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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 528


Chapter 528: Chapter 528 - The Inspection Unit

Chapter 528 - The Inspection Unit

Following the roar, a few figures slowly appeared.

The one leading the group of people was none other than one of the Wendao Elders. His aura was like a venomous snake, as it was completely unleashed in the air.

Behind the elder stood Vice-Platoon Leader Xu Ao, the Ninth Prince Song Yu, Lu Jian from the Trading Alliance, and Miao Yuxin from the Wanxiang Pavilion.

Apart from Xu Ao, he had met the others at the Ocean of Death.

The geniuses of the Vermilion Bird Platoon were still immersed in the shock after hearing the information regarding the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird. They unconsciously raised their heads after hearing the sudden roar. Their expressions changed immediately after seeing the elder.

“Isn’t that Elder Yin of the Wendao Elders?”

“And that’s the Ninth Prince Song Yu!”

“Why are these people here to look for Duan Qing?”

The crowd’s attention was entirely attracted by the sight before them, including Mu Chengye.

“What are they here for?”

Qin Nan’s heart sank after seeing Xu Ao’s icy eyes. His heart was filled with a bad feeling.

Elder Wang raised his head and wore a calm expression, before he uttered a snap, “Ah, it’s Elder Yin paying a visit. Do you have any business with Duan Qing? I believe Elder Yin is aware that Duan Qing is now the ninety-ninth batch disciple of our Vermilion Bird Platoon!”

The Vermilion Bird Platoon had always been protective of their people. Everyone from the upper district’s Eastern Continent knew this.

Elder Wang’s words served as a warning to Elder Yin.

However, Elder Yin let out a hollow laugh and spoke in a thunderous tone, “Nothing much actually, we’re only here to prove whether Duan Qing is actually Qin Nan in disguise! Elder Wang, our group consists of people from the Four Great Factions! Anyone who might be related to Qin Nan must be inspected by us!”

After saying this, Elder Yin continued after a slight pause, “Of course, if this guy is not Qin Nan, we will take our leave.”

The other geniuses immediately switched their gaze onto Qin Nan upon hearing this.

It went without saying that they had all heard of Qin Nan’s name before—the top genius from the lower district who was being hunted by the Four Great Factions. But how did Duan Qing have anything to do with Qin Nan?

Elder Wang’s face darkened.

He had suspected Duan Qing’s identity in the beginning, but he had immediately gotten rid of the thought. As long as Duan Qing was one of their Vermilion Bird Platoon, his real identity would not be his concern.

However, this Xu Ao continued to bear a grudge against him, and had even called the combined group of the Four Great Factions here.

In other words, if he did not allow Elder Yin and his group of people to enter, it would bring great trouble to the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

“Elder Wang, it’s fine. I have nothing to be afraid of. Just let them enter;I’m eager to see how they are going to inspect my identity!”

Qin Nan had not expected the Four Great Factions to establish a special inspection unit just to capture him. They would investigate anyone that was related to him.

However, he was not afraid that he would get exposed, as the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique was extremely extremely magical, not to mention that he had reached the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm. It was not easy for Elder Yin and the others to see his true appearance.

“Err...” Elder Wang was slightly hesitant. At that instant, a message was transmitted to his mind with divine Sense, allowing him to nod his head instantly, “Sure.”

Elder Wang flicked his finger and fired a beam at the formation. A gap then appeared on its surface, allowing Elder Yin and the others to enter.

As soon as the group entered, their gaze landed onto Qin Nan’s figure and inspected him.

Since Qin Nan had switched his appearance, he now looked more like a scholar. His style and aura were completely different, thus it was difficult to determine his true identity based on his appearance.

Song Yu, Miao Yuxin, and Lu Jian nodded their heads slightly. Judging from his appearance, it was less likely for this Duan Qing to be Qin Nan.

“Let me ask you—who is Qin Nan to you?” Elder Yin stared coldly at Qin Nan. His words were accompanied by a great suppression. Those with a weak state-of-mind would unconsciously blurt out the truth.

“I stumbled into him once at the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range and we fought one another. I then lost track of where he went.”

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same as he spoke.

Elder Yin did not doubt the statement. He immediately continued, “Where did you come from?”

“Cold Water Village. The entire village was wiped out. I was the sole survivor.” Qin Nan calmly spoke. He had already come up with an explanation when he had created the identity the identity of Duan Qing with his Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique.

Lu Jian swiftly flipped his hand, causing a scroll to appear. He then inserted his divine Sense into the scroll and discovered that the Cold Water Village had indeed been wiped out three years ago.

Since every villager had died, it was impossible to validate the statement.

“HAHAHA, how great of a coincidence. Elder Yin and everyone else, I believe this Duan Qing is even more suspicious now…” At that instant, Xu Ao burst out laughing and fanned the flames.

Initially, Elder Yin, Song Yu, and the others were not suspicious of it, but after hearing his words, they became doubtful.

“I don’t care who you are, your true appearance will be exposed with our Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror!”

Elder Yin let out a roar as a mirror appeared in his hand.

The mirror looked ancient, while a pair of bloodlust-filled eyes floated at the center of its surface. One could feel a shiver being sent down their spines after taking a glimpse at it.

“Illuminating the Heavens and inspecting the Earth, let the true appearance be exposed!”

Following the flick of Elder Yin’s finger, the mirror shone brightly as the bloodlust eyes fired a bloody glow onto Qin Nan’s figure. It scanned him thoroughly as if his gaze was trying to penetrate Qin Nan’s soul.

Everyone held their breaths and observed in silence.

Qin Nan’s pupils contracted. Under the glow of the Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror, he could vaguely feel someone was trying to peek at his true appearance.

“Law-defying Primordial Spirit, inverse the Yin and Yang!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar in his heart while controlling his Primordial Spirit to emit a strong intent that covered his body.


The bloody glow from bloody glow from the Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror vanished as its surface became calm. Nothing extraordinary could be observed.

Elder Wang subconsciously let out a sigh of relief. Judging from the reaction of the Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror, Duan Qing was unlikely to be Qin Nan’s disguise. His face turned icy as he snapped, “Elder Yin, even a Martial Sacred Realm expert disguising himself would be exposed by the Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror. I believe Duan Qing is no longer the suspect, right? Our Vermilion Bird Platoon does not allow anyone from the other factions to be here!”

Elder Wang’s tone became murderous toward the end of his speech.


Elder Yin and the others were left speechless.

If the Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror did not show any reaction, it proved that Duan Qing was not Qin Nan’s disguise after all.

“Wait!” Xu Ao stepped forward and spoke slowly all of a sudden, “This Heavenly-Illuminated Mirror is only an artifact after all, thus it might still make a mistake. However, I believe there’s something that wouldn’t change forever. That would be his Martial Spirit…

Xu Ao’s eyes became ferocious as he said, “It’s very easy to display your Martial Spirit. Therefore, cultivator Duan Qing, if your Martial Spirit is not the same as Qin Nan’s, we will be taking our leave. How about that?”

Qin Nan’s heart shuddered after hearing this.

He had completely forgotten about this. Since he had left the Ninth City, his divine Battle Spirit was still the same level—the sixth-grade Di rank.

Furthermore, Song Yu, Lu Jian, Miao Yuxin, Elder Yin, and the others had seen his Martial Spirit before.

If he were to show his Martial Spirit, wouldn’t his real identity get exposed?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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