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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 486


Chapter 486: Chapter 486 - One Day is All I Need

Chapter 486 - One Day is All I Need


An indescribable fury was rising within his chest, which felt like exploding!

Qin Nan’s eyes instantly reddened!

He had not been this furious since he had acquired the divine Battle Spirit!


Jiang Bilan’s expression darkened. As a knowledgeable Martial Monarch, she clearly knew how mysterious Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit was. If she were to allow the Martial Spirit to go berserk, she could not imagine what would happen.

“Mengpo River!”

Jiang Bilan swiftly reacted by waving her hand. A cloudy drop of water appeared in her palm, which contained countless dead souls that uttered mournful cries.

Jiang Bilan hesitated for a moment before she clenched her teeth and made up her mind. It’s the price she had to pay in order to acquire the flesh she desired!

“Mengpo Soup, thoroughly devouring countless souls of all life!”

Jiang Bilan rolled her hand over and inserted the drop of water into Qin Nan’s mind.


At that instant, an endless roar echoed in Qin Nan’s divine Sense, as if countless dead souls had intruded upon his divine Sense, aiming to destroy his thoughts.

The drop of water was the compressed Mengpo River, capable of destroying one’s thoughts in order to erase his soul.


The copper mirror within Qin Nan’s divine Sense emitted a glow. For some reason, the mysterious woman in the copper mirror had stopped appearing, as it only emitted a faint glow which protected Qin Nan’s mind from the endless cries.

At that instant, an incredible pain struck his mind, as if it was trying to devour his remaining consciousness.

However, Qin Nan ignored the pain and glared at Jiang Bilan with his reddened eyes.

“If I survive past today, I’ll surely chop your head off!”

Qin Nan let out a deep groan as if he was uttering an oath in the name of the Heavens.

“Pfft, trying to kill me?” Jiang Bilan wore a conceited look as she glanced at Qin Nan’s figure, “Who would have thought that there existed such a tremendous treasure in your divine Sense. HAHAHA, everything shall be mine soon! The Scriptures of Death, manipulating one’s death, reversing the yin and yang. Devour!”

Jiang Bilan raised her tone toward the end of the chant, and uttered a ferocious roar.

Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew were startled. The roar alone caused their hearts to be filled with astonishment.


A boundless deathly aura was emitted from Jiang Bilan’s body, as if a soul resembling a human figure was about to spring out from it.

This was none other than the Death Emperor’s soul!

He had been occupying Jiang Bilan’s flesh with his soul!

And now he was about to forfeit the flesh in order to devour Qin Nan’s body!

“Get your ass back here!”

However, at that instant, a cold snap could be heard from Jiang Bilan all of a sudden.

An incredible absorption force burst out from her body, which dragged the Death Emperor’s soul back toward it.

“Jiang Bilan! What are you doing! I’m trying to devour his flesh, and you’ll be free! Why are you stopping me! Isn’t he your enemy!? I’m trying to help you!”

The Death Emperor’s soul let out a furious cry.

“Stop the bullshit. Even if he’s going to be killed, it will be me doing it, not you!”

Jiang Bilan showed no hesitation as she continued to drag the Death Emperor’s soul into her body. Her eyes glanced at Qin Nan’s direction as she yelled, “Qin Nan, wake up. Are you seriously giving up this easily? If you want to avenge yourself, flee from here at once, and stay alive!”


Qin Nan’s reddened eyes widened.

He had never expected his previous greatest opponent Jiang Bilan would help him at such a crucial time!

“Jiang Bilan, you b*tch! Die!”

The Death Emperor’s soul became enraged. His figure was engulfed in flames as he sacrificed his life force once again to execute a terrifying attack aimed at Jiang Bilan.


Jiang Bilan’s face turned pale immediately and was knocked unconscious by the attack.

“B*tch! Once I’ve finished devouring him, I’ll have plenty of time to deal with you!”

The Death Emperor remained infuriated as he uttered a roar, before his gaze landed onto Qin Nan’s figure and charged toward him.

The eyes of Progenitor Wen Dao who was spectating in mid-air flickered. His blood flow increased rapidly. If I were to acquire the Death Emperor’s soul...

Progenitor Wen Dao swiftly shook his head to get rid of the thought. The Death Emperor had reached the Martial Monarch Realm, granting him various capabilities. If he failed to eliminate him, it would result in a great disaster.

It was wiser to befriend him instead of befoeing him.

Meanwhile, Sacred Leader Feiyang, Peak Leader Yang and his crew, and even Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yu wore icy grins on their faces.

Qin Nan!

It was about time!

You’re finally going to die soon!

Although Sacred Leader Feiyang and Peak Leader Yang had yet to unleash their wrath onto him, it was satisfying enough for them to be able to witness him being devoured by the Death Emperor!

In the blink of an eye, the Death Emperor’s soul entered Qin Nan’s body. The previous raging expression on his face was replaced by a hint of a deathly aura.

“It has begun!”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s heart skipped a beat, before he withdrew his gaze and glanced at the cage.

A grin appeared on his face as he was immersed in excitement.

With the help of the Flames of Death, it would only take an hour to thoroughly refine Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Now that half an hour had passed, it meant that he would only need to wait for another half an hour before he became the dominator of the Eastern Continent!

How to become the dominator of the Eastern Continent?

By possessing a dominating strength that surpassed everyone in the Eastern Continent!

The current dominator of the Eastern Continent was the Mu Clan!

As a matter of fact, the three geniuses, Miao Yuxin, Lu Jian, and Song Yu had come to the lower district in order to acquire the Heaven-Shrouding Herb, just to fawn upon the Mu Clan!

However, with a glimpse, Progenitor Wen Dao’s expression stiffened.

In addition to him, Sacred Leader Feiyang, Peak Leader Yang, and the others were confused too.

They could only see Sacred Leader Qinglong’s face being filled with wrinkles while the deathly aura revolving his figure turned stronger, as if his death was by the doorstep. That being said, his eyes continued to wear an extremely calm look!

Why was he acting so calm even though he was about to be refined by the Flames of Death?

Sacred Leader Qinglong glanced at Qin Nan before he raised his head slightly and spoke to Progenitor Wen Dao in a calm tone, “Let me out, and I’ll spare your life.”

Progenitor Wen Dao and the others were startled hearing the words.

Let him out?

He would spare their lives?

The previous doubtful look in the eyes of Progenitor Wen Dao instantly vanished as he burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Qinglong, I’m afraid you have gone out of your mind as your death approaches. How ridiculous of you to ask me to let you out!”

The others burst out laughing too.

At that instant, even an idiot would not choose to let him out from the formation.

“Is that so?”

Sacred Leader Qinglong wore a calm expression as he shut his eyes. After a brief hesitation, he suddenly took a deep breath while his eyes sprang open.


An unimaginably tremendous aura was emitted from Sacred Leader Qinglong’s body!

The aura alone caused the huge cage made of runes to tremble vigorously as if it was struck by a powerful blow!

The souls of Progenitor Wen Dao and the others shuddered violently!

At that particular moment, they could sense a terrifying chill. Even a Martial Progenitor Realm expert could not bring such a terror to them!

“The difficulty of the path of cultivation!

“The pride of the Gods!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong suddenly spoke. Each spoken word caused his aura to grow stronger, causing the sky within five hundred li to tremble vigorously.

“Rage of the countless laws!

“Battle against all beings!”

The deathly aura in Sacred Leader Qinglong’s eyes was replaced by a tremendous flickering. His white hair danced wildly as he opened his mouth wide and uttered a raging roar at the sky, “Three hundred years! I’ve been sealed off for three hundred years! And today, the rules of the Heavens and Earth will not restrict me anymore! One day is all I need!”


The cage of runes was instantly shattered into pieces!

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