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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 516


Chapter 516: Chapter 516 - Leisure Inn

Chapter 516 - Leisure Inn

The Second City of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was the closest city to White Tiger City. Anyone standing at the center of the city could easily see the enormous black walls of White Tiger City.

“This badge is surprisingly useful.”

Qin Nan walked on the street and scanned his surroundings. As expected of the Second City, he could detect the auras of at least thirteen Martial Highness Realm experts, with three peak Martial Highness Realm experts among them.

“I shall gather some information.”

Qin Nan walked toward the center of the city by following the path.

According to his past experiences, the Trading Alliance would normally establish their division right at the center of the city.


Qin Nan was slightly startled. Not only did he fail to find the Trading Alliance there, not a single vendor could be seen. There was only a huge ‘Leisure Inn’.

The Leisure Inn was extremely crowded, resulting in a lively scene. There were many Martial Dominator Realm experts gathered there.

Qin Nan was about to enter the place when a servant appeared out of nowhere and said in a humble tone, “Cultivator, our Leisure Inn is currently holding a speech regarding the selection of the three Platoons. You are required to pay a thousand Primary Stones if you are planning to enter the inn.”

“A thousand Primary Stones?”

Qin Nan frowned and was about to show his Vermilion Bird Badge.

At that instant, a prideful voice could be heard, “Oh, it’s you. Did you end up paying the entrance fee of a hundred Primary Stones?”

Qin Nan turned around and saw a young man with a Black Tortoise Badge hanging on his waist. His eyes squinted while his chin was elevated as he glanced coldly at Qin Nan with a conceited look.

As the young man approached them, the servant’s eyes glistened as he spoke, “Ah, it’s my pleasure to meet the top genius of Stonebull Town, Shi Kai. Four geniuses of the Black Tortoise Platoon have already arrived inside, feel free to enter.”


Shi Kai raised his head as he gave Qin Nan a glance before entering the Leisure Inn.


Qin Nan shook his head.

He did not have a good first impression of him because of his behavior toward the guard at the entrance.

“What did you say?” To his surprise, Shi Kai’s hearing was relatively sharp, who halted his footsteps and wore a furious look.

Shi Kai was extremely excited after having been recruited as a disciple of the Black Tortoise Platoon, thus he intentionally behaved pridefully so that others would be respectful toward him. After achieving his goals, he was extremely satisfied with how people treated him, causing him to become more full of himself.

However, this guy who was hesitant to pay a hundred Primary Stones and only possessed a cultivation of the Martial Ancestor Realm dared to call him an idiot!

“Err, Cultivator Shi Kai, no one is allowed to use any violence in the Second City, nor the Leisure Inn…” The servant immediately blurted out after being aware of the intensified atmosphere.

“F**k off!” Shi Kai glared at Qin Nan coldly and snapped, “You should drop to your knees and apologize right now, before I break your legs——”

Shi Kai’s cultivation had reached the third-layer Martial Dominator Realm, who possessed a third-grade Di ranked Martial Martial Spirit. His talent could be comparable to Fan Yu and Ji Tianxiao.

Qin Nan was about to lash out a kick after hearing the words.

At that moment, a gentle voice could be heard, “Cultivator Shi Kai, is there any need to be angry? Just do me a favor and forget about it, can you?”

A pale-skinned young man appeared at the entrance of the Leisure Inn.

“Who the hell are——” Shi Kai was about to burst out scolding before he halted his voice after noticing the servant’s expression.

He was not stupid. It was said that the Leisure Inn was owned by a mysterious man whom even the City Lord of the Second City was respectful toward.

Besides, those who were invited to the Leisure Inn would surely possess a significant background.

“Fine, I’ll consider it as doing you a favor.”

Shi Kai withdrew his fury and glared at Qin Nan before entering the inn.

“As for this cultivator, what’s your name? I’m Xiao Qi.” The young man said with a smile, “On behalf of the Leisure Inn, I apologize for the incident that just occurred. How about this;you won’t need to pay to enter today—does that sound acceptable to you?”

“You have my thanks.”

Qin Nan brought his hands together while scanning Xiao Qi’s figure with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

Following a glimpse, his eyes flickered with astoundment.

The reason being that he could sense the faint golden aura of a dragon within Xiao Qi’s body. The aura was extremely extraordinary, as it was accompanied by the suppression of an emperor.

Furthermore, he could not peek at Xiao Qi’s Martial Spirit and cultivation.

Qin Nan should be able be able to peek at Martial Sacred Realm experts by now.

“Let’s head inside.”

Xiao Qi said while leading the way into the inn. Qin Nan immediately calmed his thoughts and followed behind.

After stepping into the inn, Qin Nan’s eyes glistened slightly. The area inside the inn was exceedingly spacious. The first-floor covered an area with a circumference of a hundred li, with gentle glows floating around that split the area into seven different sections. There were people chatting inside each area, but he could not hear their voices.

Besides that, Qin Nan could sense a giant formation operating under the inn.

The formation was incredibly powerful, as it was able to influence one’s mind, allowing the person to feel relaxed and pleasant;thus it was perfect for the inn to be called the Leisure Inn.

“What do you think about this inn?” Xiao Qi asked in an indifferent tone.


Xiao Qi’s eyes flickered with astonishment. It was his first time seeing a mere Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator describing the inn as ‘so-so’ in a calm manner. Could it be...

Xiao Qi gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look before he summoned a beautiful waitress with a wave of his hand and ordered her to guide Qin Nan around. He then proceeded to the second floor.

With the help of the waitress, Qin Nan finally understood the situation.

The seven areas were classified into: the Lower District, News of the Experts, News of the Geniuses, the Selection of the Three Platoons, Ancient Mystical Grounds, Rare News, and Legends of Mystical Artifacts;each with a person in charge.

In addition, there was no restriction in obtaining the news as long as the price was paid.

Qin Nan was paid.

Qin Nan entered the area tagged with ‘Lower District’. He could hear an old man with a mustache speaking with an excited expression.

“It is said that the Four Great Factions had sent their people to the Ninth City, but Qin Nan was no longer there! Where did Qin Nan go? The Martial Sacred Realm experts first set their eyes on the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range…”

The cultivators were listening with great focus.

Currently in the upper district’s Eastern Continent, Qin Nan’s name had already become a legend.

Qin Nan’s forehead was covered in sweat as he proceeded to the area of ‘The Selection of the Three Platoons’. Since he was almost clueless about the three different platoons, it was essential for him to gather some information.

As soon as he stepped inside he saw Shi Kai, who was staring back at him with a mocking look.

Apart from Shi Kai, Qin Nan could also see a few other geniuses, and there was a woman among them whose strength was even stronger than Shi Kai—with a fourth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm.

Following this, as Qin Nan’s gaze landed onto the figure of a young man, he was utterly stunned on the spot.

There was something extraordinary about the young man—on his forehead were a pair of huge lumps that were quite eye-catching.

Meanwhile, the young man was staring at the woman with the fourth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit with a hideous grin.

Wasn’t that guy Longhu?

Qin Nan was about to speak when he heard a furious yell.

“Asshole, if you dare to stare at me again, I’ll dig your eyes out!”

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