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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 492


Chapter 492: Chapter 492 - Agile Monkey Fruit

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Chapter 492 - Agile Monkey Fruit

Qin Nan calmly glanced at them without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Fan Xinru straightened her face and snapped, “What are you two saying? Watch your mouth! This is Brother Qin Nan. If it weren’t for his help, I would’ve died!”

The young men were startled, before glancing at Qin Nan with curious looks.

This guy who looked similar to their age was able to chase away a half-Martial Dominator Realm beast?

If that was true, this Qin Nan would surely have a formidable background.

The two became speechless.

“It’s fine.” Qin Nan shook his head and continued to ask, “What’s the Ninth City?”

The young men were shocked once again after hearing this.

Fan Xinru pondered before she spoke, “Brother Qin Nan, this Ninth City is the abbreviation for the ninth city of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. How about this;since it’s your first time in the upper district, you must be clueless of many things. Once I’ve found the Agile Monkey Fruit, I’ll bring you to the Ninth City so you can learn more about the upper district. What do you think?”

Being aware of Qin Nan’s confusion, Fan Xinru blurted out, “The reason we’re out here is to find the Agile Monkey Fruit, and we ended up stumbling into the beast.”

Hearing this, Qin Nan came to a decision. He knew little about the upper district, thus it would be beneficial for him to head to the Ninth City.

“I don’t agree!”

At that instant, one of the young men suddenly pointed at Qin Nan and spoke in a cold tone, “Sister Xinru, we have no idea where this guy came from. It’s possible that he’s just trying to befriend us in order to steal the Agile Monkey Fruit!”

The young man had initially been intimidated by Qin Nan’s strength, but after knowing he was from the lower district, it was replaced with a hint of disdain.

How significant would a cultivator from the lower district be?

“Shut up!”

Fan Xinru’s face turned cold. She had not expected them to cross the line.

The young men were trying to say something, but decided to shut their mouths after seeing Fan Xinru’s reaction and glared at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan’s expression remained calm, as if he were not aware of their existence.

This caused their expressions to turn even more unpleasant.

“Brother Qin Nan, let’s go.”

Although Fan Xinru was not fond of them, they were her cousins from the same clan after all, thus she could not actually chase them away.

Qin Nan nodded his head and followed Fan Xinru deep into the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range.

Half an hour later, Fan Xinru took out an ancient map and began searching in the woods. A while later, she suddenly let out a scream, “Agile Monkey Fruit! I’ve found the Agile Monkey Fruit! And there are lots of them here!”

The two young men turned energetic and hurried over.

Qin Nan stood a distance away and took a glimpse with his left eye of the divine God of Battle. He immediately discovered a few inconspicuous stalks of grass deep among the woods, each bearing a few fruits the size of a fingernail that resembled the shape of a monkey. There were a total of eighteen fruits.


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

He could sharply sense a thick pure aura coming from the fruits. Once devoured, it would bring great benefits to his Nascent Soul.

He could not help but exclaim that such a random place in the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range would have such useful treasures.

“If Princess Miao Miao were with me…”

A grin appeared on Qin Nan’s face. With the Princess’s help, they could easily plunder the entire Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range in three days.

“Brother Qin Nan, here are eight Agile Monkey Fruits. Thanks for saving me. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to find these fruits. I hope it’s enough for you.” Fan Xinru handed eight fruits to Qin Nan. Her face was still red due to the excitement from before, giving her a cute appearance.

Qin Nan was about to reject it.

The young men were infuriated seeing this and snapped, “Sister Xinru, how could you give him eight pieces of fruit! We are still not sure if he’s friendly! It’s possible that he only saved you in order to acquire these Agile Monkey Fruits! Don’t be tricked by him!”

Meanwhile, the other young man glared at Qin Nan, “Kid, remember that you are currently in the upper district. Don’t think you can do anything you like with your slightly outstanding cultivation! Otherwise, you might not even know how you died in the end!”

Fan Xinru’s face turned cold.

These two were being way too disrespectful.

Qin Nan’s expression coldened. Did they assume that he could be bullied so easily just because he had been silent all along?


Qin Nan received the eight pieces of Agile Monkey Fruit without hesitating.

Fan Xinru was happy seeing his reaction. Her face was filled with a smile.


The young men became enraged.

They had never expected Qin Nan to be this stubborn. He dared to ignore their threats!

Since Qin Nan had taken eight of the fruits, there were only ten left. Fan Xinru would be taking at least five of them, which meant they would only get around two each at most?

“Sister Xinru, I don’t mind if you are willing to give him some, but what has he done along the journey? Why did you give him eight pieces? I don’t agree!” One of them stood forward and yelled.

“I don’t agree either! He can only get two at most!” The other young man followed.

Fan Xinru stared at them coldly.

She finally understood that they were only picking on Qin Nan due to how the fruits were being distributed.

This caused her to feel disappointed.

So a few Agile Monkey Fruits were comparable to her life?

Qin Nan had saved her life. Even a greater benefit was not enough to repay his debt.


At that instant, a sudden occurrence took place. A shocking roar could be heard in the woods.

Following this, a beast with strong limbs and the appearance of an ox charged toward them with reddened eyes.

“It’s the Blood-Eyed Bull! Crap! Run!”

Fan Xinru was utterly astounded. This Blood-Eyed Bull possessed a strength of the Martial Dominator Realm!

The two young men’s faces turned pale also seeing this.


As they were about to flee from the place, a series of roars took place as one Blood-Eyed Bull after another appeared from the woods. There were eight of them in total!

“Humans, put the Agile Monkey Fruits down, and I’ll spare your lives!”

At that instant, a shocking roar could be heard.

They could only see a three-zhang-tall beast with a pair of horns on his head and his body covered in thick fur glaring at them with a pair of reddened eyes, emitting an intimidating aura.

“The Blood-Eyed Bull King!”

Fan Xinru and the two young men were terrified seeing it.

That was the Blood-Eyed Bull King!

It’s cultivation was at least at the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm!

They were screwed!

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