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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 - Thundercrash Saber Art

Originally, Qin Nan didn't hold a grudge towards Qin Yu, however, he hadn't imagined that Qin Yu would mock and ridicule him. Thus, he naturally didn't care about the feelings of the other party.

’’You attacked my younger brother?’’ Qin Yu questioned with an ominous gaze.

’’That's right,’’ Qin Nan replied indifferently, ’’Not only did your younger brother completely disregard our former relationship, he also destroyed my court gate and humiliated me. He assaulted me and attempted to take my Elixir. Hence, I gave him a light beating.’’

’’Gave him a light beating?’’ Qin Yu was enraged, ’’Qin Nan, so what if my little brother stole your Elixir? If a good-for-nothing like you uses these Elixirs, it would just be a waste of our resources!

Qin Nan's expression turned cold, he had never thought that Qin Yu would speak so shamelessly.

Due to the fact that the other party had not shown any signs of respect, Qin Nan also became increasingly impolite, ’’Admittedly, you and your brother both have the same morality and conduct, both of you are shameless and immoral. You sicken me.’’

’’What did you say!?’’

Qin Yu erupted, he had never thought that this waste would dare be so arrogant. Qin Yu immediately bellowed, ’’You're courting death!’’

As the words left his mouth, Qin Yu took large strides and the Qi of a first-layer Body Tempering Realm erupted. He channeled his Martial Spirit and yellow rays began to flicker from his back as he struck towards Qin Nan with explosive force.

At this moment, Elder Ying's austere voice resounded throughout the second floor, ’’The Martial Skill Pavilion prohibits battles. Qin Yu, if you are to break the rules today, then you will be forever barred from treading upon the Martial Skill Pavilion by even half a step!’’

Elder Ying's words caused Qin Yu to feel as though cold water had been poured down his head.

’’Elder Ying, I apologize. This disciple definitely will not violate the rules of the Martial Skill Pavilion,’’ Qin Yu said loudly as he suppressed his anger.

He knew Elder Ying wasn't joking. Even if he was the number one genius of the Qin Clan but had violated the rules, he would still suffer a form of punishment. It would a waste if he were to be forever barred from entry into the Martial Skill Pavilion.

Following his apology, Qin Yu turned around and glared fiercely at Qin Nan before saying, ’’You're lucky today. Don't let me see you again or else I'll break all four of your limbs, destroy your Dantian, and turn you into a waste amongst the waste!’’

’’Oh really?’’ Qin Nan's face didn't show the slightest hint of fear, instead, he coldly retorted, ’’Then I'll repeat the same words, you better not run into me. Moreover, at that time, you better not kneel before me. I definitely won't forgive someone as shameless and immoral as you!’’


Qin Yu's entire body trembled as his fingers pointed towards Qin Nan. His face grew red and his words were unable to leave his mouth.

Ever since he had awakened his fourth-grade Martial Spirit, the elders and disciples within the family had been treating him with respect and had been trying to curry favors with him. Despite this, he was being repeatedly humiliated by a waste who had only awakened a mere first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

’’Just you wait!’’

After restraining himself for a moment, Qin Yu wore an ashen face as he turned to leave, refusing to stay any minute longer as to in fear of being agitated even further. Qin Nan's expression was indifferent, he didn't take Qin Yu's threat to heart.

’’Let's inspect the Martial Skills first.’’

Qin Nan promptly calmed his mind and turned around, picking up an ancient book and flipping through it.

’’Soaring Cloud Step. Upon usage, the body will resemble a cloud, turning into an indistinct trace which caused it to be very difficult for people to catch.’’

’’Jade Palm. Upon reaching Large Success, the palm will become like Jade, invulnerable to both water and fire. These palms can carry nine cows and two tigers.’’

’’Isolated Peak Flying Sword.’’

’’dividing Mountain Spear Art.’’

Qin Nan flipped through them in a meticulous manner, and the result did not disappoint him. The strength of these middle-class Martial Skills was indeed incomparable to low-class Martial Skills.

However, although Qin Nan had already flipped through roughly ten ancient books, he still hadn't found a Martial Skill he desired.

’’Hm? Thundercrash Saber Art?’’ Qin Nan's gaze was attracted to a floating, yellow ancient book. The characters in the ancient book were extremely extravagant, it was as though it had been engraved with a saber.

Qin Nan immediately became excited and picked up the ancient book, ’’Thundercrash Saber Art. A single slash caused the saber to strike as though it were a thunderbolt, its speed like lightning.

After perusing it for an hour, Qin Nan promptly nodded his head in satisfaction, ’’This is the one!’’

Qin Nan always had an interest in sabers. When he was sixteen years old, he had even created a Saber Art Martial Skill, however, its power had only reached low-class.

The current Thundercrash Saber Art was well in line with Qin Nan's preference.

At this moment, a few silhouettes were already within the Martial Skill Pavilion. These people were the geniuses of the Qin Clan;their cultivation had reached the first-layer of Body Tempering Realm and had previously entered in order to select a Martial Skill.

Under the flabbergasted and astonished gaze of these disciples, Qin Nan calmly picked up the ancient book before turning around to leave.


After Qin Nan returned to the courtyard from the Martial Skill Pavilion, he had discovered that the court gate had been repaired. This caused him to feel slightly stunned. After all, he was currently the ’’waste’’ of the Qin Clan, nobody should even care about him.

With doubts in his heart, he pushed open the gate and a deep voice resounded, ’’Oh, you're back?’’

Qin Nan raised his head and a middle-aged man landed within his line of vision. He looked at Qin Nan with a gentle gaze. Although the clothing of this middle-aged man was simple, the pressure he emitted caused people to shiver.

This middle-aged man was the Patriarch of Qin Clan, the only person who had reached the ’’Xiantian Realm’’, Qin Tian.

Qin Tian glanced at the ancient book in Qin Nan's hands and was slightly startled. He immediately inspected Qin Nan and said with an astonishment, ’’Nan'er, your cultivation has broken through the first-layer of Body Tempering realm?’’

(TL note: Nan'er is Qin Nan's nickname. In Chinese, it's common to add an 'er to their children's name.)

’’Yeah.’’ Qin Nan smiled, ’’This is all thanks to the Elixir that father has given me.’’

’’This....’’ Qin Tian's expression revealed ambiguity. Although the effects of the ten Body Tempering Pills were great, Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was ultimately a mere first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. How was he able to break through so quickly with only ten Body Tempering Pills?

Qin Nan noticed his father's doubt and immediately changed the topic, ’’Father, why have you visited today?’’

As the clan's Patriarch, Qin Tian had to manage a great number of things. Hence, he rarely met with Qin Nan and was only able to care for him in secret.

’’Your gate had been shattered by someone, so why would I not visit?’’ Qin Tian wasn't in a good mood, ’’The next time something like this happens, you can come and tell me. No one bullies the son of I, Qin Tian.’’

As Qin Tian spoke, dreadful killing intent emanated from him with tyrannical might.

Qin Nan gazed at his father who was filled with killing intent, his heart felt warm as he knew this was because his father cared about him. ’’Father, I can deal with these kinds of things myself.’’

Qin Tian dubiously nodded. The current Qin Nan and his first-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation was not an easy opponent for most of the disciples within Qin Clan.

’’Nan'er, the reason why your father has come today is to tell you to not be dispirited or give up.’’ A deep sense of concern could be heard in Qin Tian's tone, ’’If you ever need Elixir for your cultivation, you can look for me. Father believes in you. I believe that you will one day become a powerful expert and assume your own responsibilities.’’

As he spoke, Qin Tian's face revealed a hint of pride.

So what if he had a first-grade Huang ranked innate talent? Qin Nan was his son, hence it was within reason that he is incomparably proud of him.

Qin Nan was slightly startled then nodded. He engraved each and every one of these words into his heart.

As Qin Tian saw Qin Nan's appearance, he gave out a sigh of relief. There was another reason as to why he had come today, and that was to personally see Qin Nan's state.

After all, he went from a genius to a waste. A normal person would not be able to accept such outcome.

He felt at ease when he saw that Qin Nan hadn't lost his will.

’’Father, your son has a matter he wishes to trouble you with.’’ Qin Nan suddenly said.

Qin Tian was caught by surprise before he nodded and replied, ’’What's wrong?’’

’’I understand that this request will be a bit excessive but father must trust me....’’ Qin Nan carefully considered how to phrase himself;his complexion turned solemn as he said, ’’I need Elixir. I need one hundred Body Tempering Pills. If you can get two hundred, or even five hundred, then that would be even better!’’

After he spoke, Qin Nan cautiously glanced towards Qin Tian.

One had to understand that this request was not only nearly impossible but also very excessive. This was due to the fact Qin Clan did not even hand out hundred Body Tempering Pills a month despite the disciples receiving one a month for their cultivation. However, Qin Nan went as far as to request for five hundred Body Tempering Pills.

Not only that, the current Qin Nan was also the ’’waste’’ of the clan. Giving five hundred Body Tempering Pills to a waste;even if it was Qin Tian, he would still suffer colossal pressure from the clan as well as numerous disapprovals.

However, the reason as to why Qin Nan needed a large amount of Elixirs was due to the divine Battle Spirit and its ability to devour Elixirs to increase its grade. If Qin Nan were to personally create Body Tempering Pills, then that would be simply a futile effort. This was why he decided to request these Elixirs from Qin Tian. Qin Nan wanted to use the large amount of Elixirs to increase the grade of the Spirit of the War Soul.

This however, would be a quite difficult especially since Qin Nan hadn't told anyone about the divine Battle Spirit. This wasn't because he was afraid of Qin Tian not believing him, but it was because of this matter being outrageously shocking.

If he were to reveal the matter regarding the divine Battle Spirit, a thousand or even ten thousands of Spirit Medicines wouldn't be impossible for Qin Tian.

As expected, Qin Tian's expression revealed a trace of surprise, he had never imagined that Qin Nan would request such an exorbitant amount of Elixir. After being silent for a few moments, he then nodded.



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