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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 531


Chapter 531: Chapter 531 - The Battle Between the Eye Technique
Chapter 531 - The Battle Between the Eye-Techniques

The geniuses halted in their tracks while their eyes were filled with astoundment.

Did this Duan Qing seriously have no idea what an ancient Martial Art was?

A thought came to Elder Wang’s mind, who let out a grin and said, “Duan Qing, for your information, Martial Arts are classified into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate, and there is another group above them—the ancient Martial Arts. Why ‘ancient’? It’s because they originated from the ancient era, with tremendous power and magical capabilities, thus they are classified as the ancient Martial Arts.”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization after listening to the explanation.

The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling and the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique that he practiced were taught by Old Shan, which were only fragments of the actual Martial Arts. However, due to the improvement of his cultivation, the two Martial Arts had merged with the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and the Sky Thunder, resulting in an unimaginable evolution, granting him a terrifying strength.

As such, Qin Nan had paid less attention to the differences of Martial Arts.

Shen Fei and Su Chan let out sighs in their hearts.

Even though Duan Qing was extremely powerful, from his behavior it was most likely that he had been born in the lowly society. Otherwise, he should have known all this common knowledge.

Being born in the lowly society was fine, but he would miss a lot of opportunities due to his lack of knowledge when the time came.

Mu Chengye’s crew was aware of this too, but they did not say anything.

Under Elder Wang’s lead, Qin Nan and the others entered the Skills Library.

As soon as they entered, Qin Nan and everyone else were completely astonished.

They could only see a vast open space in the Skills Library, covered in darkness. When they raised their heads, they could see countless glows the size of brains floating in mid-air, like a night sky covered with millions of stars.

Inside the glows floated a scroll or a manual.

“As you can see, these glows are all Martial Arts,” Elder Wang calmly said, “However, within these seventeen thousand Martial Arts, only a thousand of them are real, while the rest are fake. Besides, among the one thousand real Martial Arts, only eighty of them are ancient Martial Arts.”

“These glows are encapsulated within forbidding auras. You won’t be able to destroy the auras, but feel free to peek into the auras. Everyone is only given a single chance, whether you end up picking an empty glow, or an ordinary Martial Art, or an ancient Martial Art, you only have a single chance!”

“The time starts now—you only have the period for one incense to burn to decide!”

Elder Wang waved his hand and summoned an incense, which began to burn without any sign of fire.

The geniuses instantly realized the key after listening to the rules. They could only acquire the Martial Arts with their eye-techniques!

Shen Fei, Su Chan, and Xue Meng were left in shock, as they had not learned any eye-techniques at all.

“Great, I’m able to grab the Martial Arts for you all with my Glacial Eyes!”

At that instant, Mu Chengye spoke suddenly.

The geniuses behind him were immersed in great joy. If Mu Chengye were to pick for them, they would have a higher chance to acquire the ancient Martial Arts.

After all, Mu Chengye was a seventh-grade Di ranked top genius. The eye-technique he had learned must be extraordinary!

Shen Fei, Su Chan, and Xue Xue Meng subconsciously glanced at Qin Nan.

“If you trust me, I’ll pick the Martial Arts for you all too.”

Qin Nan said smilingly.

It was extremely easy for him to peek at the Martial Arts with the left eye of the divine God of Battle.


Su Fei and Su Chan, and even Xue Meng wore hesitant looks.

However, Mu Chengye said all of a sudden, “Team Captain Duan Qing is willing to pick the Martial Arts for you. What are you waiting for?”

Mu Chengye then glanced at his teammates.

They immediately came to a realization.

“That’s right;Shen Fei, why are you hesitating?”

“Hehe, I would like Team Captain Duan Qing to pick for me too, but I guess I won’t have that chance.”

“Yeah, don’t miss out on such a great opportunity.”


The geniuses blurted out with smiles on their faces, as if they were really concerned about their wellbeing.

Xue Meng and the others wore unpleasant looks as they clearly knew what their opponents were thinking.

What did you mean you want Team Captain Duan Qing to pick the Martial Art for you?

He didn’t even know what an ancient Martial Art was. Even if he had learned some sort of eye-technique, could he actually tell which ones were the ancient Martial Arts?

Not to mention that they only had a single chance!

“Well...I’m relying on you.”

Xue Meng pondered for a while and made up her mind. Shen Fei and Su Chan had no choice but to nod their heads helplessly too.

They could not pick themselves since they had not learned any eye-technique. Their only hope was to rely on Duan Qing now.

“Not a problem!”

Qin Nan glimpsed at Mu Chengye’s crew. He was too lazy to waste his time arguing with them. His left eye emitted a glow as he sprang into sprang into the air and locked his gaze onto a glow, before grabbing it with his hand.

“Team Captain Duan Qing, let me give you a piece of kind advice. That glow is actually empty.” Meanwhile, Mu Chengye’s figure rose into the air as his eyes emitted an icy glow, which caused the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly.

“I believe I don’t need your help to tell if they are empty or not!”

Qin Nan proceeded to grab the glow and pulled it towards himself.

Xue Meng and the others held their breaths. Was that glow really empty?

“Speaking of taking my goodwill as ill-intent!”

Mu Chengye shook his head with a hollow laugh. He had glimpsed at the glow and even though he was not a hundred percent sure, there was a high chance that the glow was a fake.

Mu Chengye was not in a rush to pick the Martial Arts. He continued to watch Qin Nan making his selections.

Qin Nan showed no sign of hesitation as he continued to reach out his hand and grabbed three other glows. His speed in making his decisions left the geniuses in awe.

Not even a fifth of the time had passed, and he had already finished selecting the glows?

Not even a powerful eye-technique would be able to peek through the glows that quickly.

Xue Meng and the others were stunned.

Was Duan Qing really picking the Martial Arts randomly?

“Captain Leader Duan Qing, how impressive. You’ve managed to pick three that are all empty glows!” Mu Chengye seemed to be in a great mood as his eyes continued to emit an icy glow.

The words served as a great explosion.

“All empty?”

“Duan Qing’s eye-technique is utterly impressive!”

“I’m totally impressed!”

The geniuses immediately collected their thoughts with grins on their faces.

Meanwhile, the faces of Xue Meng and Xue Meng and the rest became thoroughly pale white.

All empty!

Didn’t that mean that their efforts in joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon were all in vain?

Without the ancient Martial Arts, how would they stand a chance competing against Mu Chengye’s team?

“Captain Leader Duan Qing, let me show you how it’s done!”

Mu Chengye wore a grin as he raised his head. His eyes emitted a boundless icy glow, causing the pitch-black hall to be covered in a magical icy blue glow.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Mu Chengye moved at lightning speed as he grabbed the Martial Arts one after another.

“Eight Martial Arts and two ancient Martial Arts!”

Mu Chengye landed onto the ground and spoke in a confident tone.

The eyes of his crew glistened after hearing this. Even though there were only two ancient Martial Arts, and Mu Chengye would be taking one of them, someone among their group of seven would have the chance of taking the other ancient Martial Art.

Besides, the remaining would also have a Martial Art each, giving them an advantage over the first team!

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan let out a calm smile as he flicked his finger to remove the forbidding aura encapsulating one of the glows in order to reveal the scroll inside.

An ancient aura could be felt from the scroll, which burst out like a surging tide.

At that instant, the grins on Mu Chengye and his crew’s faces, and the pale white expressions on the faces of Xue Meng and the rest entirely stiffened.

This ancient aura… Could it be an ancient Martial Art?

“That’s not all of it.”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he reached out his hand and erased the forbidding auras of the remaining glows. Three strong ancient auras burst out from them instantly.

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