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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 51


Chapter 51 - Tremendous Rewards

When Qin Nan arrived at the White Jade Dojo, the whole place was crowded with people;with just a glimpse, Qin Nan estimated that there were around three hundred plus new disciples, which was a few hundred more than last time.

’’It seems like the number of newly recruited disciples has exceeded my expectations.’’

Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart, before he then subtly blended into the crowd.

Even though he had made a name for himself, most of the disciples still would not know who he was they would not bother to notice him.

Even Qin Nan's enemy, Ling Zixiao, had no time to spend on Qin Nan at this moment.

’’The new disciples here were all the newly recruited ones of the Mystic Spirit Sect this year, which is a few hundred more than last time. Let me observe them with my Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, to see just how many people are worthy of my attention.’’

Qin Nan, unnoticed to anyone else, scanned the whole White Jade Dojo with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

Every single new disciple at the scene would never have expected someone to inspect them one-by-one just as the Trial of Versatility was about to commence.

The observation took the time equivalent to the time needed for two incenses to burn.

The final result caused a grave expression to appear on Qin Nan's face.

The last time he had observed, there were around forty people worthy of his attention. This time, there were around eighty or more people in total whom he needed to take note of.

Every single one of these eighty or more disciples had a cultivation base of at least the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm two layers higher than Qin Nan's.

Besides that, Qin Nan had also realized that quite a large amount of disciples had improved themselves in the past ten days.

For example, Ling Zixiao Qin Nan's enemy had improved his cultivation to the ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

’’Looks like this Trial of Versatility is going to be an intense battle between geniuses.’’

Qin Nan withdrew his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit after having this thought;a thrilling sensation gradually arose in his heart.

Meanwhile, all of a sudden, five forceful auras approached from afar in the sky.

The initially noisy White Jade Dojo fell into silence at this instant.

All the new disciples at the scene had their expressions change after detecting the pressure, and as if they were being pressed downward by five large mountains, it caused them to have trouble breathing.

In the sky, five old men could be seen walking toward them with forceful auras;they were the five elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Among the five elders, the one leading them was the old white-haired man who came to the White Jade Dojo last time.

After the old white-haired man settled down, he scanned the whole area with his gaze like last time, which ended up on Huang Long and Ling Zixiao as he complimented, ’’Two ninth-grade Huang ranked geniuses indeed. Huang Long and Ling Zixiao, you two have done great. In the following Trial of Versatility, us five have high hopes in the performances of you two.’’

The other four elders nodded their heads smilingly, without concealing the hint of admiration in their eyes.

Huang Long smiled showing his teeth, whereas Ling Zixiao raised his head;the prideful expression on his face was further ingrained.

All the other new disciples in the surroundings were glancing at them with admiration.

Same as before, the old white-haired man acted resolutely, who quickly calmed his expression down and said, ’’The Trial of Versatility will be under the supervision of us five. I'll be the MC for the time being. I'll now explain the rules of the Trial of Versatility. I'll only say this once, so listen carefully.’’

The words from the old white-haired man were accompanied by a hint of imperiousness, which encapsulated the whole dojo.

All the new disciples had their focus fixed on the old man, not willing to miss out on a single detail.

An undetectable prideful expression flashed across the old white-haired man's eyes, as he said in an icy tone, ’’The Trial of Versatility will take place on the Island of Versatility. In a while, we five elders will work together to create a teleport portal, and send you all onto the island. Your starting positions are randomized. In a month's time, the formation on the island will be activated, sending you all back here.’’

’’As for the rules: Firstly, killing is not prohibited in the duration of the Trial of Versatility.’’

’’Secondly, there are thirty Blue Dragon Badges on the Island of Versatility;the rankings are determined by the number of Blue Dragon Badges one has.’’

’’Thirdly, only the top ten will be rewarded in this trial.’’

As the old white-haired man finished talking, all the new disciples fell silent for a brief while, before their eyes started to flicker with concealed murderous intent.

There were no idiots among these people.

With these three rules combined together, this Trial of Versatility would turn into a deadly brawl between the disciples.

It was highly possible that those who referred to each other as friends would turn into enemies straight away.

Qin Nan had also understood this after hearing the three rules.

The sense of excitement in his heart had grown stronger at that instant.

The old white-haired man scanned the disciples with his gaze again, before saying, ’’I'll now talk about the rewards. First rank will get a Nine Rotation Golden Pill. Second rank will get a Third Rotation Golden Pill. Third rank will get ten thousand Xiantian Pills, and a chance to pick a treasure from the Treasure Vault. Fourth to tenth rank will get nine thousand, eight thousand, seven thousand, six thousand, five thousand, four thousand, and three thousand Xiantian Pills respectively.’’

After the words, the whole White Jade Dojo fell into a dead silence.

Every single new disciple's face turned red instantly, while breathing heavily;to an extent that their hearts were beating three times faster than the normal rate.

These new disciples came from different places within the Luo River Kingdom;some of them were born in Martial Clans, giving them formidable backgrounds.

Despite that, these disciples were utterly stunned at this moment.

These rewards given by the Mystic Spirit Sect were absolutely tremendous.

Even though they were unsure what the Nine Rotation Golden Pill and the Three Rotation Golden Pill were, they did know that if these were the rewards for the first and second rank, their values were most likely going to be overwhelming.

In that instant, the gazes of the new disciples changed once again.

While looking at their surroundings, their gazes were filled with vigilance and murderous intent, as if all the others were opponents enemies of life and death.

Due to the great benefits before them, a craving and a sense of urgency rose up in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was still immersed in the shock. As he finally recovered, his eyes burned with flames of desire.

What did Qin Nan need the most? Pills, without a doubt.

Even the tenth rank of the Trial of Versatility would receive two thousand Xiantian Pills.

If these two thousand Xiantian Pills were traded for Body Tempering Pills, it would be twenty thousand Body Tempering Pills.

If he were to have those twenty thousand Body Tempering Pills, how much would his divine Battle Spirit improve? Maybe it could reach the tenth-grade Huang rank? Or even reach the Xuan rank which was mentioned in legends?

The crucial thing was that this was only the reward for the tenth rank.

If Qin Nan were to achieve the third rank, the reward would be ten thousand Xiantian Pills, which was equivalent to a hundred thousand Body Tempering Pills!

’’What a surprise, I had never expected the Mystic Spirit Sect to offer such tremendous rewards. This is great news;I have to get into at least the top three in this Trial of Versatility! If I'm able to do so, then I would be soar into the sky in this Mystic Spirit Sect!’’

The excitement in Qin Nan's heart had been fully exposed, causing him to feel lively immediately;he clenched his fists tightly, with a firm determination in his eyes.

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