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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 483


Chapter 483: Chapter 483 - Wen Dao Elders

Chapter 483 - Wen Dao Elders

“Qin Nan——

The eyes of Tang Qingshan and his crew, Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, and the others widened as their thoughts went blank.

Failing to overcome Tribulations was considered the worst outcome for cultivators.

Previously, Princess Miao Miao had failed to overcome the Tribulation of the Martial Dominator Realm, resulting in great damage to her Primary Force.

Qin Nan’s situation was worse;he had summoned the first three-layered Tribulation in the entire history of the Martial World, which had been shattered with brute force.

Progenitor Wen Dao and his group inhaled deeply. It was almost impossible for them to shatter the three-layered Tribulation with their strength.

As expected of a Martial Monarch; even though the Death Emperor’s current strength was only a hundredth or a thousandth of his full strength, his capabilities and trump cards completely outmatched a Martial Sacred!

As for the crowdincluding the three geniuses Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxinthey could not find any words to describe their astonishment.

If Qin Nan had managed to overcome the Tribulation and survive the conspiracy, he would definitely have stirred a great chaos in the upper district’s Eastern Continent soon after.

However, despite his talent as a peerless genius, he stood no chance against the Death Emperor!

“HAHAHAHA!” Jiang Bilan’s face whitened as she had consumed a significant amount of energy executing the powerful blow. Despite that, her eyes were filled with tremendous imperiousness, “A mere ant like you dares to set me up?”

The dignity of a Martial Monarch should not be blasphemed.

As such, even though Jiang Bilan was keen to acquire Qin Nan’s flesh, she still unleashed a powerful blow to shatter Qin Nan’s Tribulation. At worst, she would need to put in some effort to restore his flesh.

“Progenitor Wen Dao, your turn. Once I replenish my energy, it’s time to put an end to this.”

Jiang Bilan snapped coldly while her figure landed above the Ocean of Death, before her body emitted a great force to absorb the energy of the Ocean of Death. Meanwhile, the boundless black ocean gradually became clearer.

“Got it!”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes flickered with excitement. He had regained his confidence after witnessing the Death Emperor’s strength.

Now, it was time to take a leap of faith!

He immediately took out an ancient artifact and inserted his divine Sense into it, which allowed his thoughts to travel a great distance to the Dao-Seeking Mountain in the upper district’s Eastern Continent.

Sacred Leader Qinglong and the others were not aware of Progenitor Wen Dao’s intentions, as they were fully focused on Qin Nan’s condition. If it weren’t for Progenitor Wen Dao and Sacred Leader Feiyang, they would have arrived beside Qin Nan’s figure long ago.

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, and the rest swiftly went up to Qin Nan. The Longhu Dominator Beast and Gong Yang worked together to insert streams of Qi into his body in order to stabilize his aura.

“Primary Force of the world, heavenly beings of my kind, good fortune of the Heavens, resurrect at once!”

Princess Miao Miao showed no hesitation as she wore a determined look on her face. Her hands moved rapidly as she performed hand seals in order to unleash her primary form in order to save Qin Nan’s life with her Primary Force.

“Princess…” The Longhu Dominator Beast felt like stopping her as he recalled the scene that had taken place at the Longhu Mountain Range. He was clueless as to what to say at that instant.

He clearly knew the consequences if the Princess were to expose her identity as the Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng. It was most likely that Progenitor Wen Dao and the others who had initially been targeting Sacred Leader Qinglong would switch their focus immediately to capture the Princess as well.

A transmogrified mystical herb was extremely rare to be found.


At that instant, Qin Nan’s eyes slowly opened while he spoke in a fragile tone, “My Tribulation has been shattered, thus it is impossible to heal me with your energy.”


Princess Miao Miao was about to say something, but after seeing the icy look in Qin Nan’s eyes, her figure shuddered violently, before she stopped her actions.

The moment the Tribulation was shattered, Qin Nan already knew the condition of his body.

Over hundreds of meridians that intertwined with one another had completely shattered. Even the force of the Nascent Soul could no longer flow in his body. Furthermore, even though his Nascent Soul was not completely destroyed, the force accumulated within it had been thoroughly emptied.

In other words, Qin Nan was now a cripple.

His Nascent Soul was only an empty shell!

Even a Body Tempering Realm cultivator could kill him with ease.

Qin Nan tried to communicate with the Copper Mirror, but it did not show any reaction. He tried to heal himself with the Chaos Qi, but despite its magical effects, it had no effect on his injury.

The damage that had been caused after his Tribulation was shattered was too great. It was extremely difficult for him to recover.


Qin Nan endured the pain and tried to speak. However, a rare phenomenon took place.


An area with a circumference of ten li in the sky shattered into pieces as if it had been rammed by a giant beast. Three terrifying auras could be felt coming from the rift. Following this, three rays of sacred light appeared and descended upon the Ocean of Death like three bright stars.


Tang Qingshan and the others raised their heads, and their expressions changed tremendously following a glimpse.

The three rays turned out to be three old men.

The one leading them was wearing a blue robe, whose figure was encapsulated within a blue aura. The one on his left had a seven-inch colorful snake coiling around his neck, giving him an eerie appearance, while the one on the right wore a gentle expression and emitted an aura similar to that of a scholar.

A terrifying force could be felt from their bodies, which although it was not as intimidating as Progenitor Wen Dao’s, was clearly greater than Sacred Leader Feiyang’s.

In other words, they were all Martial Sacred Realm experts!

“Wen Dao Elders! They are Wen Dao Elders!”

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin wore astonished looks on their faces.

There existed four Martial Sacred Realm experts in the Dao-Seeking Mountain. Progenitor Wen Dao was one of them, while the other three were the Wen Dao Elders!

And now, these four Martial Sacred Realm experts had all gathered here in the lower district!

It was rare to see such a lineup even in the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

Could this be the trump card that Progenitor Wen Dao had prepared all along?

The scene served as an unforgettable one to the crowd of rogue cultivators, as they were able to witness Martial Sacred Realm and Martial Monarch Realm experts!

“Using all the power of your sect just to deal with me. Progenitor Wen Dao, it appears that you think highly of my capabilities.”

Although Tang Qingshan and his crew were utterly astonished, Sacred Leader Qinglong remained as calm as usual as his white hair danced in the wind. The deathly aura on his body grew stronger.

“Qinglong, cut your bullshit. Your life will end today! Elders, assist me in setting up the Heavenly Entrapping Formation!”

Progenitor Wen Dao let out a roar.

The Wen Dao Elders quickly scanned the tide of the battle and nodded their heads. Their figures floated in mid-air while the strength of the Martial Sacred Realm was emitted toward their surroundings like energy waves.

The entire Heavens and Earth trembled instantly.

“Formation disc, appear at once!”

Progenitor Wen Dao flicked his finger and summoned an ancient disc. Several dragons could be seen soaring above it as it emitted a brilliant glow that shone on the Heavens and Earth. The number of dragons rapidly increased, which stopped after reaching a total of three thousand.

Following this, the eyes of the dragons flickered mystically as they opened their bloody mouths wide and bit the tail of the dragon in front of them respectively. In just the blink of an eye, the dragons had linked up into a huge formation.

“Listen up everyone, exert your full strength into the formation now!”

Progenitor Wen Dao uttered a huge roar.

The Wen Dao Elders, Sacred Leader Feiyang, and Peak Leader Yang and his crew on the Reaper’s Platform swiftly collected their thoughts and unleashed their strengths of the Martial Highness Realm and Martial Sacred Realm, resulting in countless colorful rays firing toward the formation of Three Thousand Dragons.


Countless dragon cries exploded in the air while an ancient formation flag emerged at the center of the formation. Progenitor Wen Dao unleashed his cultivation and grabbed the flag with his hand, before flinging it in the direction of Sacred Leader Qinglong in a rapid manner.


At that instant, a terrifying sight took place in the area within five hundred li of Sacred Leader Qinglong’s crew.

Countless runes densely packed together poured down from above, encapsulating their figures.

If one were to observe from a distance away, it seemed like the Heavens were trying to capture them with a magical cage!


Tang Qingshan, Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, and the others were dumbfounded.

They could sense that the area within five hundred li was now separated from the Canglan Continent, as if it had turned into an independent space!

“HAHAHA! Qinglong, how are you going to escape this time!”

Progenitor Wen Dao became utterly joyful after seeing this.

This had been his plan all along!

Executing the Heavenly Entrapping Formation with the help of the Wen Dao Elders, Sacred Leader Feiyang, and the others!

Using the Heavenly Entrapping Formation to completely capture Sacred Leader Qinglong!

He would then insert the Soul-Consuming Fire into the formation to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong!

However, Qin Nan had beaten Xiao Zhonghuang in the trial, thus the Soul-Consuming Fire was now in his hands.

He had initially thought that his plan had failed, but he did not expect Qin Nan’s Martial Skill Talent to be this terrifying, to be able to shatter the Reaper’s Platform and awaken the Death Emperor!

With the help from the Death Emperor, his plan was still viable!

Speaking of catching a turtle in the jar!

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