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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 511


Chapter 511: Chapter 511 - Destroying the Ninth City

Chapter 511 - Destroying the Ninth City

“Ten thousand…ten thousand li...ten thousand li…”

Despite Sun Yi’s identity as the inspector of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, who possessed the cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm, his voice started stammering as he saw the entire sky in darkness.

As for the others, their eyes were filled with astonishment while their minds had completely gone blank.

That was ten thousand li!

How significant was a ten thousand li Tribulation?

It could be considered law-defying if they were able to trigger a one thousand li Tribulation when they ranked up!

And now, Qin Nan’s Tribulation was ten times that!


The first ray of lightning struck downward at Sun Yi’s figure!

The ray was wide like a cauldron with a crimson color that resembled the shape of a dragon. It was known as Crimson Dragon Lightning, and it was accompanied by a destructive aura.

“Sacred Emperor Shield!”

Sun Yi’s expression changed tremendously, as if he had encountered the greatest threat of his life, which provoked him in using his trump card immediately. He summoned an ancient shield that had a Sacred Emperor standing on top of it.


The shield was instantly shattered as Sun Yi’s figure was sent crashing into the ground by the Tribulation. His body was scorched black while his aura was in an extremely weak state.

A single ray of lightning had left Sun Yi in a critical condition


The stormy cloud of the Tribulation continued to fire rays of lightning like an avenger, locking onto the figures of Song Yu, the Weapon Spirit, the progenitors, Fan Hao, Ji Wuming, and the rest.


At that instant, Song Yu and the others were extremely shocked. They immediately executed their life-saving trump cards.

Countless magical glows could be seen above the Ninth City.


The first ray of lightning struck the Weapon Spirit, which almost shattered due to the strike, causing the glow and aura of the Ninth City to drop rapidly.


The second ray of lightning struck Song Yu’s figure, who used three life-protection talismans to summon three peak Martial Highness Realm experts. However, he still could not resist the strength of the lightning, and was left with a severe injury.


The progenitors, Fan Hao, Ji Wuming, and the others were annihilated by the lightning.

In just the blink of an eye, apart from the roars of thunder echoing in the Ninth City, a great chill could be felt in people’s souls.


This Tribulation was too terrifying!

Even the entire city would be destroyed by it!

At that instant, everyone was startled as their mind recalled the moment from a few seconds ago.

Qin Nan had mentioned not to target him, otherwise, the entire Ninth City would face utter destruction!

Back then they had not taken it seriously, and followed Song Yu’s order to attack him!

However...with the scene taking place before them...

Qin Nan had not been lying at all!

He had been telling the truth, and was trying to leave the Ninth City alone just so the Tribulation would not bring bring any damage to them!


Countless rays of lightning descended upon the Ninth City from the ten thousand li of stormy clouds. Some fell onto the Ninth City while others onto the cultivators who had been planning to harm Qin Nan.

The whole Ninth City was devoured by a series of stunning explosions, causing it to be engulfed in enormous flames as the city was being destroyed.


Song Yu let out a roar while unleashing the remaining energy in his body and he took out a talisman.

The talisman was then set on fire, transforming into the force of the Martial Sacred Realm that encapsulating his figure before it transported him away from the place.

“Ninth Prince, save me——”

Sun Yi let out a scream seeing this. However, before he could react, another icy ray of lightning struck downward toward his figure ferociously, shattering him into pieces.

“Trying to run away?”

Green veins popped out on Qin Nan’s forehead as six golden rays were emitted from his back.

The one hundred zhang divine Battle Spirit floated in mid-air behind him. Under Qin Nan’s command, it took a large step forward while hurling its giant fist at the rift summoned by the talisman with a destructive force.


A cry of agony could be heard before Song Yu’s figure vanished into thin air.

“It’s fortunate that this Tribulation is only targeting my enemies, without involving the innocent ones…” Qin Nan mumbled to himself while glancing at the Ninth City coldly, “For Jiao Zhe’s sake, I will I will not destroy the entire Ninth City today.”

After saying this, Qin Nan stomped his foot and sprang quickly into the distance.

Although it seemed like the Tribulation had eliminated his enemies and solved his problem, the real danger was the Tribulation itself, as he would need to resist its force alone!

That was a ten thousand li Tribulation!

How could he stand a chance against it with his current cultivation?

“I’ll lend you a hand!”

Meanwhile, a shout could be heard, which turned out to be from the white-haired Elder Wang.

Elder Wang flung his sleeves tearing the space open and dragged Qin Nan’s figure into it.


Qin Nan brought his fists together. With his speed alone, it would be difficult for him to get a safe distance away from the Ninth City in time. With the teleportation, he was able to arrive at a distant location instantly, bringing the Tribulation with him.

“Take this badge!”

Elder Wang flicked his finger and fired a light beam onto Qin Nan’s figure. Before Qin Nan could say anything, the rift closed up.

The Tribulation in the sky became infuriated and immediately fired a ray of lightning at Elder Wang before it teleported away as well.


Elder Wang was struck downward into the Ninth City. Even though he was not severely injured, he was also left in quite a miserable state.

“This Tribulation is quite interesting to possess such intelligence. However, Qin Nan, if you were able to overcome it…”

The eyes of Elder Wang glistened as he stopped mumbling to stopped mumbling to himself and left the place.

...Meanwhile, in the Ninth City...

Fan Xinru, Fan Yu, and Ji Tianxiao wore blank expressions on their faces while staring at the burning Ninth City that was severely damaged.

All the experts of the Ninth City were dead!


Fan Xinru’s eyes flickered coldly.

Why! Why did they have to target Qin Nan!? Why didn’t they listen to Qin Nan’s advice!?

“That’s what you get for being too greedy.”

Jiao Zhe spoke in a cold manner.

The Ninth City finally regained its calmness and sank into a dead silence. Even though they did not hear Jiao Zhe’s words, they could not help but blame themselves for what had happened.

Qin Nan was merciful enough to not destroy the entire city.

...Meanwhile, in the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range...


The space was torn in half as Qin Nan’s figure fell out from the gap, startling the surrounding beasts.

“I must prepare myself at once!”

Qin Nan flipped his hand, causing two pieces of artifacts to appear in his hand.

The artifacts were a shield and a mirror, which were known as the Thousand-Blocking Shield and the Demonic-Illuminated Mirror;these were the defensive equipment he had acquired at the Reaper’s Platform.


In just the blink of an eye, the space above him shattered completely as the ten thousand li stormy cloud appeared once again. Over one hundred rays of lightning immediately descended as soon as it reappeared.

It was as if Qin Nan’s attempt to run had caused it to turn mad once again.

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