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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 499


Chapter 499: Chapter 499 - Aquamarine Chamber

Chapter 499 - Aquamarine Chamber

The cultivators were utterly astonished.

Even the Fan Clan’s Patriarch was here!

Two half-Martial Highness Realm experts of the Ninth City had arrived just for a mere cultivator from the lower district!

Hong Lao—who had been sent flying by Qin Nan—became joyful and blurted out, “Patriarch Fan! This lawless man is from the lower district. He dared to break the rules in public. Please detain him at once——”

In the meantime, Hong Lao stared at Qin Nan with a cold murderous look.

He could not help but admit that this Qin Nan did possess a terrifying strength, but with the two half-Martial Highness working together, detaining him would not be a problem at all.

However, before he could finish, green veins could be seen popping out on Fan Hao’s forehead as he uttered a furious roar, “Open up your goddamned eyes and look carefully, he’s the Honorary Supreme Elder of our clan, whose status is on par with mine!”

The words caused the entire place to fall into a dead silence, with everyone’s eyes widened.

Are you being serious?

This man from the lower district was the Honorary Supreme Leader of the Fan Clan?


Hong Lao was left speechless.

In addition to him, the plump man and the guard were left dumbfounded as well.

It appeared that this young man—whom they had looked down upon—turned out to possess a great authority in addition to his tremendous strength!

“Patriarch Fan, how could you——”

Only Ji Wuming was clear of Qin Nan’s identity, who snapped with a stern look.

Fan Hao could tell that Ji Wuming had realized Qin Nan’s identity after seeing his reaction. He swiftly transmitted his voice to him, “Brother Ji, be quiet and patient. Think about it, aren’t you curious why Qin Nan is being hunted by the Four Great Factions?”


Ji Wuming immediately came to a realization after hearing this.

Even if Qin Nan were to kill the prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, it was unlikely that he would be targeted by the Four Great Factions. The only explanation was that Qin Nan had some kind of law-defying treasure or secret that even the Four Great Factions were crazy for!

“You’re saying…” Ji Wuming was smart enough to guess Fan Hao’s intentions. He could not help but admit that he was greatly interested in knowing the reason why Qin Nan was being targeted by the Four Great Factions as well.

“We shall keep an eye on him first. I’ve already notified my progenitor, and he will be here in three days. You should notify the Progenitor of your Ji Clan too, and have him come here in three days. Otherwise, once the people from the Vermillion Bird Platoon arrive, we might lose the chance to keep this secret to ourselves…” Fan Hao immediately shared his plan.

“Are we dividing equally?” Ji Wuming’s eyes glistened. The plan was perfect without any loopholes. Qin Nan had nowhere to escape to.

“Of course.”

Fan Hao nodded his head. Although he was extremely unwilling to split the profit, it was the best option he could think of in the current situation.

“Very well!”

Ji Wuming nodded his head, before he continued to transmit his voice to ask about the details of the plan.

That being said, it only took a few breaths’ time for them to reach a deal. The crowd was unaware of their interaction with one another.

“HAHA!” Ji Wuming burst out laughing while bringing his fists together toward Qin Nan, “My apologies, I had no idea that this young man was the Honorary Supreme Elder of the Fan Clan. It was a misunderstanding. I do hope you’re able to forgive my foolishness!”

At that instant, Hong Lao and the rest of the crowd were dumbfounded.

Just a second ago, Ji Wuming had been planning to detain Qin Nan. How had his attitude changed in just the blink of an eye?

Even though this Qin Nan was the Honorary Supreme Leader of the Fan Clan, it didn’t necessarily mean Ji Wuming would change his attitude...

Qin Nan’s expression remained cold.

Fan Hao scanned the crowd and said in an imperious tone, “Alright, everything was just a misunderstanding. Time to disperse.”

Although the crowd was curious to observe further, they had no choice but to leave as they did not dare to go against Fan Hao’s will.

The hall was swiftly emptied.


Hong Lao—who was standing at the side—had no idea what he should do.

Ji Wuming cast him a cold glance and said, “Your leader is only away for a few days and you’ve forgotten how to run the place? Give this young man a hundred thousand Primary Stones, and the dispute will be settled.”

“One hundred thousand…”

Hong Lao was startled. That was a hundred thousand Primary Stones. All of his possessions were only worth less than ten thousand Primary Stones.

Qin Nan frowned upon seeing this.

He could vaguely feel that Ji Wuming was behaving strangely, but he could not tell what the exact problem was.

“City Lord Ji, don’t worry about it. I’m only here to gather some information. I believe Hong Lao is more than happy to help me.” Qin Nan said calmly.

Since Qin Nan had already taught them a lesson, the fury inside his heart was released.

“Thank you, Elder Qin! Thank you!” Hong Lao immediately expressed his gratitude and took out a storage bag, “It’s the Trading Alliance’s fault after all. I hope you’re willing to forgive us…”

Qin Nan glanced at the storage bag and discovered thirty thousand Primary Stones lying inside it, causing his heart to beat faster as he nodded his head.

Hong Lao immediately let out a sigh of relief. He stood no chance against Qin Nan’s strength, nor his background.

“Go do your business. The City Lord and I have something to discuss. I’ll tell you more once you’re done.”

Fan Hao said smilingly.

“I will excuse myself then.”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and proceeded to the second-floor under Hong Lao’s guidance.

The second-floor was covered in darkness. There were only a few figures moving in the darkness like phantoms.

Hong Lao immediately yelled out after arriving at the second-floor, “Come on, our guest wants to check some information!”

A tall skinny man quickly appeared while wearing a fawning smile, “Greetings, what would you like to know about?”

“Princess Miao Miao, Tang Qingshan, Sima Kong…”

Qin Nan told him the names.

The man nodded his head and withdrew deep into the shadow. In just less than half the period it took for an incense to burn, he hurried his way back and spoke in a troubled tone, “It appears that we of the Trading Alliance have no information regarding the names you’ve given. Are you sure they are currently in the Eastern Continent?”

Qin Nan was taken by surprise.

With the Trading Alliance’s influence, how could they not have any information regarding Tang Qingshan and the others’ whereabouts?

“Then help me check if there's any information regarding Qin Nan.”

Qin Nan said slowly.

“Sure.” The man withdrew again and came back a brief moment later. He looked at Qin Nan carefully and said, “There’s nothing about him either…”


Qin Nan frowned.

Hong Lao became infuriated after seeing this, “Nothing? How is that possible? Go and check again now! I’ll surely teach you a lesson if you aren’t able to give our guest what he wants!”

“Hong Lao, it’s fine. Let it be.” Qin Nan waved his hand and said.

“Ugh…” Hong Lao withheld his anger and forced a smile onto his face, “Well, do you mind coming back in a few days’ time? There is some information that only our leader has access to. He will be back in a few days.”


Qin Nan nodded his head. His eyes flickered curiously.

It was strange that he was unable to find any information about himself considering the conflict he shared with the Trading Alliance. There must be something happening behind the scenes.

Qin Nan descended to the first-floor and was shocked seeing that Ji Wuming and Fan Hao were still there.

Fan Hao let out a smile, “Qin Nan, what is your plan for the next few days?”

“I’m planning to head to the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range to improve my cultivation.” Qin Nan said.

His Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle was only a few steps away from triggering the Tribulation. As such, his priority now was to rank up his cultivation and overcome the Tribulation before the Vermillion Bird Platoon arrived.

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming exchanged glances with another, before Ji Wuming said with a smile, “If you’re planning to raise your cultivation, young man, you don’t have to go to the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range. The Ninth City will be opening the Aquamarine Chamber tomorrow, and it would be extremely beneficial for you if you were to cultivate there.”

“The Aquamarine Chamber?”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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