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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 510


Chapter 510: Chapter 510 - Tribulation Unleashed

Chapter 510 - Tribulation Unleashed

“City Lord’s Badge, rise the beacon-fire; Ninth City’s Weapon Spirit, open the profound door!”

Ji Wuming rose into mid-air in the Ninth City holding the badge in his hand, into which he inserted his energy of the half-Martial Highness Realm.


The palaces in the center of the city shattered completely as golden runes could be seen spreading into the air. Following this, a twenty-zhang large beastwith an appearance similar to that of a tigercrawled out from the hole with a pair of reddened eyes, staring at the Tribulation in the sky murderously.

The beast was Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City. It had borne a great hatred toward Qin Nan since the beginning, but without the City Lord’s Badge, it could not make its move.


The progenitors of the Fan Clan and the Ji Clan sprang into the air while supporting the formation established by the runes with their energy of the Martial Highness Realm.

“Everyone, follow my lead!”

Fan Hao uttered a roar while commanding the crowd of over seven hundred cultivators like a general.


Following his signal as he flung his right arm, the cultivators completely unleashed their energies, which transformed into various colorful rays that fired at the formation. The rays were accompanied by the shocking sound of a surging tide.


The entire Weapon Spirit glowed brightly while its twenty-zhang figure rapidly grew. Seventy zhang, eighty zhang, ninety zhang… It finally stopped growing after reaching a hundred and fifty zhang. It was as if an atavistic titan was standing in the middle of the Ninth City when one looked upon it from afar.

“The Ninth Magical Law, Wuji Cannon Blow!”

The Weapon Spirit uttered the words with a hoarse voice as it opened its bloody mouth.

The Ninth City emitted a brilliant glow as each of the hidden formations were activated, transmitting the energy onto the Weapon Spirit’s figure like blood vessels.

The Weapon Spirit had accumulated the entire force of the Ninth City, the progenitors, and the crowd of over seven hundred cultivators in order to execute its strongest blow.


The crowd could only see light dots gathering in the mouth of the Weapon Spirit, forming a shining ball with a width of twenty zhang. A terrifying aura was emitted from it, causing the space around it to be filled with cracks.


Song Yu became energetic after seeing this.

“Ancient Hell Continent, Sky-Towering Poleaxe!”

Sun Yi’s hair danced wildly as he picked the perfect time to completely unleash his cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm. The spear in his hand emitted a thirty-zhang saber intent that transformed into a flame that lit up the sky.

“Do it!”

Sun Yi let out a roar.


The beast standing in the center of the Ninth City uttered a roar as the giant light ball turned into a terrifying light beam. The space it passed was thoroughly shattered by its destructive aura!


It was as if Sun Yi had turned into a peerless spear god as he raised the spear in his hand while thrusting ferociously at at the Tribulation and firing a beam of light.

Two of their strongest attacks—each with the strength equivalent to the peak Martial Highness Realmwere executed aimed at the Tribulation.

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan, this is the end!” Song Yu could not help but burst out laughing after seeing this. He was entirely satisfied, as he had the chance to bury a peerless genius with his own hands.

The progenitors, Fan Hao, Ji Wuming, and the cultivators became excited.

With such a terrifying attack, the two thousand four hundred li Tribulation would surely be destroyed.

It would bring them tremendous benefits.

Sun Yi and the Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City wore grins. They clearly knew how intimidating their attacks were.

Only the white-haired Elder Wang frowned slightly as he spoke, “Is he trying to…”


Qin Nan’s body emitted a blinding glow all of a sudden. It was on par with the strength of the two incoming attacks.


The sudden occurrence caused Song Yu, Sun Yi, the Weapon Spirit, and the rest to frown.

However, as the two attacks were approaching the Tribulation at a rapid speed, they immediately devoured the Tribulation and Qin Nan’s figure in the blink of an eye, resulting in an astonishing explosion.


The crowd could only see a giant fiery mushroom cloud rising into the air, dyeing the sky within ten thousand li a fiery red color, resulting in a shocking sight.

The Tribulation is shattered——

Song Yu, Sun Yi, the Weapon Spirit, and the others were immersed in great joy. However, before they could react, a brilliant thunderous glow thunderous glow slashed the mushroom cloud in half like a giant peerless sword.

“This is——

The white-haired Elder Wang held his breath. He had already observed the unexpected change taking place in Qin Nan’s body with his eye-technique.


The crowd could only see a giant stormy cloud emerging from the fiery mushroom cloud like a giant beast.

Three thousand li!

Four thousand li!

Five thousand li!

Six thousand li!

The stormy cloud rapidly expanded at a shocking pace. It had reached seven thousand two hundred li in just the blink of an eye!

Meanwhile, the cultivators of the Ninth City could only feel the sky above them darkening. The giant stormy cloud caused parts of the Ninth City to be immersed in darkness.

“How could this be——

At that instant, Song Yu, Sun Yi, the Weapon Spirit, and the others were completely astonished.

Not only was the Tribulation not destroyed, it had grown even stronger to a width of seven thousand two hundred li!

Seven thousand two hundred li... How significant was that?

It was equivalent to the Tribulation of over twenty Martial Highness Realm experts!

Qin Nan… what kind of monster was that?

“Seven thousand two hundred li!”

Qin Nan’s pores opened due to the pressure of the Tribulation. He could feel chills being sent down his spine.

Instead of being excited, his heart was extremely heavy!

His cultivation was only equivalent to the peak Martial Dominator Realm!

If such a terrifying Tribulation were to strike his body, wouldn’t he be completely destroyed in the blink of an eye?

However, that an eye?

However, that was not the end of it!

Qin Nan’s left arm suddenly shuddered as it released a gentle warmth into the Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle.


The Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle sprang out from Qin Nan’s body wearing a purple armor-plate. It uttered a roar at the seven thousand two hundred li Tribulation disdainfully.


The stormy clouds of the Tribulation began to tremble vigorously, as if they had become enraged after being challenged.

Its fury was even more terrifying than the fury of Sun Yi and the others.

Eight thousand li!

Eight thousand eight hundred li!

Nine thousand one hundred li!

Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine li!

The Tribulation grew rapidly as if it was trying to challenge the Nascent Soul back. In just the blink of an eye, half of the Ninth City was covered by the stormy cloud.


At that instant, the Copper Mirror in Qin Nan’s divine Sense uttered a buzz while emitting a glow onto the Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul showed no sign of being intimidated facing the terrifying Tribulation. It let out a raging roar once again.


The whole stormy cloud became enraged as it spread rapidly into its surroundings.

Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine li was supposed to be its limit.

However, the infuriated stormy cloud had overcome its limits and grew to ten thousand li!

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