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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 505


Chapter 505: Chapter 505 - Another Shocking Occurrence

Chapter 505 - Another Shocking Occurrence

“What’s going on! Why are two Martial Highnesses here!”

Gasp, aren’t they the progenitors of the Fan Clan and Ji Clan! Why are they back at the same time!”

“What? Didn’t they go to White Tiger City? Why are they back now?”

“Is there something serious happening in the Ninth Cty?”

“Let’s go and take a look!”

An uproar occurred in the Ninth City.

The Fan Clan and the Ji Clan were unstoppable in the Ninth City due to the presence of their progenitors. However, they seldom appeared before the public, thus it was extremely rare to see them together!

The progenitors of the Fan Clan and the Ji Clan exchanged glances with one another, before their figures arrived above the Fan Clan.

The disciples of the Fan Clan were dumbfounded by the sudden sight. It had been a few years since they had last seen their progenitor!

The last time he had appeared was when the Ninth City was in a great crisis after being swarmed by an enormous number of beasts.

...Meanwhile, in the Patriarch’s Hall of the Fan Clan...


Jiao Zhe was left in shock. It was too late now;the two progenitors had arrived.

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he raised his head and looked toward the sky. He immediately saw the two progenitors.

“Second-layer Martial Highness Realm, Third-layer Martial Highness Realm…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly. He finally realized that the ‘inspector’ of the Vermilion Bird Platoon had just been an excuse to hold him here, so that the progenitors could arrive in time.


At that instant, Fan Hao burst out laughing in a disdainful manner, “Qin Nan, do you finally get it? Everything has been a conspiracy all along. I’ve been tricking you from the very start!”

Ji Wuming stared at Qin Nan coldly too, “Now that the progenitors are here, it has been decided; Qin Nan, if you’re smart enough, hand over your secrets now. Otherwise, our progenitors will show you no mercy!”

Qin Nan was truly impressed by the speed they had changed their attitude toward him. Just a second ago, they were still being polite toward him.

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan wore an icy grin.

Even though he had been unaware of the conspiracy, did Fan Hao and Ji Wuming really think they could detain him with the help of merely two Martial Highnesses?


Meanwhile, a loud explosion took place inside Qin Nan’s body. A fiery gust of wind blew out from his nostrils, sweeping the hall.

It was the Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle trying to resist Qin Nan’s control, as it wanted to have a breakthrough now!

“Father, how could you do this? He saved my life!” Fan Xinru’s eyes became teary.

“So what? Once we’ve obtained his secrets, the Fan Clan will soar up into the sky!”

Fan Hao wore a disdainful grin.

His daughter’s life was nothing significant compared to the Fan Clan’s future!


Meanwhile, a blasting explosion took place.

The roof of the hall was sent flying by the Patriarch of the Fan Clan with a single strike.

The two progenitors glanced downward and spoke calmly, “So you’re Qin Nan?”

The words exploded in the Fan Clan like a bomb being detonated.

At that instant, the disciples of the Fan Clan and the experts making their way to the Fan Clan were completely dumbstruck.

Qin Nan?

Why were they concerned about Qin Nan?

“That’s me.”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression.

“Drop to your knees!”

The progenitor of the Ji Clan had a bad temper. He gazed at Qin Nan as if he were an ant.

The strength of the third-layer Martial Highness Realm burst out from his body like a volcano, crushing onto the hall.

Jiao Zhe’s face reddened thoroughly, while his figure trembled vigorously.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s expression remained the same. His face was filled with a vague grin instead.

Asking him to kneel down? Just with his mere suppression of the Martial Highness Realm?

Even the Death Emperor and Progenitor Wen Dao had failed to force him to drop to his knees!

The two progenitors were astonished. This man was definitely not an ordinary cultivator.

However, it was not enough to stop their will!

“Hand your secrets over and your life will be spread!” The progenitor of the Fan Clan snapped.

The disciples of the Fan Clan and the cultivators had their eyes widened.

The two progenitors were here to demand something from Qin Nan?

How terrifying could it be!?

On top of that, Fan Yu and the others were immersed in great joy. With the two progenitors here, it was impossible for Qin Nan to resist!

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming landed behind their progenitors and stared coldly at Qin Nan.

“Secrets? I have no idea what…” Qin Nan said while shaking his head. The fiery gust from his nostrils grew stronger, with a hint of lightning flickering from his pores.

“Mm? Tribulation?”

The progenitors immediately saw his extraordinary change.

“Since you’re not willing to hand it over, we shall use some violence!”

The progenitors quickly reacted and unleashed terrifying auras from their bodies, causing the entire Fan Clan to tremble vigorously as they dashed toward Qin Nan’s figure.


Qin Nan suddenly cried.

The progenitors halted in their tracks and smirked. This guy was not as stupid as he looked.

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming’s eyes were filled with disdain.

This Qin Nan had not cooperated with them previously, but was scared when their progenitors arrived?

So what if you were a sixth-grade Di ranked genius!

The crowd could only see Qin Nan taking a deep breath while wearing a stern look. His voice became extremely serious, and was loud enough to be heard by everyone in the city.

“Progenitors, since I’m grateful that the Fan Clan and Ji Clan have given me the chance to cultivate in the Aquamarine Chamber, I’ll give you a piece of advice. You had better not attack me now, and withdraw immediately. Otherwise, the entire Ninth City will experience total destruction!”

The words caused the progenitors and the rest to be stunned.

The entire Ninth City would be destroyed?

Were you being serious!?

...Meanwhile, twenty thousand li away from the Ninth City...

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Three magnificent figures moved rapidly in the air. The space that they passed shattered thoroughly. The auras emitted from their bodies were even more terrifying than the two progenitors.

They were headed straight toward the Ninth City.

“Tsk tsk, there was not a single noticeable genius from the Ninth City for the past few years. I have no idea why we have to come earlier.”

One of them calmly spoke in a disdainful tone.

If Qin Nan were to be here, he would recognize the person to be the Ninth Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom—Song Yu!

As for the other two, they were both wearing white robes, with a red vermillion bird spreading its wings widely in the middle!

The Vermilion Bird Platoon had arrived in advance!

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