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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 487


Chapter 487: Chapter 487 - A Total Sweep

Chapter 487 - A Total Sweep


Progenitor Wen Dao, the Wen Dao Elders, Sacred Leader Feiyang, and the rest of the authorities stared their eyes open wide. They were immersed in a great astonishment.

Had he just broken free from the Heavenly Entrapping Formation that easily?

Why had Sacred Leader Qinglong’s cultivation become so powerful all of a sudden?

The sky within a thousand li had become chaotic, with countless dull roars of thunder taking place high up in the sky.

Under the crowd’s gaze, Sacred Leader Qinglong no longer displayed his initial weakened appearance. It was as if he had turned into a formidable giant, able to bring destruction to the world with just a flick of his arm!

He had become the only significant presence between the Heavens and Earth!

“Death Emperor!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong ignored the existence of Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew. He turned his head around and gazed at Qin Nan’s figure, before reaching out his hand.

His hand appeared to have some sort of magic, which was able to go through Qin Nan’s skull as he reached into his divine Sense.

“Get your ass out here!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong became infuriated while he pulled his hand out.


The Death Emperor’s soul uttered a cry in agony. His face was filled with confusion.

What had just happened?

He had been seconds away from devouring Qin Nan. Why would there be someone interrupting him?

The Death Emperor swiftly turned his head around and saw Sacred Leader Qinglong. His face was left with a blank expression when he noticed Sacred Leader Qinglong’s aura.

Wasn’t this old man at the Martial Sacred Realm?

This had already surpassed the Martial Monarch Realm!

“Kneel down!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong showed no expression as he hurled out a punch at the Death Emperor’s soul.

Before Death Emperor had the chance to react, he was struck downward into the ground and fell unconscious.

“Wake up!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong glanced at Qin Nan and uttered the words.


A mysterious force arose deep inside Qin Nan’s divine Sense, which allowed his chaotic thoughts to regain their calmness. His eyes eventually sprung open too.

“Sacred Leader... Qinglong?”

Qin Nan opened his eyes and saw Sacred Leader Qinglong. He was startled for a second, before he swiftly reacted.

Wasn’t Sacred Leader Qinglong trapped? How did he get out? And why was his aura so terrifying?

“Qin Nan, I will not kill the Death Emperor. I will leave it to you to deal with him in the future.” Sacred Leader Qinglong’s icy eyes showed a hint of amiability, “I will not kill Progenitor Wen Dao and the others either. You have to deal with them yourself. As for the other ants, I will do you a favor by getting rid of them.”

Before Qin Nan could speak, Sacred Leader Qinglong turned around and stomped his foot on the ground.


A series of explosions took place all of a sudden, as Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure arrived before Peak Leader Yang and the others.


Peak Leader Yang and his crew could feel their souls trembling as their eyes were filled with fear.


The aura on Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure exploded as he hurled out a punch, shattering Peak Leader Yang’s figure, causing blood to splatter everywhere!

A Martial Highness being eliminated with a single punch!

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered violently after witnessing this.


Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a thunderous roar as his gaze landed onto the other Peak Leaders. His figure moved rapidly between them at the speed of lightning, while lashing out a punch in front of each of them.


The crowd could only see the Slaughter City Lord, the Gambling City Lord, Peak Leader Caomu, and the other well-known authorities in the lower district being shattered into pieces by the terrifying punches without any chance to resist, resulting in a rain of blood!

“How could this——”

Qin Nan was left completely speechless.

These were Peak Leaders—more than ten of them—but they were all killed instantly within a breath’s time!

What exactly was the cultivation of Sacred Leader Qinglong?


At that instant, Progenitor Wen Dao and the others finally reacted. He no longer displayed the imperiousness expected from the Sect Leader of one of the Four Great Factions, but was in total panic as he executed every possible technique to flee from the scene.


A hand could be seen spreading out like the hand of the devil before it caught Sacred Leader Feiyang by his head.

“Save me——”

Sacred Leader Feiyang let out a roar, but before it finished, the fingers of the hand pinched his head.


Sacred Leader Feiyang’s head exploded immediately!


Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wen Dao Elders were thoroughly terrified. Even they would not stand a chance against such a terrifying strength.

“Complete Escape Technique!”

Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wen Dao Elders uttered great roars in the nick of time, while unleashing their power.


Meanwhile, a figure appeared before them without any sign, which turned out to be Sacred Leader Qinglong.


The faces of Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wen Dao Elders became incredibly pale.

It was as if deep within the eyes of Sacred Leader Qinglong existed a boundless world. His hand was enlarged all of a sudden, casting a shadow onto the figures of Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wen Dao Elders.

“Go back to your upper district!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong’s aura exploded as the giant hand struck Progenitor Wen Dao and Wen Dao Elders in a terrifying manner.


Their figures were sent flying like falling meteors into the sky, leaving trails of explosions behind, before they completely vanished in the blink of an eye.

A distance of ten thousand li with a single slap!

“Damn it!”

The Death Emperor who had just awakened from his faint was left in awe seeing this. That being said, as he used to be a Martial Monarch, he swiftly reacted and entered Jiang Bilan’s body.

“Run run run!”

Jiang Bilan—who was occupied by the Death Emperor—burst out screaming while sacrificing her life force to flee from the scene.

Sacred Leader Qinglong turned his head around and glimpsed at Jiang Bilan’s figure, without showing any intention of stopping her.

At that moment, the Ocean of Death fell dead silent. There was no more chatter among the enemies, no more conspiracies, as everything had been thoroughly shattered with Sacred Leader Qinglong’s formidable strength.


Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin withheld the great astonishment in their hearts and left the place at a quickened pace.

If they were not to leave at once, they had no idea if Sacred Leader Qinglong would give them a punch or pinch them to death!

As for the crowd of rogue cultivators, they had already been knocked unconscious by the destructive force that had taken place in the midst of the battle.

Sacred Leader Qinglong checked his surroundings while his aura became calm, “Some peace at last. Qin Nan, I hope you don’t blame me for sparing the lives of the Death Emperor and Progenitor Wen Dao.”

He looked at Qin Nan.

“Who...exactly are you?”

Qin Nan gulped down a mouthful of saliva before asking with great effort.

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