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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 500


Chapter 500

Chapter 500 - Two Great Geniuses

Fan Hao, who stood at the side, explained, ’’There are many cultivating grounds in our Ninth City. The best one is known as the Aquamarine Chamber, which is only accessible once every year, and it only lasts for three days. With your talent, you would find it extremely useful to cultivate there.’’

’’I see...’’

Qin Nan nodded his head, while the suspicion in his heart grew stronger.

Weren't this Fan Hao and Ji Wuming being too friendly to him?

The duo was smart enough to speculate that Qin Nan would be suspicious. Ji Wuming purposely wore a helpless smile on his face, ’’Qin Nan, you might not know this, but the one hundred and eighty-eight cities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom are always competing with one another. In the past few years, not a single representative of our Ninth City has managed to be recruited by the Vermillion Bird Platoon.’’

’’Therefore, we are hoping that you could successfully join the Vermillion Bird Platoon. Our Ninth City would greatly benefit from it.’’

Only half of the statement was true.

Although there was nobody from the Ninth City that was able to join the Vermillion Bird Platoon in the past few years, both Ji Wuming and Fan Hao's eldest sons were talented enough to be recruited by the Vermillion Bird Platoon this year, hence there was no need for them to rely on Qin Nan.

They were only saying this to get rid of his doubts.

Qin Nan was less suspicious after hearing this, although he still had a slight hint of doubt in his mind, but he did not overthink it. He brought his fists together and said, ’’Thanks for the help, seniors. I will not disappoint you during the Vermillion Bird Platoon Selection in eight days' time.’’

’’Very well.’’ Fan Hao burst out laughing, ’’This is the badge for the Aquamarine Chamber. Remember, tomorrow at dawn, you must arrive at the Southern Street of the city.’’

Qin Nan received the badge and returned to the Fan Clan.

Fan Xinru had already prepared a residence for Qin Nan. After setting up some forbidding auras, he took out the thirty thousand Primary Stones from his storage bag.

’’I'm not sure if these are enough to rank up the divine Battle Spirit...’’

Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before he began devouring the stones rapidly. The final outcome was quite disappointing, as the divine Battle Spirit showed no sign of leveling up.

’’Well, at least I've got more than three hundred streams of Chaos Qi in my body now.’’

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts. Although the Chaos Qi was not able to raise his cultivation, it was incredibly useful in other areas. His effort had not necessarily been in vain.

’’What is wrong with this Copper Mirror?’’

Qin Nan frowned. Since his trip to the Ocean of Death, the Copper Mirror had failed to show any reaction.

Normally, after acquiring streams of Chaos Qi, the Copper Mirror would try its best to steal them from him.

’’Screw it, I shall focus on cultivating now.’’

Qin Nan shook his head and sat down with his legs crossed.

A day was gone in the blink of an eye. The entire Ninth City became lively at sunrise.

It sunrise.

It was rare for the geniuses from the Fan Clan and the City Lord's Mansion to gather together too, as they all arrived at the Southern Street of the Ninth City.

’’It seems like this Aquamarine Chamber is nothing ordinary.’’

Qin Nan slowly opened his eyes in his residence and took a glimpse outside. He then made his way to the Southern Street.

The entire Southern Street was filled with cultivators, each with a powerful aura. It was rare to see anybody with a cultivation lower than the Martial Emperor Realm.

’’I was told that Fan Yu and Ji Tianxiao are going to the Aquamarine Chamber too.’’

’’Aren't you talking nonsense, why would I be here if it weren't for the two great geniuses?’’

’’Hehe, there are only ten spots every year, and they are always taken by the top geniuses of the Ninth City. How could we stand a chance against them? I'm only here since it's incredibly difficult to meet the two great geniuses...’’

The disciples from the two factions discussed among themselves.

’’Brother Qin Nan.’’

Fan Xinru discovered Qin Nan's figure among the crowd, and immediately approached him. She said with a sweet smile, ’’I heard that you made a tremendous scene at the Trading Alliance...’’

Fan Xinru's action immediately grabbed the attention of the disciples, leaving them with confused looks.

Who is this man;why was Fan Xinru acting so close with him?

’’So you're Qin Nan?’’

Meanwhile, a calm voice could be heard.

Qin Nan turned around and saw a young man wearing a blue robe with his hair tied up in a bun. He was walking toward him at a steady a steady pace and with an extraordinary aura.

His arrival was like a shooting star in the dark, instantly catching the attention of the crowd.

’’Fan Yu! It's Fan Yu!’’

’’Tsk tsk, his cultivation has grown stronger in just three months!’’

’’Such a terrifying aura, I can feel my heart racing.’’

The geniuses from the two factions paid their respects.

Qin Nan glimpsed at Fan Yu after hearing the words of the crowd. This man had a third-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm. He could be considered a genius indeed.

’’That's right. What's wrong?’’

Qin Nan wore a calm expression.

’’What's wrong? You've beaten the crap out of me at the Trading Alliance last time. Brother Fan Yu is here to avenge me...’’ Fan Xiao appeared beside Fan Yu while scolding furiously.

His voice caused the crowd of disciples to glance at Qin Nan with astonished looks.

They had already known that there was a cultivator from the lower district that had caused a huge scene at the Trading Alliance, who had injured several people there. Furthermore, he was also the Honorary Supreme Elder of the Fan Clan.

Before Fan Xiao could finish, Fan Yu immediately interrupted him. His eyes gazed calmly at Qin Nan, ’’Since you're the Honorary Supreme Elder of our Fan Clan, it's an indication that you do have capabilities, but do remember to be more humble and stay away from Xinru. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind teaching you a lesson.’’

The atmosphere of the scene intensified. No one expected Fan Yu to threaten Qin Nan straight away.

Fan Xinru became infuriated, ’’Fan Yu, what are you implying ’’

However, her you implying ’’

However, her words were interrupted by Fan Yu, who stared at Qin Nan while unleashing a suppressive aura, ’’Did you hear my words?’’

’’Sorry, not really.’’

Qin Nan replied in a calm tone.

The surrounding disciples were startled. How bold of this young man to dare and talk back to Fan Yu.

Fan Yu was taken by surprise as well, but swiftly recovered. His eyes flickered coldly, ’’Such a temper, you're the first to talk to me like that. I will keep that in mind!’’

He then left with Fan Xiao and proceeded to the center of the Southern Street.

’’What a weird guy.’’ Qin Nan shook his head and mumbled helplessly.

He had no conflict with this Fan Yu, but that idiot came immediately and scolded him. So what if you're the top genius of the Fan Clan?

’’HAHAHA, not bad, not bad. You're the first one to talk to Fan Yu like that!’’ At that moment, a blasting laugh could be heard. A bulky man wearing a mink coat approached Qin Nan while emitting a terrifying aura, as if a huge mountain was crushing down toward him.

The crowd's eyes glistened. As expected, Ji Tianxiao was here too.

’’Ji Tianxiao, mind your own business.’’ Fan Yu's face darkened as he grumbled.

’’Right right right, how could I disobey Young Master Fan's request?’’ Ji Tianxiao rolled his eyes before looking at Qin Nan with a pair of squinted eyes, ’’But, young lad, it's good to be courageous, but not too full of yourself.’’

While speaking, Ji Tianxiao reached out his hand. His palm flickered with a dull glow as he tapped on Qin Nan's shoulder.


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