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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 49


Chapter 49 -

Under Xiao Qingxue's lead, Qin Nan arrived at a residential area.

The whole area had a circumference of around three miles;there were two hundred plus rooms and every room had a unique number.

Besides this, there were also four Martial Emperor experts guarding the entrance to the area.

Xiao Qingxue said, ’’This area was built specifically for new disciples like you. Qin Nan, you are number nineteen you can enter straight away and start cultivating.’’

After hesitating momentarily, Xiao Qingxue smilingly said, ’’Of course, every room here is protected by concealing formations set up by experts. The aura from your Martial Spirit or whatever you do when you're cultivating will not leak out.’’

Qin Nan nodded his head, if these rooms did not have these concealing formations, he would not dare to cultivate here.

’’Go on. I'll pick you up in ten days.’’ Xiao Qingxue said.


Qin Nan did not waste any time;he immediately walked up to check-in with his name, then proceeded straight to room number nineteen.

The room only had an area of thirty meters squared, with a futon placed in the middle;there was dry food placed at the side of the room, specially prepared for new disciples who were planning to cultivate in seclusion.

Qin Nan went up to the futon and sat on it with his legs crossed. The divine Martial Spirit appeared, floating behind him.

’’I received fifty Xiantian Pills from the bet with Bai Heng previously. Now is the best time to consume the pills, and see what level my divine Battle Spirit will be upgraded to.’’

Qin Nan thought in his mind, and took out one Xiantian Pill and placed it in his mouth.

After consuming the Xiantian Pill, Qin Nan was slightly nervous.

Although Body Tempering Pills could increase the grade of the divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan was still unsure whether these Xiantian Pills which were a higher-grade than the Body-Tempering Pills were able to increase his Martial Spirit's grade.

As the Xiantian Pill was consumed, the divine Battle Spirit emitted an arcane absorbing force, which sucked in the Qi contained in the Xiantian Pill and swallowed it.

After seeing this, Qin Nan was slightly relieved;he continued to take the Xiantian Pills out and consume them one-by-one.

’’I'm not sure how many Xiantian Pills I need to level up this time...’’

Qin Nan said to himself.

In just a brief moment, he had consumed ten Xiantian Pills, but the divine Battle Spirit still had no sign of levelling up.

’’Taking the pills one-by-one is really too slow let's eat ten pills at once!’’

After making the decision, Qin Nan grabbed a handful of Xiantian Pills and shoved them into his mouth.

He repeated the same action three times, but the divine Battle Spirit still remained silent.

Even Qin Nan started to have cold sweats on his forehead after seeing this.

Forty Xiantian Pills and the divine Battle Spirit did not budge?

’’One Xiantian Pill is equivalent to at least one hundred Body-Tempering Pills. Forty of these should be equal to four thousand Body-Tempering Pills. If I take ten more, it would be five thousand. How come the divine Battle Spirit has not levelled up with all these pills?’’

Qin Nan did not look happy and clenched his teeth, grabbing the remaining ten Xiantian Pills, shoved them all into his mouth.

Following this, time turned slower.

One breath's time... Two breath's time... A hundred breath's time... Even when the time it took for an incense to burn had passed, the divine Battle Spirit remained silent.

A wry smile appeared on his face as he said, ’’Looks like the amount of pills needed for the divine Battle Spirit's next level dramatically increases after each level up. If that's the case, I'm not sure how many pills I would need for the ninth-grade Huang rank, or even Xuan ranked.’’

Qin Nan let out a quiet sigh, but he was only disappointed for a brief while.

It was overwhelming that the divine Battle Spirit could be upgraded in the first place;thus, it was acceptable to spend quite an amount of pills to do so.

’’For now, I guess I should focus on improving my cultivation.’’

Qin Nan soon calmed himself down, and released his divine Battle Spirit;the Qi in the surroundings was soon absorbed by it.

However, a rare sight took place in this moment.

On the blurry figure of the divine Battle Spirit close to the pair of void-looking eyes it felt like there was a pen drawing slowly, causing the outline of the eyes to become clearer.

Even though the eyes had no pupils, there was an ancient, chaotic, age-old, and mysterious feeling to them.

Meanwhile, in Qin Nan's mind, a familiar ancient voice could be heard, ’’Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, discerning the heaven and earth;there's nothing it can't detect, there's nothing it can't inspect...’’

A flabbergasted expression could be seen on Qin Nan's face;what was going on?

Before Qin Nan had the chance to figure it out, the ancient voice caused an exploding pain in his mind, knocking him unconscious.

In the meantime, something Qin Nan was unaware of was happening;an ancient, mysterious force was emitted from the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, which flowed into Qin Nan's eyes slowly, causing his eyes to emit an ominous blue light.


After two days passed, Qin Nan had finally awoke after fainting.

’’Aw... same as last time, it feels like my brain is going to explode.’’ Qin Nan took a deep breath.

After the time it took for an incense to burn, Qin Nan had finally gotten used to the pain, and immediately decided to unleash his divine Battle Spirit.

He was eager to know;why did the ancient voice appear so suddenly? What are the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit?

Despite that, before Qin Nan unleashed his divine Battle Spirit, he found something shocking.

His vision was able to penetrate the walls and see what was outside;he could clearly see everything within the three miles of the residential area.

It was as if he had flown up into the sky, and was looking down at the whole area. Qin Nan could also slightly detect a round formation in a spinning motion right underneath the residential area.

’’This...’’ Qin Nan's shocked expression had no sign of disappearing;how did my vision become so powerful in just a night's time?

Even Martial Emperor experts wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing, to be able to see the whole area within three miles with just a glimpse.

’’Is it because of the voice yesterday? The eyes of the divine Battle Spirit?’’ Qin Nan found an answer in his mind, but he was not quite sure about it he immediately calmed himself down and unleashed the divine Battle Spirit.

As soon as the divine Battle Spirit appeared, Qin Nan instantly saw the clear outline of the eyes, causing his heart to skip a beat.

’’Looks like the divine Battle Spirit is the answer!’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, but the shock in his eyes felt like an unstoppable flood, and continued to grow.

It was because from his observation, Qin Nan had discovered an astonishing secret!

Since Qin Nan had awoken this divine Battle Spirit, it had always been a blurry human figure, with no clear outline of the body parts.

Previously, Qin Nan's vision had improved once, which happened after he took a huge amount of pills. Since then, his eyes had a special power he was able to detect people's cultivation base, and his range of sight had greatly improved.

Now, after Qin Nan had consumed fifty Xiantian Pills two days ago, the outline of the divine Battle Spirit's eye sockets had appeared.

Does this mean that after consuming the pills, those unseen parts including the pupils, the nose, the ears, the lips, the neck, the chest, etc. would appear one by one? Is a real giant going to appear in the end?

Besides that, it was even more shocking that as the body parts of the divine Battle Spirit appeared, Qin Nan would obtain equivalent abilities.

As an example, after the appearance of the eye sockets this time, he had obtained the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit!

If the Martial Spirit had its nose, its mouth, its ears, its palms, etc. in the future, did that mean Qin Nan would obtain their powers too?

Something like the nose of the divine Battle Spirit, or the ears of the divine Battle Spirit.

’’Even though the nose of the divine Battle Spirit and the ears of the divine Battle Spirit sound a bit weird, I have learned that I would need lots of pills! With the pills, not only would the grade of the divine Battle Spirit be increased, its body parts will also appear one-by-one, granting me their abilities!’’

’’If the divine Battle Spirit were to turn into a complete human, whose Martial Spirit would be comparable to mine?’’

After recovering from the shock, Qin Nan's eyes burned with flames.

Although what he just said was quite cocky, for some reason, Qin Nan had this feeling: when this blurry figure of the divine Battle Spirit transformed into a real human... the power of his divine Battle Spirit would be unstoppable throughout Heaven and Earth!

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