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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 498


Chapter 498: Chapter 498 - The City Lord Arrives

Chapter 498 - The City Lord Arrives

Hong Lao’s eyes flickered with astoundment.

Even with his arrival, the kid showed no sign of being intimidated. His expression remained as calm as before. It was a sign that he was no ordinary cultivator.

That being said, he was still someone from the lower district, and he was now at the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

One would not be easily forgiven after hurting the people of the Trading Alliance in the upper district’s Eastern Continent. Otherwise, he would be blamed when his leader returned.

“Young cultivator, I do agree that we did not do the right thing in the first place. I will teach them a lesson after this, but first, you’ve broken the rules by using violence here at the Trading Alliance. Therefore, you should apologize sincerely before the crowd and pay us one hundred thousand Primary Stones to compensate the loss, how does that sound?” Hong Lao spoke slowly.

The surrounding crowd was taken by surprise, as they had not expected Hong Lao to only demand an apology and compensation.

This was too easy for Qin Nan.

“Apologize and compensate?” Qin Nan burst out laughing. The Trading Alliance was still being imperious despite having done the wrong thing in the first place, “In your dreams!”


Hong Lao’s eyes widened.

He had not expected that after lowering his stance, the man before him would still choose to be arrogant.

“How arrogant, I would like to see how confident you are today.”

A firm yell could be heard all of a sudden.

Following this, a tremendous suppression filled the hall rapidly, which was stronger than Hong Lao’s aura. It was comparable to Fan Hao’s cultivation of the half-Martial Highness Realm.

A middle-aged man wearing a mink coat entered the hall in an imperious manner.

The crowd was astounded seeing him.

“City Lord!”

“The City Lord is here!”

Gasp, this is insane. This guy is doomed!”

The man was none other than the City Lord of the Ninth City;Ji Wuming.

Ji Wuming was not having a pleasant day, thus when he had been told that someone dared to hurt the experts of the Trading Alliance and the law enforcement team, he immediately became infuriated and rushed to the scene. As soon as he had arrived, he was in time to hear Qin Nan’s scornful comments!

“A mere cultivator from the lower district dares to be this lawless in my city!”

Ji Wuming harrumphed while making his decision. He would personally teach this imbecile a lesson. However, when he took a closer look at Qin Nan’s appearance, his breathing halted instantly.

Wasn’t he the one currently wanted by the Four Great Factions, the one with a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit—Qin Nan?

Why was he here at the Ninth City?

“What an absolute surprise, if I were to notify the Four Great Factions regarding his whereabouts…”

Even Ji Wuming’s heart began racing when he thought about the tremendous rewards.

With those rewards, his city could easily become one of the top three cities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Most importantly, he could give his son a chance to become Progenitor Wen Dao’s core disciple!

“I must detain him first!”

As expected of a half-Martial Highness Realm expert, Ji Wuming soon calmed his thoughts and locked his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure.

Hong Lao too had not expected the City Lord to be here in person. He wore a calm smile as he spoke, “Young cultivator, isn’t it better if you had chosen to apologize just now? Now that the City Lord is here, you will need to compensate at least one million Primary Stones!”

The crowd took a few deep breaths after hearing the words.

One million Primary Stones!

One with such a fortune could even be considered wealthy in White Tiger City of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, where the royal family resided!

Qin Nan’s expression turned cold. The people of the Trading Alliance all behaved the same. They all liked to bully others by abusing their authority.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Ji Wuming suddenly became angry as a ferocious aura burst out from his body, causing the entire Trading Alliance to vibrate vigorously.

“This kid is being too lawless, breaking the rules in public. A compensation is nowhere enough!”

The snap served as a shocking explosion in the hearts of the crowd.

“Drop to your knees!”

Ji Wuming’s majestic aura was unleashed along with the strength of the half-Martial Highness Realm. His right hand transformed into a claw, while his figure sprang into the air striking at Qin Nan’s head.

“Great timing!”

Qin Nan’s chest was filled with bursting anger.

The Trading Alliance!

The City Lord of the Ninth City!

Everyone was being unreasonable to him!

“Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle, Phoenix Flame, Sky Thunder, The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling!”

Qin Nan uttered a blasting roar as the forces of the Nascent Soul, Phoenix Flame, and Sky Thunder burst out from his body, summoning a giant bell that encapsulated Ji Wuming’s figure and chimed.


A terrifying aura was unleashed from the bell.

The crowd cried out in agony due to the shockwave. Their divine Senses were almost shattered.


Ji Wuming was left with a blank expression. He had not expected Qin Nan to possess such terrifying strength, to be able to restrain him with a single ability.

“Hong Lao, what are you waiting for!”

Ji Wuming uttered a roar at that instant.

Hong Lao stood aside with a shocked expression. If he were the one being struck by the bell, he would be severely injured.

“Life-Hooking Golden Sword!”

Hong Lao soon reacted. The only choice now was to cooperate and detain Qin Nan. Otherwise, it would be a great disaster.

He flung his hand and summoned a brilliant golden sword in his hand, which fired countless sword intents aimed at Qin Nan’s eyes.

“Piss off!”

Countless rays of Sky Thunder exploded from Qin Nan’s left eye, resulting in an ocean of lightning.


The sword intents were devoured by the ocean of lightning instantly, while the remaining force struck Hong Lao’s figure like a punishment from the Heavens, knocking his figure into the air.

Since Hong Lao was only an ordinary peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator, there was no way he could stand a chance against Qin Nan’s powerful abilities, which he had executed with the Nascent Soul of the divine God of Battle.

“How can this be!”

Ji Wuming’s heart shuddered violently. Even he could not defeat a peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator with a single move.

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Qin Nan arrived before Ji Wuming at a lightning speed while pointing his left index finger at him. Various forces were accumulated on his fingertip, ready to be fired at Jiang Wuming’s head.

Qin Nan no longer showed any mercy toward his enemies.


Ji Wuming’s face turned pale. The force of the half-Martial Highness Realm in his body was unleashed rapidly as he was planning to save himself from the attack with his strongest move.

“Stop it at once!”

At that instant, a raging roar could be heard.

A figure descended from above with an imperious aura, which turned out to be Fan Hao!

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