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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 526


Chapter 526: Chapter 526 - I'm Not Convinced

Chapter 526 - I’m Not Convinced

After entering the huge formation, a dojo appeared within their vision. It was made of yellow soil, nothing extraordinary, like a penurious village.

On the dojo stood ten figures, seven men and three women.

“Mm? How powerful…”

Qin Nan’s left eye scanned them and left a stern expression on his face.

Their cultivation was at least of the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm or above, while three of them had reached the peak Martial Dominator Realm. Apart from that, all their Martial Spirits were fourth-grade Di rank or above.

“This man’s strength is the strongest—a cultivation of the half-Martial Highness Realm, with a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!”

Qin Nan’s gaze landed onto the figure of a young man who had black hair and blue eyes. His aura was deep like an ocean, who was carrying a broadsword on his back while standing in silence, resulting in a great pressure to the people around him.

“A seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. I believe there wouldn’t be more than twenty of them in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

Such a powerful genius had joined the Vermilion Bird Platoon. This caused his blood flow to slowly increase.

While Qin Nan and Xue Meng were observing the crowd, they too were observing them as well.

Apart from the young man, who did not even bother giving anyone a glimpse.

“Alright, that should be everyone. Stay quiet for now, as I’ll be introducing you the Vermilion Bird Platoon. It’s pretty simple, there’s only three main structures—the Skills Library, the Resources Hall, and the Cultivation Hall. Our Platoon Leader is currently cultivating inside the Cultivation Hall. When the time comes, you will be able to meet him…”

Elder Wang landed before the crowd and explained.

Qin Nan glanced at the three structures, causing his eyes to glisten. All three buildings were encapsulated within a mysterious aura. Even he could only peek slightly into them. Besides, Qin Nan could sense a terrifying aura from the Cultivation Hall.

The aura was more powerful than the Wen Dao Elders.

“I believe that’s where the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon is…”

Qin Nan mumbled.

“Besides, allow me to explain to you the reason why the Vermilion Bird Platoon, the Black Tortoise Platoon, and the White Tiger Platoon were established in the first place…”

Elder Wang spoke slowly.

Qin Nan listened to Elder Wang’s words and gradually understood the situation.

The White Tiger Platoon, the Vermilion Bird Platoon, and the Black Tortoise Platoon were established by the three Great divine Beasts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom when the kingdom had first been constructed—these were the Skyhowl White Tiger, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and the Ocean Protector Black Tortoise. However, both the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Ocean Protector Black Tortoise had fallen in battles, thus only the Skyhowl White Tiger remained.

The three platoons were established to recruit geniuses for the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

The recruits would undergo heavy training under the guidance of the experts. Once they finished their training, they would head to one of the one hundred and eighty-eight cities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, or or stay at the capital, or join the armies and take up responsibilities, becoming the support of the kingdom.

For example, most of the people joining the Three Great Troops of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were geniuses from the three platoons.

Apart from that, even the Ten Dukeswhose authorities were second only to the royal family and the headquarters of the Trading Alliance—had originated from the three platoons as well. They were only given the title after contributing greatly in the battles against the three other factions.

“You will be the ninety-ninth batch of disciples of the Vermilion Bird Platoon. The training will last three months. You can then choose to stay at the Vermilion Bird Platoon or leave. Is that clear?”

Despite the friendly look on Elder Wang’s face, his tone was stern.


Qin Nan and the others replied.

“Good.” Elder Wang placed his hands behind himself, before continuing with a sharp gaze, “For the training, you will be split into two teams, with six people in each team, led by a team captain. Duan Qing, Mu Chengye, step forward. I will now appoint you as the team captains of the first team and second team respectively. This is an order.”

Qin Nan was startled. He did not expect to be appointed as the team captain straight away when he had just arrived. He had no choice but nod his head.

“So that guy is called Mu Chengye…”

Qin Nan glanced at the young man, and to his surprise, the young man glanced back at him too.

“As the team captains, you are obliged to look after your teammates over the next three next three months of trainings. Do you understand?” Elder Wang glanced at them and after not receiving any objection, he said calmly, “As for the rest of you, you can now choose to join the team you desire.”

“I’ll be joining the second team!”

“Of course I will join Brother Mu’s team.”

“I will be joining the second team too!”


Apart from Xue Meng, everyone chose to join the second team.

They were utterly clear that Mu Chengye was a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit genius, with a powerful strength. There was no need for them to hesitate in choosing the team.

As for Duan Qing, who the hell was that?

They had no idea who he was at all.


Xue Meng let out a harrumph. So what if he had a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit? It was too difficult to say who was stronger until they battled against one another.

Qin Nan wore an indifferent expression. He would not mind if he were alone anyway.

Elder Wang shook his head and said, “The second team can at most have eight people. Two of you must join the other team.”

After hearing this, the geniuses looked at one another with cautious expressions. It was obvious that no one was willing to leave the second team.

At last, Mu Chengye spoke in a cold tone, “Our second team only allows the strong instead of the weak. Shen Fei, Su Chan, you two will be joining the first team.”

The words were spoken with a firm tone in a non-negotiable manner.

“Brother Mu, we…”

A rough-looking young man and a tall attractive a tall attractive woman wore unwilling looks.

Qin Nan glanced at them—this Shen Fei was quite talented—with a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit—but his cultivation was only at the fourth-layer Martial Dominator Realm. Even though this Su Chan’s cultivation had reached the seventh-layer Martial Dominator Realm, she only possessed a fourth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit.

As a result, they were no doubt the weakest among the geniuses.


Mu Chengye raised his eyebrows while his blue eyes emitted two sharp gazes. A cold murderous aura burst out like a storm.

Shen Fei and Su Chan’s faces turned pale white while they subconsciously took a step backward.

“Very well, Shen Fei and Su Chan will be joining the first team.”

Elder Wang was not surprised by the sight before him.

“Then...Brother Duan Qing, please take care of us.”

Shen Fei and Su Chan both let out wry smiles. Under such circumstances, there was no option left for them, thus they brought their fists together and said this to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan nodded his head slightly. He was not bothered by it.

As long as the two were behaving well, he would not mind looking after them as their team captain.

“Wait!” However, a hoarse voice could be heard all of a sudden, “Elder Wang, we all have no objection that Brother Mu Chengye is selected as the team captain! But this Duan Qing, I’ve never heard of him before. I, Xiong Ling, am not convinced that he’s qualified to be the team captain of the first team!”

The words served as a rumbling thunder.

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