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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 506


Chapter 506: Chapter 506 - Suppressing the Two Progenitors with

Chapter 506 - Suppressing the Two Progenitors with the Tribulation

...Meanwhile, in the Ninth City...

“What? Is he trying to destroy the Ninth City?”

“Is this Qin Nan insane! Why would he think he could destroy the Ninth City?”

“Absolutely ridiculous!”

The faces of the cultivators were filled with disdain.

Everyone knew that their Ninth City was a Sacred Weapon, with countless cultivators inside. He would at least need a cultivation at the peak of the Martial Highness Realm to destroy them all.

A mere Qin Nan thinks he could match the strength of a peak Martial Highness Realm expert?

...In the Fan Clan, in the Patriarch’s Hall...

The progenitors, Fan Hao and Ji Wuming, were still in shock. They even questioned if they had heard it wrong.

The outcome of the situation was already determined. Where did Qin Nan get his confidence from, to be this full of himself?

“Destroying the Ninth City? I would like to see how you’re going to achieve that!” The progenitor of the Fan Clan wore a furious look as he reached out his hand. His palm was filled with runes as a huge formation was summoned above Qin Nan.

“Five Pagodas Suppressing the Dominator!”

The progenitor of the Fan Clan uttered a roar as five pagodas appeared above the formation before ferociously crushing down onto Qin Nan’s figure.


Qin Nan’s aura was thoroughly suppressed by the pagodas, as if they were chains locking his figure, prohibiting him from moving and using the strength of his Nascent Soul.

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan, is that all you’ve got that could destroy the Ninth City?”

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming could not help but burst out laughing after seeing this.

This Qin Nan was truly interesting, to utter such mockery even though his death was approaching.

“Devil Whip!”

The progenitor of the Ji Clan flung his hand, causing a mysterious whip to appear in his hand. The whip was covered in runes and filled with black spikes that emitted a gloomy glow.

“Hehe, Qin Nan, I know you will not surrender easily. You should have a taste of this Devil Whip. I remember that a first-layer Martial Highness Realm was turned into a maniac after being tortured by it…” A hideous grin appeared on the face of the Ji Clan’s progenitor.

The Devil Whip was a rare treasure. The target being struck would feel their body being torn at by numerous beasts.

The progenitor of the Ji Clan was confident that Qin Nan would not endure more than the period it took an incense to burn after being struck by the Devil Whip.


The progenitor of the Ji Clan flicked his wrist as he flung the Devil Whip with a terrifying force.


Fan Xinru’s face turned pale white seeing this.

Jiao Zhe could feel his hair hair standing on its end. He took a step forward to try and assist Qin Nan, but Fan Hao and Ji Wuming were already aware of his intention. Their eyes turned cold while their bodies emitted the suppression of the half-Martial Highness Realm.

“Qin Nan, it serves you right, haha!”

At that instant, a loud laughter could be heard, which turned out to be Fan Yu.

Fan Yu and most of the Fan Clan’s disciples had headed there straight after hearing the noise. As soon as they arrived, they immediately saw Qin Nan being suppressed.

At that instant, Fan Yu was feeling incredibly pleasant.

Even though he had no idea why the two progenitors and the two clans were trying to deal with Qin Nan, he could not help but feel great after seeing Qin Nan being suppressed and tortured.

It was Qin Nan’s fault for humiliating him back at the Aquamarine Chamber!

“Very well, I’m trying to give you a piece of advice as I was being grateful. However, you chose to torture me instead of taking it seriously. If that’s the case, I shall show no mercy…”

A cold grin appeared on Qin Nan’s face as he immediately withdrew his control over the Nascent Soul.


At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

A strong absorption force burst out from the Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle aiming at aiming at the sky. Following this, the force of the Heavens and Earth within three hundred li was accumulated, which transformed into a giant stormy cloud, causing the surroundings to darken. A suffocating aura could be felt from it.

“This is——”

The progenitor of the Ji Clan halted his actions as he and the rest immediately glanced upward.

The cultivators of the Ninth City were witnessing it too.

“What’s going on?”

“A Tribulation? Is that really a Tribulation?”

“Are you sure! That’s three hundred li! A Tribulation covering a distance of three hundred li? Even the Tribulation that occurs when someone is ranking up to the Martial Highness Realm is not that terrifying!”


Cries of astonishment could be heard throughout the entire Ninth City.

“Is it because of him?”

The progenitors, Fan Hao, Ji Wuming, and the others arrived at the same thought, causing them to glance in Qin Nan’s direction.

They immediately took a deep breath with a glimpse.

The formation suppressing him had somehow been shattered into pieces, as a terrifying aura was emitted from his body.

It seemed like the three hundred li stormy cloud was actually his Tribulation!

“It’s a surprise that you’re able to trigger a three hundred li Tribulation, but it’s far from enough to destroy the entire Ninth City! It couldn’t even kill us two! Qin Nan, it’s over!” The progenitor of the Ji Clan collected his thoughts and yelled out. and yelled out. The Devil Whip summoned a thousand mirror images of itself surrounding Qin Nan’s figure.

The progenitor the Fan Clan let out a roar while establishing the formations that encapsulated the entire Fan Clan with his strength of the Martial Highness Realm. He was planning to resist the force of the Tribulation.

“It’s over? Three hundred li? I’m sorry, that’s just the beginning!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a tremendous aura burst out from his body!

The crowd in the Ninth City could only see the three hundred li Tribulation spreading out rapidly as if it had just been stimulated.

Three hundred and fifty li!

Four hundred li!

It finally stopped after reaching six hundred li. The enormous stormy cloud resulted in complete darkness, which was accompanied by a terrifying aura.


At that instant, the Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City was awakened by the aura of the Tribulation, causing it to let out a growl.

“What is going on——

Everyone’s eyes were filled with utter astoundment after seeing this.

A six hundred li Tribulation!

Even as Martial Highnesses, they had never seen such an astonishing Tribulation!

“Tribulation, descend!”

Qin Nan said calmly.


Countless rays of lightning were emitted from the stormy cloud like a surging tide breaking out from a valve. It instantly encapsulated the figures of the progenitors and the rest.

The terrifying aura of the storm instantly covered the entire Ninth City!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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