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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 509


Chapter 509: Chapter 509 - Befoeing the Entire City

Chapter 509 - Befoeing the Entire City


The stormy cloud of the Tribulation grew rapidly once again, like a beast becoming enraged.

One thousand four hundred li!

One thousand six hundred li!

One thousand eight hundred li!

It finally stopped after reaching two thousand four hundred li.

Meanwhile, the lightning rays from the stormy clouds were different now. They had turned red, like the color of blood—the crimson lightning of the Heavens!

At that instant, a terrifying thunderous aura swept the entire Ninth City.


The Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City became restless and growled into the sky as if it was extremely frightened. Countless defensive formations were activated in the city while emitting brilliant glows.

“My god——”

The progenitors, Fan Hao, Ji Wuming, Fan Yu, Ji Tianxiao, Ji Xinru, and the cultivators of the city stared with their eyes open wide in disbelief.

Two thousand four hundred li!

Qin Nan’s Tribulation had doubled once again!

The force of the Tribulation could easily surpass the strength of a Martial Highness!

“How is this possible?”

The Ninth Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom could not help but blurt out.

A two thousand four hundred li Tribulation. It was even more terrifying than the previous three-layered Tribulation!

What exactly was Qin Nan practicing?


Qin Nan exhaled deeply. He was shocked by the power of the Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle too. A two thousand four hundred li Tribulation was merely a third of its power. How terrifying would it be if it were thoroughly unleashed?

“Piss off, I’ve got no time to waste on you!”

Qin Nan snapped at Song Yu and his crew while withholding the urge of his Nascent Soul to unleash its power completely. In the meantime, he began to spring forward away from them.

“We can’t let him escape! We must capture him!” Song Yu collected his thoughts and quickly made his decision after a slight ponder. His eyes flickered with madness.

If he allowed Qin Nan to flee this time, he had no idea how long he would have to wait before stumbling into him again.

Most importantly, it would be a great contribution if he were able to detain Qin Nan. It could easily help him outmatch the other princes and be selected as the crown prince!

“Trying to escape? Not on my watch.”

Sun Yi uttered a roar while a long spear appeared in his hand. The strength of the Martial Highness Realm burst out from his body as he thrust at the Tribulation in the sky.

“Still not giving up!” Qin Nan’s expression darkened extremely, “If that’s the case, I’ll let you have a taste of the Tribulation!”

Qin Nan was only trying to run away to prevent his Tribulation from hurting the cultivators of the Ninth City. Otherwise, he would have unleashed the force of his Nascent Soul long ago to eliminate Sun Yi and the others. They could even assist him in resisting its force so he could overcome the Tribulation.


The crimson lightning in the stormy cloud became enraged after being aware of of an expert’s presence. Countless crimson lightning rays descended upon Sun Yi’s figure.


Despite his cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm, his figure was knocked backward by the lightning strike.

The force of the rays of lightning was too terrifying.

Song Yu was shocked seeing this, who immediately blurted out, “Elder Wang, help him now!”

The old white-haired man—who was referred to as Elder Wang—shook his head and said, “Ninth Prince, we are no match against this Tribulation. Even if we attack it, we would be severely injured, and it would allow Qin Nan to overcome the Tribulation successfully as well…”

“Just do it! We have to capture Qin Nan. I command you in the name of the prince!”

Green veins popped out on Song Yu’s forehead as he roared.

The eyes of the old white-haired man glistened as he reached out his skinny hand and flung it in Qin Nan’s direction. He did not even use a hundredth of his cultivation.

Song Yu and Sun Yi almost vomited blood after seeing this.

Wasn’t that the same as not attacking at all?


Sun Yi raised the spear in his hand while emitting a ferocious aura. The tip of the spear emitted a brilliant glow into the surroundings that completely shattered the lightning rays, indicating how powerful the attack was.

As expected of a peak Martial Highness Realm expert;he could even resist the force of such a terrifying Tribulation.

However, Song Yu clearly knew that being able to resist its force was less than enough. It was necessary was necessary to shatter it thoroughly!

“I’m Song Yu, the Ninth Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom;listen up people of the Ninth City!”

Song Yu swiftly reacted and turned around, before uttering a blasting roar, “The criminal Qin Nan is wanted by the Four Great Factions. Now, you all shall cooperate with the two progenitors and the two clans and contribute your strength by inserting your energy into the Ninth City, to allow the Ninth City to execute its strongest blow and eliminate Qin Nan! Once it’s done, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom will reward each of you tremendously!”

Since Elder Wang was not willing to obey his order, he would utilize the strength of the Ninth City!

The blow executed by the Ninth City together with the strength of all the cultivators would entirely surpass the strongest blow of a peak Martial Highness!

In that case, it would not be a problem to shatter Qin Nan’s Tribulation!

The progenitors and the people of the Ninth Clan had not expected it to come to this, but they immediately understood the current situation.

It was too easy for them to make the decision!

Qin Nan had not expected the Ninth Prince to come up with the plan, causing him to yell out, “Stop it at once. Otherwise, the Ninth City will be destroyed! I’m not joking! Nor am I exaggerating!”

As soon as he uttered the roar, Qin Nan could feel his chest shuddering violently.

The struggling of the Nascent Soul grew even stronger!

The crowd was startled as they startled as they had not expected Qin Nan to say the same thing again.

“Stop listening to his bullshit! Those above the Martial Ancestor Realm, come with me! We must work together to activate the Ninth City so we can help Ninth Prince eliminate the enemy!”

The two progenitors sprang into the air while shouting at the city.

“Right, we shall offer our assistance to the Ninth Prince!”

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming stood forward and yelled.

These people were highly respected within the Ninth City, and since the Ninth Prince had promised to reward them when his goal was achieved, the cultivators above the Martial Ancestor Realm immediately agreed to lend a hand.

“I’ll help! Kill the criminal!”

“Right, we can’t let him escape!”

“We must shatter his Tribulation!”


One, two, eight, twenty, thirty… In just the blink of an eye, more than seven hundred cultivators above the Martial Ancestor Realm had volunteered.

They had completely forgotten about Qin Nan’s warning. Their only thoughts were to help their Ninth Prince!

As for the Ninth City being destroyed?

Stop treating us like fools!

Qin Nan’s heart coldened after seeing this. His only intention was to stay away from the Ninth City to avoid unnecessary casualties, but these people chose to ignore his warning and help Ninth Prince.

That being said, it was reasonable for them not to believe his words.

“Then, I shall not be blamed…”

Qin Nan took a deep breath while withdrawing his control over his Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle was completely released!

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