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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 488


Chapter 488: Chapter 488 - My Master

Chapter 488 - My Master

Why would Sacred Leader Qinglong allow Progenitor Wen Dao to harm them despite having such formidable strength? Why had he only revealed his true strength now? Why did he have to wait until Tang Qingshan and the others were placed under the Curse of Death by the Death Emperor...

Qin Nan’s mind was filled with countless doubts.

“You will know my identity very soon.” Sacred Leader Qinglong’s aura dropped rapidly as he spoke in a calm tone, “You must be curious as to the reason why I didn’t get rid of Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew at the very beginning, right? It’s all for your sake!”

“For my sake?”

Qin Nan was startled.

What do I have anything to do with it?

“Since I joined the Qinglong Sacred Area three hundred years ago, Progenitor Wen Dao and the others have been planning a scheme to refine me, but I was never concerned about it, because of you!” Sacred Leader Qinglong’s gaze turned sharp as he continued, “Only through battles will you be able to grow quicker and become an expert! Only through witnessing the cruelty of the world, will you be able to strengthen your will to pursue the path of cultivation!”

Qin Nan’s heart shuddered violently upon hearing this.

“When you defeated Ling Zixiao in the Trial of Versatility, I was watching. When you were participating in the Trial of the Outer Domain Disciples at the Mystic Spirit Sect, I was watching too. Following this, you’ve slain the son of the Sect Leader, destroyed the Ancient Dragon Auction of the Trading Alliance at Jianghuang City. You stumbled into the Demonic-Cored Highness in the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground. Whether it be the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, or here at the Ocean of Death, I’ve always been watching you.”

Sacred Leader Qinglong calmed his tone.

Qin Nan’s mind went blank. He had not expected someone to be watching him from the very beginning. After a prolonged pause, he took a deep breath and said, “So who are you? Why are you training me? How about Tang Qingshan and the others who were inflicted with the Curse of Death——”

Sacred Leader Qinglong interrupted before he could finish, “Don’t worry, Tang Qingshan and the rest are fine.”

Sacred Leader Qinglong stared into Qin Nan’s eyes while saying at a slow pace, “It’s because you are no ordinary person. You are carrying a greater responsibility than you could have expected.”

Qin Nan was startled.

Carrying a greater responsibility?

What kind of responsibility would provoke Sacred Leader Qinglong to wait for him since three hundred years ago?

For some reason, Qin Nan could detect some indescribable feeling from Sacred Leader Qinglong’s eyes, as if he had been anticipating his arrival for ages.

Why had Sacred Leader Qinglong chosen him?

“You will know who I am with your left eye of the divine God of Battle.” Sacred Leader Qinglong burst out laughing all of a sudden, as his aura weakened tremendously. His face was completely filled with wrinkles as his flesh wilted like that of a dying old man.

“Sacred Leader!”

Qin Nan was shocked. He could easily sense that Sacred Leader Qinglong’s life force was dissipating.

“Don’t worry about it. If you want to know the answer, use your left eye of the divine God of Battle.” Sacred Leader Qinglong waved his hand. Despite his extremely weak aura, his figure stood firmly like an immovable pillar.


Qin Nan instinctively shook his head.

His Tribulation had been shattered by the Death Emperor, thus his cultivation was crippled. He could not even lift up a saber, let alone use his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

However, Qin Nan somehow opened his left eye wide and glanced toward Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure.

Following this, countless rays of light were emitted from his left eye onto Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure. He no longer had the appearance of a human, but an arm instead.

The arm was exceedingly mysterious. Its surface was covered in endless runes while a destructive aura could be felt from it.

“This is——”

Qin Nan’s eyes widened.

He was incredibly familiar with the aura, as it was the same aura that the left eye of the divine God of Battle emitted—it was the aura of the divine God of Battle.

That means...

Sacred Leader Qinglong was actually the transfiguration of the arm of the divine God of Battle?!

“That’s right, I’m the left arm of the divine God of Battle.” A faint smile appeared on Sacred Leader Qinglong’s face.


Qin Nan’s mind was filled with roars of thunder!

The left arm of the divine God of Battle!

He finally understood everything!

The reason why Sacred Leader Qinglong knew that the divine Battle Spirit needed the Primary Stones to rank up!

The reason why Sacred Leader Qinglong had said that he would never harm him!

The reason why the sword belonging to Jiao Zhe would be stained with Sacred Leader Qinglong’s aura!

“How about the drop of blood during the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains…”

Qin Nan unconsciously asked.

“Oh, the drop of blood was taken from the left arm.” Sacred Leader Qinglong said smilingly.

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered violently.

All his doubts were gone in an instant!

No wonder the single drop of blood possessed such a great power that it allowed his divine Battle Spirit to rank up to the fifth-grade Di rank!

“So that’s why…”

Qin Nan finally came to a realization.

The reason why Sacred Leader Qinglong had not done anything despite being targeted by the conspiracy was just to train him.

After all, he was the owner of the divine Battle Spirit!

“And now, this is the end for me. This is all I can do for you.” Sacred Leader Qinglong said softly, “I hope you will continue down the path with determination. Don’t be afraid, don’t back off, don’t be scared of battles. Even if it’s the end of the world, you should retain your calmness…”

At that instant, Sacred Leader Qinglong gave his piece of advice as if he were an old man who was about to pass away.

“This is… the end?”

Qin Nan’s heart stopped beating at that instant.

He observed Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure carefully, and just as he had mentioned, his aura was on the verge of dissipating.

“Why are you dying? How can I save you?”

Qin Nan immediately blurted out.

If Sacred Leader Qinglong was the transfiguration of the divine God of Battle’s left arm, why would he die then?

“I am only an arm. It’s impossible for me to retain this human appearance for a long time.” Sacred Leader Qinglong wore a calm expression as he shook his head, “I won’t actually die. I will turn into the left arm and merge with your body. I will keep you company as you battle against the Heavens and Earth.”

Qin Nan opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but failed to find the words.

Meanwhile, Sacred Leader Qinglong slowly knelt down in mid-air while raising his head looking at Qin Nan. His cloudy eyes were filled with tears.

Qin Nan blurted out in shock, “Sacred Leader, you——”

Two lines of tears ran down from Sacred Leader Qinglong’s eyes as he pleaded with a hoarse voice, “My master, I have a request before my death. Promise me, when you re-ascend to the Nine Heavens, please don’t abandon me?”


Qin Nan’s mind went blank as he looked into Sacred Leader Qinglong’s eyes.

Reascend to the Nine Heavens...

Don’t abandon me...

Why...why....why did this sound so familiar...


Sacred Leader Qinglong’s body was suddenly engulfed in flames and turned into ash, which was blown away by the wind. In the end, his figure vanished completely, apart from a left arm that floated silently in mid-air.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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