looked down on Duan Qing, and had treated him with utter disdain.

And the result?

The reality had given them a great slap to their faces!

Even though Mu Chengye was a top genius with a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, Duan Qing was nowhere weaker than him. As a matter of fact, his eye-technique greatly surpassed Mu Chengye’s!

“What are you all waiting for? Pick your Martial Arts and start practicing at once!”

Mu Chengye collected his thoughts and uttered a growl. His face became extremely unpleasant.

As a seventh-grade Di ranked genius, he had never lost to anyone in terms of cultivation or strength!

Today, it was his first time to taste defeat—a total defeat, even more!



The cultivation ground of the Vermilion Bird Platoon was extremely ordinary—the cultivators were cultivators were only required to pick a random spot around the dojo.

Xue Meng and her companions picked their spots and immediately started cultivating.

Qin Nan arrived at a huge boulder and sat down with his legs crossed on it. He took out an ancient manual as his eyes flickered with excitement.

While he scanned the glows with his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he discovered that this particular manual had a familiar and warm aura.

It felt like this ancient Martial Art was specifically prepared for him.

“I hope you won’t let me down!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself while slowly turning the pages of the manual.

On the first page, a few words were written in an imperious manner.

Vermilion Bird Heaven-Striking Art!

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened while his left eye emitted a fascinating glow as he swiftly turned the pages. The process alone took an hour, and within this period, the excitement in Qin Nan’s eyes grew continuously stronger.

This Vermilion Bird Heaven-Striking Art turned out to be a Saber Art!

Once mastered, a single slash would emit the cries of the Vermilion Bird and tear the sky apart with its terrifying power!

“Saber Art, I can’t believe it’s a Saber Art. The first Martial Art that I practiced back in Linshui City was the Thundercrash Saber Art. However, due to the circumstances, I haven’t used a Saber Art for a long time. Who would have thought that I’d stumble into such a powerful Saber Art, and with the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire in my body, if I body, if I used it to execute this Saber Art, the power would be unimaginable!”

Qin Nan’s breathing intensified as if there was something being awakened inside his blood.

Qin Nan loved Saber Arts. He had already invented a Saber Art himself at the age of ten.

“I shall learn it first!”

Qin Nan’s left eye flickered thunderously as he immersed his thoughts in understanding the manual.

He had only been flipping through the pages, thus he had yet to understand its contents.

Meanwhile, both Qin Nan’s crew and Mu Chengye’s crew were fully focused on comprehending their Martial Arts, resulting in a peaceful sight.

Elder Wang stood at the entrance of the Skills Library while staring at Qin Nan’s figure with a hint of doubt and relief.

He was quite convinced that Duan Qing was actually Qin Nan himself.

“Qin Nan...Duan Qing…”

Elder Wang mumbled to himself. After a while, he calmed his thoughts and shook his head.

It did not matter who he was, as it was more important that this young man was able to bring utter glory to the Vermilion Bird Platoon!

Elder Wang turned around and was about to enter the Cultivation Hall to cultivate.

The ancient Martial Arts were relatively complicated. Even a seventh-grade Di ranked genius would take at least five days to fully understand it. Therefore, there was no need for him to stay here any longer.

However, as he took his first step, a voice suddenly appeared behind him, giving him a scare.

“Elder Wang, I’ve got a question!”

The voice was none other than Qin Nan’s.

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