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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 50


Chapter 50 - Xiao Leng

Qin Nan soon calmed himself down.

It would take a crazy, unimaginable amount of pills to transform the current phantom-like figure of the divine Battle Spirit into a real human.

On the other hand, Qin Nan now was poor as hell, and could not find a single pill on himself.

’’F**k it, the priority now is to focus on cultivation.’’

Qin Nan whispered something to himself;the divine Battle Spirit behind him immediately unleashed an absorbing force, gathering the Qi from his surroundings.

After a stream of Qi entered his body, it turned into continuous rolling waves that covered his whole body, leading to a strengthening effect.

’’As I broke through to the fifth layer Body Tempering Realm last time, I strengthened my inner body parts, but it wasn't enough;I'll need to continue strengthening them.’’

Qin Nan clearly knew what to do, and controlled the abundant Qi to flow gradually toward the body parts.

For the time being, Qin Nan immersed himself in cultivating.

On the third day's morning, Qin Nan's whole body was giving out 'Pi- li- pa- la-' cracking sound, like beans being stir-fried.

In these three days, Qin Nan's inner body parts had evolved to the next stage;his cultivation had now reached the peak of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm, only a small step away from the sixth-layer.

Despite that, it was impossible to take this step in a short period of time.

The reason was that Qin Nan had spent most of his time on practicing Martial Skills after reaching the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm;he did not spend much time cultivating.

If he wanted to improve to the sixth-layer Body Tempering Realm, it would take at least ten days to do so, even with Qin Nan's eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.


Qin Nan opened his eyes slowly and released a prolonged exhalation. He then rose and went out from the room.

Today was the last day before the start of the Trial of Versatility.

Prior to the trial, Qin Nan had promised Xiao Qingxue that he would come out of seclusion earlier to meet up with her.

As expected, when Qin Nan came out from the residential area, a gorgeous lady wearing blue clothes could be seen from afar.

However, something was different compared to previous occasions there was a young man standing beside Xiao Qingxue.

The guy was wearing a black outfit;a frosty aura could be felt from him.

Qin Nan did a quick scan with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and immediately saw the guy's cultivation to be of the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm.

’’Qin Nan.’’ Xiao Qingxue let out a soft exclamation when she saw Qin Nan. Following this, a surprised expression appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Even though Qin Nan still hadn't achieved the sixth-layer of the Body Tempering Realm which was what she had expected there was something different about Qin Nan's aura that she could not explain.

It was as if Qin Nan was encapsulated in a noble aura.

Xiao Qingxue did not hesitate for too long, as she quickly said, ’’The Trial of Versatility is starting soon. Here, take this. It's called an Escape Orb. Once you break it, you will be teleported a mile away.’’

Xiao Qingxue gently waved her hand, and on top of her pale, elegant palm was a floating orb.

This orb was thoroughly black, perfectly round in shape, and emitted an arcane force.

’’Escape Orb?’’ Qin Nan glanced suspiciously at the orb, but he did not hesitate for too long before shaking his head and saying, ’’Qingxue, the help you've given me is sufficient. This Escape Orb is too precious, I couldn't take it.’’

’’It's my gift, you must take it.’’ It seemed like Xiao Qingxue had expected Qin Nan to reject her, as she straightened her face and said, ’’Unless I'm not a friend to you.’’


Qin Nan let out a wry smile;although his expression did not budge while facing Ling Zixiao and Mo Li these two great enemies he was clueless how to deal with Xiao Qingxue's ruthlessness.

After letting out a sigh, Qin Nan accepted the Escape Orb, and said in a serious tone, ’’Qingxue, don't worry. I will remember your kindness with all my heart.’’

Qin Nan said these words sincerely.

Xiao Qingxue had always been helping him at crucial moments at Lingshui City, or the Escape Orb this time.

This friendship should be taken care of preciously.

’’There you go.’’ Xiao Qingxue's face turned joyful, as she giggled and said, ’’By the way, let me introduce you to someone. This is my brother, Xiao Leng;he's also a new disciple. During the Trial of Versatility, you two can befriend and help each other.’’

Qin Nan had understood Xiao Qingxue's intentions;he brought his fists together toward Xiao Leng and said, ’’I'm Qin Nan. Nice to meet you. I hope Brother Xiao would keep an eye on me.’’

Xiao Leng glanced at Qin Nan coldly;he appeared to be not too fond of Qin Nan, and said in an icy tone, with a hint of disdain, ’’That won't be necessary. Who among the new disciples haven't heard of the famous Qin Nan? I have no idea where you got the courage from to go and offend Ling Zixiao.’’

Qin Nan was slightly stunned.

Xiao Qingxue's expression changed instantly as she snapped, ’’Xiao Leng, mind your attitude. Apologize to Qin Nan now!’’

’’Apologize? I won't apologize. I'm just speaking the truth.’’ Xiao Leng smirked coldly and said, ’’Qin Nan, your cultivation base is merely of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm. Your Martial Spirit is only eighth-grade Huang ranked. Apart from having a greater Martial Talent than Ling Zixiao, how are you comparable to Ling Zixiao in other areas?’’

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and smiled gently as he said, ’’I'm indeed not worthy enough to be compared with Ling Zixiao.’’

’’Looks like you still have some sense of self-awareness.’’ Xiao Leng took a glimpse at Qin Nan and said, ’’You're a talent my sister discovered. Let me give you a piece of advice: the Trial of Versatility is not about Martial Talent, but rather will be testing your capabilities. With your current fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm and eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, your death is inevitable if you bump into Ling Zixiao. Therefore, it's better if you lower your head and apologize to Ling Zixiao before the trial starts. Those who act in anticipation of the future are wise.’’

Xiao Leng then said, ’’That's all I have to say.’’

After finishing this sentence, Xiao Leng did not give Xiao Qingxue a chance to speak;with a flash, his figure disappeared in the two's vision.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Qingxue did not have a pleasant expression;in a low voice she said, ’’Qin Nan, don't be bothered on account of my brother. He has been conceited since he was young, so there's some flaws in his personality...’’

’’That's fine.’’

Qin Nan let out a gentle smile;even though Xiao Leng's words made Qin Nan uncomfortable, he would not have a grudge against him.

It was because Xiao Leng was Xiao Qingxue's brother;it was a way for Qin Nan to show his respect toward Xiao Qingxue.

After making sure Qin Nan was not angry, Xiao Qingxue let out a relieved sigh, and continued to advise, ’’Qin Nan, please be careful in the Trial of Versatility, and avoid acting on impulse. To be harsh, although your Martial Talent is outstanding among the disciples, it has only been a month since you started cultivating, thus your cultivation base is still too weak compared to theirs. Therefore, try to be more forbearing...’’

As she said that, Xiao Qingxue realized Qin Nan was looking at her with a weird expression;she hesitated for a while, and her face turned red.

What is happening to me today? Why am I worrying so much, and speaking so much nonsense?

Why am I so worried for Qin Nan's safety?

’’Qin Nan is the genius I discovered I am just admiring him, and hoping that he won't die in the Trial of Versatility.’’ Xiao Qingxue tried to explain this to herself in her mind, but as she saw that Qin Nan was still staring at her with a weird expression, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. This made her panic a little, and she immediately straightened her face, showing her prestige as a senior sister, ’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, do you understand?’’

’’Roger that, Senior Sister.’’ Qin Nan said with a serious face.

After seeing Qin Nan's reaction, Xiao Qingxue could not help but laugh;she then said in a serious tone, ’’Qin Nan, I hope that you get a good ranking in this Trial of Versatility.’’

Qin Nan went silent for a while, before he smiled and nodded his head. He then turned around and walked away.

Even though he did not say anything, he had made a promise in his heart.

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